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A Monster? A mere monster could not unite--and lead--all the Tokyo Crime Families. No, Detective Sato, I am Daikaiju. I am the mightiest of the monsters. Cities will tremble and fall upon my whim. It's citizens submit to my power, and flee before my wrath. And my enemies are ground beneath my heels.
~ Ryota Takahashi embracing himself being called a monster.
Thanks to these lovely little ladies, I don't need the Tokyo Crime Families no more. That old fool Sato did me a favor of eliminating their operations. This city is mine now. All mine. And it's rabble are going to pay allegiance to me, or--I swear--I'll see it reduced to rubble.
~ Ryota expressing his intentions after getting the Elias

Ryota Takahashi is the main antagonist of the 2011 comic by IDW Publishing, Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths. A vicious Yakuza who uses his influence by masquerading as benevolent businessman to get away with his crimes while also embracing himself as the worst kind of monster, Takahashi himself is responsible for the murder of the main character, Detective Makoto Sato's, partner as he dumped him on Monster Island and left him to die there which kickstarts the whole plot of the comic itself.


Ryota Takahashi is an influential leader of the Yakuza masquerading himself as a benevolent businessman even if it's not true because he ran a criminal organization with other Yakuza family. He is first introduced by murdering Detective Makoto Sato's partner because he and his partner ended up snooping with Takahashi's organization too much. Due to his great influence in Tokyo, Takahashi then attempts to incriminate Sato by telling the news media that he killed his partner while ordering his minions to throw him to Monster Island as he embraces himself being called a monster by Sato while ominously telling Sato that he knew about his two sons whereabouts.

After being saved by the two priests in Monster Island, Sato then learns about the existence of the Elias. Now, the Elias themselves are actually known as Shobijins or the Keeper of Mothra as they are a little fairies that tasked to control the balance and harmony of the cosmos including the ones in Monster Island. As a result, Sato then has no choice but to kidnap the Elias in order to clean his name and plot a revenge against Takahashi by taking him and his criminal empire down.

When Takahashi arranges a party in his own building, the Takahashi Top, he was then interrupted by one of his subordinates as they brought a man named Yamane to his building. Being more interested with Yamane's money more than anything else, Yamane reluctantly obliges to Takahashi's demands and while he spares Yamane, he orders his subordinates to cut both his left ear and thumb to his choosing much to Yamane's fright. As he attempt to enjoy his party again in peace, he was then interrupted by his two subordinates who escaped from Monster Island and when Takahashi asked his minions about Sato's whereabouts, he was then aware about Sato still alive and all and this is proven to be true as Sato takes control of Mothra via Elias in order to destroy Takahashi's building.

Seeing that Sato destroying one of his smugglers warehouse, Takahashi was pissed off about it. At the same time however, due to Sato's blind quest of vengeance in order to bring Takahashi down, this resulted on Godzilla coming into the city in order to restore balance and harmony of the universe. As a result, Sato has no choice but to return the Elias to Monster Island to prevent more innocent suffering. However, Takahashi and his minions captured one of Sato's son, Jiro, and brutally interrogated him, resulting on Takahashi aware about Sato's whereabouts.

Encountering Sato, Takahashi then took Elias from him while ordering his henchmen to spare both Jiro and Sato in order to witness him to become a brand new god of Tokyo, either by ruling it or destroying it. After getting out of the building, he and his minions was then encountered by the Priests of Monster Island that attempt to retrieve Elias back. This resulted on Takahashi orders his minions to kill them and when they refused, Takahashi does the dirty deed instead while threatening to kill his minions if he refuses to follow his orders in the future.

After he got his hands on the Elias, he intentionally let all of the monsters from Monster Island ravaging Tokyo while gleefully watches the destruction that ensues. Drunken by power, Takahashi then orders his minions to call the Prime Minister or at the very least the Emperor so that he could get a ransom that he wants while also ordering his minions to ignore one of his subordinates, the Police Chief Nakamura, when he has no further use to him. This resulted on both Sato and Jiro had no choice but to try to stop Takahashi plans by trying to use a weapon that used by the military to defeat Godzilla in the past known as Mechagodzilla guarded by one of Sato's son, Koji.

As Sato and his two sons attempt to stop Takahashi once and for all, he got the ransom that he wanted thanks to the Prime Ministers and the Emperor meeting his demands. However, when his henchmen attempts to tell his boss to stop the destruction he had caused because his demands were already met and there's no reason to continue it, Takahashi refuses to stop because he wants to be remembered as the Japan's greatest monster in the history instead of Godzilla. As Sato attempts to stop Takahashi by encountering him, the latter then shots Sato in the shoulder as he attempts to kill him. Fortunately however, he then met his end after being trampled by Godzilla's foot, killing the mad Yakuza once and for all.