Ryuga is a major villain in Fist of the North Star.

Even though he was destined to be the Lone Celestial Wolf Star (Tenro Sei), he wanted to serve Hokuto in the chaotic times. Kenshiro first meets Ryuga in a village that's being terrorized by Abida and his gang. He demonstrates his Taizan Tenro Ken by cutting off Abida's throat leaving him in a cold state before he died. Ryuga then kills the remainder of Abida's thugs. Before leaving, Ryuga points out great trees need stronger branches.

Raoh then meets with Ryuga in his castle as the latter informs him much of the Ken-Oh henchmen who had gone rogue were executed. He hoped as a reward, he would get to fight Kenshiro as his reason for being the representative of his star. Ryuga and Raoh then confront a group of pacifists. When the angry Raoh tries to kill a child, he just smiles as the warlord. After watching Raoh kill the elder, Ryuga plans to observe Hokuto with his own eyes.

While wandering through the night, Ryuga thinks back to his sister Yuria and becomes a bloodthirsty wolf himself. He starts this rampage by leading his men to slaughter an entire village for Ken-Oh.

Later, he raids Toki's home and shoots an old man dead with an arrow then injures the badly ill Toki. He then kidnaps the elder Hokuto brother and hopes to ignite Ken's rage.

Kenshiro then fights through Ryuga's soldiers until he reaches the throne room. Ryuga then claims on the floor of his room it was Toki's blood then begins the fight with his Tenro Toga Ken, but Ken kicks the arm away. Even when the Lone Celestial Wolf claws at him, the Man with the Seven Scars still delivers a series of punishing blows, until he spots Ryuga was already dying. Toki then pointed out Ryuga's blood was spread on the ground. As he nears his death throes, Ryuga says the age needs Kenshiro more.

Powers and Abilities

Ryuga relies on Taizan Tenro Ken which can claw at opponents and leave them as if they were cold.


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