Ryan McGregor is a key character and the posthumous antagonists in Noughts & Crosses. He was the father of Callum and Jude McGregor and the founder of LM.


He and his family are living in poverty after being fired from being the Hadley house workers and Ryan seems the least bothered however this is simply an act and he and Jude decide to take up terrorism. The two set off a bomb in Dundale Shopping Centre which kills a handful of people and injures many others. The authorities find he and Jude's fingerprints on the remains of the bomb and Ryan goes quietly accepting his part of the responsibility unlike his son who previously suffered a meltdown and ran away from home being completely unaware of any of what had happened. His arrest after the bombing was under the orders of Kamal Hadley only so he could keep his reputation high. He later ended up dying after a failed prison escape.


Despite dying very early on he had a major impact on the plot. The people who suffered the most from his death were his family, especially his wife who would go on to lose Jude who ran away previously, Lynette who took her own life by leaping in front of a bus, and Callum who because of both his father and Jude became one of Sephy's kidnappers and was accused of raping her (despite the two actually being in love) by Andrew Dorn.