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Ryder is a recurring antagonist in Wander Over Yonder. He was Sylvia's old partner before she met Wander.

He was voiced by Will Arnett.

Physical appearance

Ryder is a humanoid species with mechanically modified eyes, violet hair in a similar style to Sylvia but longer, yellowish skin and a black visor with a red dot. He also wears a long-sleeved shirt with black pants, boots and gloves, and a black jacket with a red, green and blue line on it.


Ryder is a rough and tough guy who uses words like "grop" and also likes to fight, just like Sylvia. However, sometimes he can get quite mad, like when Wander was messing up his mission.


Ryder and Sylvia were partners before this met Wander. When they meet again, they fought for a brief moment but for fun, and were mostly friendly with each other.

Unfortunatelly for Wander, Ryder swhos slight animosity and disbelief that Sylvia had him as a partner.

Ryder seems to plan find Lord Hater's Hidden Galactic storage station to return all the stolen treasures for him but his real goal is to keep it to himself. In fact, he betrayed his old gang; the Scuzzbuckets and stole them the key that opens the Hater's ship doors.

Wander, Sylvia and Ryder steal a ship in order to arrive until Hater's station but they are persecuted by the Scuzzbuckets. However, thanks to Sylvia and Ryder's shunting, their enemies are defeated

Wander, Sylvia and Ryder come to Hater's station. Wander gets out because thinks Sylvia would be happy with Ryder and finds Frederick, a gigantic space worm whose cousin had been helped by him and Sylvia.

Once Ryder's true intentions is revelated, he betrays Sylvia in order only she were captured by Watchdogs but he is also captured. However, Wander joins in scene riding Frederick, saving the duo and destroying Hater's station.

Wander, Sylvia and Ryder flees into orbble juice, but Sylvia, knowing how Ryder was, throws him out orbble and falls until Frederick's planet, who talks with him about his honesty issues.

In "The Gift", Ryder appears as one of the villains wander give presents too. As Ryder accepts the present.


  • Ryder is based on Han Solo from the Star Wars series, except the fact that Han is good and Ryder is evil.


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