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Ryuji Goda is the main antagonist of the video game Yakuza 2 and its remake Yakuza Kiwami 2. He is also one of the main protagonists of the non-canon game Yakuza: Dead Souls. He is the head of the Go-Ryu Clan a fraction of the Yakuza, being the Omi Alliance. Due to his influence, he has received the title of "The Dragon of Kansai". 


Yakuza 0

Ryuji Goda chronologically first appears in Yakuza 0 in two different substories. Surprisingly, he's 12 here yet still retains his massive build.

Rise Of The Dragon

In this substory, Goro Majima first meets a young student who lacks pants (or Bontan), and after beating them up, they explain that a "Bontan Hunter" nabbed his bontan after getting beaten up. Later on, Majima then meets a massive blond haired boy who threatens to take his pants. Majima refuses, to which the Bontan Hunter decides to use force and claims that "Peelin' is better than Stealin'". After a battle with the Bontan Hunter, two young boys explain to Majima about how Ryuji is still in Elementary, and even talk about how his father was a big shot Yakuza (his father is actually Jin Goda, chairman of the Omi Alliance), and how he was shunned at school for it.

The Visionary Fortune-Teller

In this substory, Kiryu Kazuma meets a fortune teller after hearing gossip from two other women. After meeting said fortune teller, who told him various foreshadowing about the future events from having to take the blame for a serious crime and going to prison for a friend of his, to eventually meeting up with a tall, blond haired man after the whole fortune telling. Coincidentally, Ryuji Goda bumps into Kiryu, before noting the city of Kamurocho before him.[1]

Yakuza 2 / Kiwami

Kiryu is told by Daigo Dojima that Ryuji once invited him to come to the Kansai region to fight with him. When Daigo had arrived Ryuji had cops in the area they were supposed to meet, thus resulting in Daigo going to jail for five years.

Ryuji is first introduced when Kiryu is sitting in the cabaret club The Grand in Sotenbori. One of his minions praises him and states that he is "the Dragon of Kansai". This angers Ryuji and disciplines the minion violently. Kiryu attempts to intervene and ends up fighting and defeating the other minions. Ryuji is impressed and allows Kiryu to drink with him. He reveals that he does not like his title "Dragon of Kansai" because the "Kansai" part implies he is not the only dragon and that there can't be room for more than one. In fact, in Kamurocho, a man named Kazuma Kiryu (the character he is speaking to, the protagonist) has gained the title "Dragon of Dojima" due to his success in the yakuza Tojo Clan's fraction, the Dojima Family. He states that he is planning to attack Kamurocho later that day and in the process kill Kiryu and become the one and only dragon. 

Kiryu and Daigo meet with the authorities of the Omi Alliance to make a peace treaty between it and the Tojo Clan.

As Kiryu and Daigo are meeting with Jin Goda, Ryuji's adoptive father the chairman of the Omi Alliance and its executives Ryuji leads the Go Ryu Clan in an invasion of the building, an attempt to overthrow the current ruling body of the yakuza and replace it. It is revealed that Ryuji does not want there to be a peace treaty and instead wants a gang war between the two yakuza. Some of Ryuji's minions take the chairman so Daigo stays behind to fight Ryuji whilst Kiryu goes to save him. When Kiryu makes it out of the building Ryuji comes after him and the two fight. Kiryu beats Ryuji. 

Ryuji has the Millienium Tower blown up with people in it, several of which die.

Ryuji attends chairman Terada of the Tojo Clan's funeral due to their close past. When Kiryu rescues Haruka from an executive of the Omi Alliance that kidnapped her, Ryuji kills the executive, disgusted by the idea of abducting a child. Due to the fact Kiryu had just been weakened by having a fight Ryuji does not wish to fight him as if he defeats him whilst he is in a weakened state he will not truly become the one and only dragon.

Kiryu and Date later discover that Ryuji is the brother of Sayama and that their mother was killed in the Dojima Family's invasion on the Jingweon Mafia's base. 

Ryuji invites Kiryu to meet him at the top of the Millienium Tower to have their final showdown. 

Kiryu and Sayama arrive and reveal to Ryuji that he and Sayama are siblings. 

Kiryu and Ryuji get into a cage and battle things out, Kiryu defeats Ryuji once again. 

Takashima attempts to shoot Sayama dead but before he can Ryuji shoots him several times and kills him. Takashima manages to get some shots into Ryuji and as a result he is dying.

Despite the fact that the Jingweon Mafia have left a bomb on top of the Millienium Tower that will blow up Ryuji requests to fight Kiryu once again. To honor the request of a dying man, Kiryu agrees. Kiryu and Ryuji get into the cage which the bomb is in the centre of and force Sayama to leave by setting off the elevator she is standing on. 

In a climactic battle ending with a Cross Counter, Kiryu defeats Ryuji for the final time and Sayama makes her way up to see him. She holds Ryuji in her arms and he comments that the first time he saw her he thought she looked a lot like his mother. Therefore he liked it when she smiled as it was the appearance of his mother smiling. He asks her to smile for him to which she does, and Ryuji dies in her arms. 

Yakuza Dead Souls (Non Canon)

In this story, Ryuji survived from his encounters with Kiryu. He lost his arm and was exepelled of the Omi Alliance. He was given prosthetic arm that can transform into a gattling gun and is now working at a Takoyaki Shop.

During the zombie outbreaks he first appear at the Battling Center and help Majima and Akiyama to get rid of the zombies in the area.

He then search for Testuo Nikaido. In the way he will be brought to a Tojo Clan quarter where he and the Tojo's men will be attack by Hayashi. Hayashi kills all the Tojo's mens and escape. The Tojo mens then wake up as zombies and Ryuji kills them. He then receive a call from Nikaido who wants to meet him is Asia.

Upon arriving in Asia, he see Haruka hands tied to a pole. Nikaido then appears and proposes Goda to help him to rebuild the Omi Alliance. But Ryuji refuses claiming that Nikaido gone to far and that a lot of people died because of him. Nikaido then show the Takoyaki Shop's owner who has been infected. Nikaido leaves with Haruka and Ryuji is left with the owner and fights him. After the fight upon seeing him on the ground, he kills him to put a end to his suffering and claim he will run the shop for him at his place.

He later meet Kiryu at the Gunsmith and the two decide to save Haruka and put a end to Nikaido and DD's operation. When Nikaido,Haruka and DD are localized in the Millenium Tower, Ryuji and Kiryu then goes there.

Upon arriving to the Millenium Tower, they first meet Hayashi and fights him. After Hayashi's death, they continue their route to the last floor of the Millenium Tower. They then meet Nikaido and DD on the last floor. After saving Haruka and getting rid of two Arahabaki. Ryuji face Nikaido who tells him he dis all of that for him. However before Goda can intervene, DD inject Thanatos to Nikaido and kills him. When Nikaido wakes up, Ryuji and Kiryu fights him. When Nikaido change into Oikazuchi Omega. He save Haruka from being crush by stone and let Kiryu deal with Nikaido.

After Nikaido's defeat and DD's death. He last seen working in the takoyaki shop, serving takoyaki to Kiryu and Haruka.


In contrast to other fighting styles such as Kiryu's, Goda uses a "sloppy" street fighting style. He uses an array of haymakers, wild punches and back kicks to attack. His grapples consist of mostly knees to the gut. Later in the game, he will use a Katana to attack, causing a lot more damage. He swings it in a wild manner, without any real technique or skills, using one hand to do so. In the final battle against him, he will use his regular fighting style, with the addition of a few more punches.

Despite his lack of fighting skills, Ryuji Goda is insanely strong; the Essence of Crushing: Elbow doesn't even seem to work on him like it would with other assailants (it seems that Ryuji is the only person to actually shake off the Essence of Crushing: Elbow).

In Dead Souls he no longer fights barehanded but instead uses a Gatling gun that folds out of his bionic arm. He can still use kicks and tackles to keep the zombies at bay, and can also pick up weapons such as bats, pipes and more. His Gatling gun is the fastest weapon in the game.


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