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A Monster? A mere monster could not unite--and lead--all the Tokyo Crime Families. No, Detective Sato, I am Daikaiju. I am the mightiest of the monsters. Cities will tremble and fall upon my whim. It's citizens submit to my power, and flee before my wrath. And my enemies are ground beneath my heels.
~ Ryota Takahashi embracing himself being called a monster.
Thanks to these lovely little ladies, I don't need the Tokyo Crime Families no more. That old fool Sato did me a favor of eliminating their operations. This city is mine now. All mine. And it's rabble are going to pay allegiance to me, or--I swear--I'll see it reduced to rubble.
~ Ryota Takahashi expressing his intentions after getting the Elias.

Ryota Takahashi is the main antagonist of the 2011 comic Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths. Despite being lauded by several citizens as a benevolent yet legitimate businessman, Takahashi was in fact, revealed to be a ruthless and sadistic yakuza that has taken control of the criminal empire of Tokyo and getting away with his crimes by using his status to do so. In addition, Takahashi is also responsible for the murder of the main character, Detective Makoto Sato's, partner and also dumping Sato on Monster Island in order to leave him to die there which kickstarts the whole plot of the comic itself.


Ryota Takahashi is an older man with black hair curved back into a single braid, mutton chops, and a goatee, with a scar also running down the left side of his face. When it comes to his clothing, Ryota often wears shirts of variying clothing with coats and long pants. During his first appearance, it was shown that he wears a blue jacket and pants with a white shirt tucked inside of it and has the top part unbuttoned. He is also shown wearing this type of shirt but with different colors as it was revealed that he wore a black jacket with blue shirt tucked inside of it while tracking Sato at the hotel. During the party that he arranged, he is shown to wear a businessman suit with a white shirt and a red tie tucked inside of it. During his final appearance, after he got the power of the Elias, he was shown wearing a black jacket and a red suit, befitting his demonic nature as he embraces himself to become the World's Greatest Monster to beat Godzilla as his longtime ambition.


In the comics, it is stated that Takahashi himself is lauded as a legitimate and noble businessman across Tokyo to the point people could argue that he is a decent philantrophist. In reality however, Takahashi himself is a sadistic crime lord whose only sole interests is money and the power that was been given to him, even doing underhanded tactics to gain it or getting away with everything such as using his huge influence by bribing the news outlet to incriminate Detective Sato about the crime that he doesn't commit or bribing the cops to stay silent. Takahashi himself knows that he's an evil bastard and he revels in being called a monster by other people, including Detective Sato himself, as he made it his mission to become famous in history to become Japan's Greatest Monster even beating Godzilla after he reaches his ambition to become a god of Japan as well.

Takahashi is also shown to be an arrogant bastard, claiming that with his iron-fist, he manages to control all of the criminal family across Tokyo while also thinking that he's above everyone else after gaining the power of the Elias while also viewing the citizens of Tokyo as a mere rabble that should bow down to him and his subordinates as a mere lowly humans where they attempt to stop him from his madness. In addition, Takahashi doesn't take well with threats or being told to stop otherwise he would either outright murder them and use threats to silence them. Despite his negative traits, it is also shown that he is capable to use his charisma to cover up his true, rotten nature. This can be shown where he acts as a polite gentleman during the Grand Opening of his Building by telling one of the women in the party to enjoy herself. Although in the end, all of his politeness were revealed to be fake in order to tying up loose ends for his criminal deeds.


Ryota Takahashi was introduced in the story by murdering Sato’s partner at the docks fourteen hours earlier in order to tying up loose ends due to the fact that Sato and his partner got too close investigating Takahashi’s criminal empire–which is a Night Club that was used as a front for his Criminal Empire– in order to incriminate him which would bring his reputation down. After catching Sato and his partner, Takahashi then began to tell Sato that it was his fault that his partner had died. As a result, thanks to his great influence as a respectable businessman, Takahashi then decided to use his connections to incriminate Sato by telling the news media that he killed his partner. After the conversation, Takahashi then orders his minions to throw Sato into Monster Island in order to leave him to die there while also ominously telling Sato that he knew about his two sons and their whereabouts.

In the present day, as Sato manages to escape Takahashi’s minions and ends up getting knocked unconscious after seeing Mothra and Godzilla fighting, he is then saved by the two priests roaming in the Island. After being saved and treated well by the Priests as they brought him to the House of the Elias, Sato then learns about the existence of the Elias, also known as Shobijins, Cosmos or the Keeper of Mothra. The Elias themselves are two little female fairies that are tasked to control the balance and harmony of the cosmos including the ones in Monster Island. Learning this, Sato decided to kidnap the Elias while the priest was busy fetching fresh water in order to clean his name and plot a revenge against Takahashi by using the Elias to take down his criminal syndicate.

While Satou was absent, it was then revealed that he bribed the corrupt Police Chief, Nakamura, to believe in his lies in order to get away with everything. As Sato executes his plan after having an audience with Mothra, Takahashi arranges a party to celebrate the grand opening of his own building, Takahashi’s Tower. While acting as an affable businessman towards a woman in his party, he was then interrupted by one of his subordinates as they brought a man named Yamane to his building. Knowing that Yamane was heavily in debt with Takahashi, Yamane reluctantly obliged to obey Takahashi's demands by paying him the money that he had. After Takahashi got what he wanted, he then spares Yamane only to order his subordinates to cut both his left ear or thumb depending on what Yamane’s choose while also orders his subordinates to inform Yamane that he only has twenty four hours to come up with the rest of the money. As Takahashi attempt to enjoy his party again in peace, he was then interrupted by his two subordinates who escaped from Monster Island and when Takahashi asked his minions about Sato's whereabouts, he and the rest of the people in the building were attacked by Mothra controlled by Sato who was watching faraway.

After seeing Sato destroying one of his smuggling warehouses at the Shipping Yard in the morning, Takahashi was mildly irritated about it and ordered his subordinates to find him. At the same time however, due to Sato's blind quest of vengeance to take Takahashi down, he was then warned by the Elias that his actions on attempting to bring order too much would resulted in chaos in the form of Godzilla coming into the city to destroy it in order to restore balance and harmony of the universe. Despite using threats towards the Elias, Sato has no choice but to return them to the Monster Island after seeing Godzilla wreaking havoc across the city. However, as Sato attempts to bring them to Monster Island, he then encounters Takahashi and his minions in front of the hotel room and it was then revealed that one of Sato’s son, Jiro, was captured by him and was also brutally beaten up by him and his minions in order to interrogate him about his father’s whereabouts.

Successfully tracking Sato and after encountering him in the hotel, Takahashi then took Elias from him, knowing the secrets of the Elias, while ordering his henchmen to spare both Sato and his son so that they could become an eyewitness for Takahashi as he attempts to become a brand new god of Tokyo with Elias in his hands, either by ruling it or destroying it. Attempting to use the Elias’ power to bring Tokyo to its knees so that the innocent people would pay allegiance with him otherwise he would reduce the city to rubble, Takahashi then muses about how he doesn’t need his syndicate anymore while secretly congratulating Sato that he already eliminated their operations. However, before using the Elias’ powers to do so, he and his minions then encountered the Priests of Monster Island who attempted to bring the Elias back where they belong while also warning Takahashi about the grave consequences if he refuses to give them back to the Priests. This resulted in Takahashi ordering his minions to kill them and when they refused due to the fact that they can’t shoot Priests, Takahashi decided to kill them instead while threatening to kill his minions if they refuses to obey in the future.

After murdering the priests, he then uses the power of the Elias to intentionally let all of the monsters from Monster Island ravaging Tokyo, trying to left his mark on the city, while gleefully watches the destruction that ensues. Drunken by power, Takahashi then orders his minions to call the Prime Minister or at the very least the Emperor of Japan as he decided to hold the city a hostage in order to gain a huge sum of money that he wants while also ordering his minions to ignore Chief Nakamura’s calls because he has no further use to him. Despite the Elias warning him to not go to the dark path, Takahashi refuses to hear their pleas, claiming that he was paving his way to the path of greatness and also claiming that this was just a beginning for him. This resulted in both Sato and Jiro tried to stop Takahashi plans by trying to use an ultimate weapon that was used by the military organization known as G-Force to defeat Godzilla twenty years ago in the past known as Mechagodzilla as it was safeguarded by one of Sato's son, Koji. Despite the weapon was mothballed at first due to the fact that the weapon was unable to stop Godzilla, Koji decided to let his father and Jiro use the weapon in order to stop Takahashi once and for all.

As Sato and his two sons attempt to stop Takahashi once and for all, Takahashi in the meantime got the ransom that he wanted thanks to the Prime Minister and his cabinet meeting his demands trying to give him billions of money. However, when one of his henchmen and the Elias ordered his boss to stop the destruction he had caused because there's no reason to continue the destruction, Takahashi refuses to do so because he wants to be remembered as Japan's greatest monster in history instead of Godzilla as he attempts to kill his henchmen for ordering him. As Sato attempts to stop Takahashi, the former decides to keep the Elias safe and sound while Takahashi runs away in the end. As Sato orders his sons to get a clear perimeter so Mothra could land, they get distracted by fighting Rodan and at the same time however, Takahashi appears out of the blue and ruthlessly shoots Sato in the shoulder several times. Attempting to kill Sato while telling him that he should never defy him because he claims himself to be a force that can never be predicted, Takahashi then meets his end by getting trampled by Godzilla’s foot. After the monster's rampage has been finished, it was then revealed that Tokyo was in the process of rebuild while Sato fakes his own death as it was revealed that he becomes the brand new priests of the Elias to control the harmony of the world alongside his two sons.

Powers and Abilities

Although Takahashi himself is a mere normal human, he has possesses several powers and abilities that made him a very intimidating foe Detective Sato has faced. Such as:

  • High Social Status and Influence: Being a businessmen himself, it is shown in the comics that Takahashi has a reputation of a lauded and legitimate businessmen across the city of Tokyo, almost as if he was a decent philantrophist that need to be protected at times. Thanks to his status, he manages to use it on his own advantage to get away with his crimes such as bribing the Tokyo Police and its chief, Nakamura, and also using his influence by bribing the mainstream media to incriminate Sato about his crime committing a murder of his partner in order to get away with everything despite it was not the case which made Sato the most wanted criminal. In addition, it is shown that he uses his charisma to put a facade as an affable and upstanding businessman as was shown during the Grand Opening Party of Takahashi Building.
  • Iron Grip and Large Resources: Being the leader of a powerful Yakuza, Takahashi himself has a huge iron grip in the underworld business. This is best described by Takahashi himself who brags that he could unite all of the Tokyo Crime Families in order to do his bidding which earns him the moniker of "Daikaiju" by himself. In addition, he and his syndicate is also known on smuggling several illegal goods such as guns, drugs and stolen goods to be sold on the black market which poisons the whole Tokyo City Streets. It is also shown that the Nightclub Takahashi opened is actually a front to cover up his criminal activity. Eventually, his iron grip is so strong, he has no hesitations to use blunt force or murdering people if they went against him, or for pragmatic reasoning in order to get what he wants, as shown on how he use brutal interrogation method alongside his gangsters to track Sato or having Yamada's body parts to be cut depended on his choice so that he could gain more money on his pocket faster.
  • Gun User: Takahashi himself has a fondness of using guns as a method of killing somebody. This was shown where he uses his gun to kill Detective Sato's partner when both Sato and his partner snooping around too much in the hornet nest and also uses his gun to kill the Priests when they attempt to warned him about the grave danger. In addition, he also uses his gun in order to wound Sato by shooting him at the shoulders. He also has no hesitations to use his guns in order to threaten his minions or The Elias to comply with his crazy plans either to rule Tokyo or become World's Greatest Monster and has no hesitation to kill them with his gun if they rebelled.
  • Elias' Power: After snatching the Elias from Sato, he then uses their powers for his own selfish purposes to become a god that could never be touched. This was shown where he uses their powers to control the monsters including the likes of Mothra and Godzilla in order to cause havoc across Tokyo so that he could leave his mark as the World's Greatest Monster or at the very least, using their power so that he could gain more money on his disposal.


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