Ryo Sayama is a character in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled and is a member of the W-0 military organization.

He was once the leader of an unknown Japanese resistance organization that had eleven members (ironically since Japan was renamed Area 11 and he is called and refers to himself as an eleven like all of the Japanese people) but dwindled down to only him and two of his friends, Yukiya Naruse and Ayano Kosaka. In Akito the Exiled he is first seen opposing an unknown local mafia organization and tries to abduct EU Army general Gene Smilas but was foiled and eventually he is forced to join the European Union


Sometime after the Britannian invasion of Japan, Ryo and ten others formed an unknown terrorist organization and fled to the European Union in France where they could be safe.

Little did they know that the European people were discriminative of the native Japanese and were forced to live in harsh conditions and were soon threatened by an unknown mafia group in an unknown French ghetto.

The group was soon reduced down to 3 and soon Ryo took control of a Knightmare Frame and used it to attack an approaching EU convoy with European army general Gene Smiles.  

The plan was to kidnap him and hold him for ransom where he and his friends could be given a new home. During the ambush he successfully  killed all of the convoy soldiers and destroyed all of the Knightmare frames but then Akito Hyuga destroyed the Knightmare and then held Ryo at gunpoint and Leila had Ayano in her grip but then Yukiya came out and threatened to commit a suicide bombing when the EU Air Force came in and all 3 of them were taken in and recruited to the W-0 when Ryo told them that all they wanted was a home.

Ryo and his friends survived and Yukiya was disarmed but Ryo soon used his Alexander Knightmare to attack and try to kill Akito and Leila multiple times until Ryo found out about Akito's brother tried to kill him when he was younger and had sympathy with him.


Ryo is a dark, mysterious and manipulative person as he was able to gain the trust of Leila to join her group and try to kill her and Akito but then grew fond of Akito when he discovered how sinister and evil his brother Shin was and his failed attempt to murder his brother. Ryo also seems to care about his friends since all he wants is a home for him and his friends and away from all of the fighting though he has used extream measures to do so.


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