Ryan Quinn

Ryan Quinn is a villainess from "Internal Affairs," episode 15.04 of Law & Order: SVU . She is a police officer on the 12th precinct, and the admirer of fellow officer West.

She was played by Nadia Dajani.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Quinn's backstory revealed that she had harbored feelings for West (who was married) during the years they worked together, and her love for him increased after West covered for her and helped her pass a random drug test back when she was using cocaine. Quinn began helping West rape women, usually drunk women he picked up from bars, and conspired with several other officers on the precinct to pressure victims to not press charges. The villainess also conspired to have fellow officer Michael Groves committed to a psych ward, mainly to keep him from revealing the precinct's corruption.

SVU's investigation into the precinct included Brian Cassidy going undercover as West's partner, while Quinn had Parker, a rookie, working with her. Quinn was informed by Lieutenant Wood that Cassidy was undercover, which led to Quinn informing West. As a result, Cassidy ended up held at gunpoint by Quinn and later West, marking Quinn's villainous reveal. After finding a wire on him, the villainous pair took him to the docks, all while the evil Quinn made a phony call branding Cassidy as a criminal wielding a gun.

The duo were set on killing Cassidy before Benson and SVU arrived and arrested them. Quinn defiantly defended West during her interrogation, but after Benson convinced Quinn that she and West would never be a couple (due to West's constant rapes and philandering), Quinn not only confessed and gave up West, but she revealed that other officers committed rapes as well.