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So, you are my original!
~ Ryu Hayabusa's Doppelgänger upon seeing the real Ryu Hayabusa.

Ryu Hayabusa's Doppelgänger is the third major villain in Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient of Doom, next to Foster and H.P. Clancy.


Ex-CIA agent Irene Lew was investigating a mysterious laboratory. During Irene's Irene's investigation, she was murdered by a Doppelgänger resembling her ally Ryu Hayabusa. The real Ryu Hayabusa was accused of the murder. Angered, Ryu decided to search for answers. During the search, Ryu encountered the Doppelgänger who framed him. Both of them engaged in a sword duel but Ryu quickly lost. The Doppelgänger claimed to be Ryu's clone. He also claimed responsibility for murdering of Irene Lew.

According to Ryu's Doppelgänger, he was ordered by Foster to let Ryu live longer. He then left Ryu who was still confused. Later, Ryu encountered Foster at a place called the Castle-Rock Fortress. Foster was about to order the Doppelgänger to attack Ryu. Suddenly, Irene Lew appeared and claimed she survived her murder.

Ryu's clone transformed into a powerful monster and threatened to kill her and Ryu. Irene used her gun but it was useless. Ryu killed his clone in a battle. When Ryu pursued Clancy into subspace, he encountered his Doppelgänger again. The subspace's energy mutated Ryu's Doppelgänger into a much more powerful form. He was destroyed by Ryu and remained dead.


Ryu Hayabusa's Doppelgänger possesses three forms. His first form is identical to the original except his hair is slightly longer and is cropped. In his second form, he is a tall monster with dark blue skin and dark red eyes. He is a large beast with red eyes and dark yellow skin in his third form.


The Doppelgänger is the exact opposite of Ryu Hayabusa. He is cynical, violent, and takes pleasure in others' misfortunes. Unlike Ryu, the Doppelgänger has no sense of honor, but instead blood lust. Despite the Doppelgänger's violent demeanor, he is still loyal to Foster. He always follows orders given to him, regardless of his personal desires.


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