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Ryukugyu (Real Name: Unknown) is a marine admiral. He is one of antagonists of one piece.


Unlike his predecessor, Akainu who is ruthless, Ryokugyu is rather extremely lazy and disinterest of fighting. He is fasting and didn't eat for 3 years unless he would eat while with young beatiful women. He has a friendly chats with Fujitora. Ryokyugyu usually smiles.

Abilities and Powers

As an admiral, Ryokugyo has commands over low-ranking marines and government agents. He possessed a Golden Den-Den Mushi to summon the Buster Call anytime to deem islands to be threats. He once had an authority to revoke a Shichibukai (before they were dissolved).

Ryokugyo is formidable opponent while in combat with his rival, Fujitora according to Donquixote Doflamingo.

Ryokugyo possessed Haki only for Vice-Admirals and upper ranks officers obtain and mastered Haki.

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