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Great Evox. I'm humbled to make your acquaintance. They call me Ryjack. I've travelled across the galaxy to build my collection of powerful weapons from great warriors. The target of my latest quest is Grid Battleforce.
~ Ryjack's first words when introducing himself to Evox and Scrozzle after entering the Cyber Dimension.
~ Ryjack's final words before his death.

Ryjack was a criminal wanted across the galaxy who appeared in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. He was the main antagonist of the episodes "Intruder Alert!" and "The Greater Good."

He was voiced by Kevin Keys.


As a result of his crimes, Ryjack was being pursued by Captain Chaku, an intergalactic police officer who he temporarily evaded by retreating to the Cyber Dimension only to find Evox Computer Virus and Scrozzle living there. He revealed that he came to Earth as he had heard about the weapons vault at Grid Battleforce and wanted to steal all the weapons there for his own purposes. Evox agreed but only if he could steal them more Morph-X (since the city had been taking much out after they realized he was posing as the mayor, making it very hard to steal some as the last shipments were well guarded) and also to destroy the Power Rangers. Realizing that he would need some more muscle, Ryjack revealed that he had a reanimation device that could revive past villains and foot soldiers using their weapons, demonstrating the ability to do so by resurrecting Vargoyle using the dead villain's blaster. However, he was in a new golden body and had a mind-control collar that forced him to obey Ryjack. Together with some of Rita Repulsa's newly resurrected Putty Patrollers, they stole the Morph-X and even crippled Ravi and Zoey.

Later, after stealing plenty of Morph-X for Evox, he was tricked into fighting the Rangers by Evox who wanted both his weapons arsenal and his reanimizer. After losing both his sword and shield thanks to Devon, he unveiled a special device from the ruins of the planet Andresia which enabled him to grow. He managed to thrash the Beast-X Ultrazord to the point of forcing it to reboot and would have finished it off had Captain Chaku not arrived on his Reptillobeast. Using it's fire, he bought enough time for the Ultrazord to reboot and they soon turned the tables on Ryjack, eventually dropkicking him down. Devon then summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and they finished off Ryjack with the Beast-X Ultra Strike.


In spite of his death, Scrozzle was able to recover his reanimizer (which he had dropped when fighting Devon) and later used it to resurrect Sledge and his crew, Snide, and Goldar for the plan that would eventually lead into the team-up episode "Grid Connection."

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Ryjack took down the Rangers with single punches and slashes from his sword as well as when he effortlessly threw aside the Beast-X Ultrazord with his horn.
  • Durability: Ryjack was able to withstand punches and kicks from Devon, and a combination of three Beast-X Cannon Blasts and Captain Chaku's Enforcer Strike without even a scratch.
  • Teleportation: Ryjack can teleport himself and others from one place to another.
    • Teleportation: Ryjack can teleport objects in a swirl of pulpier rings just by pointing at them which occurred when he and Vargoyle stole a Morph-X barrel.
  • Swordsmanship: Ryjack is a very skilled swordsman, being able to take on and knock down all five Rangers but seemed to be surpassed by Captain Chaku.
  • Horn Blast: Ryjack uses his horn to fire a powerful blast to hit and injure his enemies, causing them a poisonous infection.
  • Lightning Blast: Ryjack can also fire red lightning from his horn which is his strongest attack since it was strong enough to cause explosions and take down all five Rangers with one head revolution and overload the Ultrazord's systems with one blast after he bucked it to the ground.
  • Darkness Generation: Ryjack can create clouds to darken the sky and try and reduce visibility for the Ultrazord.


  • Sword: Ryjack is armed with a sword for combat.
  • Shield: Ryjack is also armed with a shield to block attacks such as a flying punch from Chaku and the Beast-X Blasters.


  • The reason that Ryjack was introduced was so that his reanimizer could be used to give a reason for so many dead villains to return for "Grid Connection".
    • In the Sentai movie the team-up borrowed footage from, Goldar and Snide's counterparts were newer enemies based upon older foes (eg Goldar's ultimate form was based on Grifforizer in Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters but manifested from the hatred of Dai-Satan). No such plot device existed in Kyoryuger.
  • Although Ryjack's crimes across the galaxy are never actually addressed, they presumably revolved around weapons charges and possibly even murder, given how obsessed he was with guns.