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S-Ko is a non-playable character in the Guilty Gear franchise. She is a ghostly spirit who possesses Zappa throughout his appearances.

It is possible that S-Ko is actually the spirit of Megumi, whom Axl Low left after timeslipping from the 20th century. Also, Burst Encyclopedia clearly says that in her life, she had been betrayed by her lover, and therefore she committed suicide by throwing herself into a well.

It is not clearly known if she is Axl's lover but her hatred of men is clear to everyone with the "Third Eye", the people that can see her. She seems to like A.B.A. as she spoke of her being Zappa's girlfriend and didn't try to curse her first chance but instead had a "civilized" conversation. She also seems to have warmed up to Slayer, who treated her as a lady and offered her a refuge with others like her. Upon the offer, however, she refused and called men scum, in which Slayer responded to her grudge and said he would help her get over it. After defeating Slayer who clearly goes easy on her she agrees to go with him under one condition, that she be allowed to go with Zappa. After Zappa woke up he found himself surrounded by "monsters" whom Slayer said where nice people but hadn't seen a human in a while, Slayer then went on to explain that it was S-Ko's idea and said he thought it was romantic. S-Ko thinks of Zappa as her boyfriend and is constantly clinging to him regardless of the fact he can't see her (outside of the alternate dimension inhabited by monsters).


  • She looks similar to the girl in the movie series, The Ring. The only difference is that in one of Zappa portraits, she is shown smiling.
  • The name S-ko was taken from the vengeful spirit named "Sadako" from the Ringu movie series (The ring in english version) Zappa's Destroy move even had S-Ko showing the opponent a video almost identical to the one in the movie.
  • She is also similar with Kayako Saeki from the movie The Grudge.
  • She may be based on a Japanese folktale about a woman who is betrayed by her (sometimes depending on the version of the story) lover and thrown into a well. It is the same story the Ring is based on.


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