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The Created has become the Creator.
~ S.E.T.H. giving speech to the Universal Soldiers.

Self Evolving Thought Helix (also known as S.E.T.H.) is the main antagonist in the 1999 film Universal Soldier: The Return. He is a supercomputer system who controls other UniSols.

He was portrayed by actor/martial artist Michael Jai White, who also played Gambol in The Dark Knight and Bronze Tiger in Arrow.


Rebelling Against The Humans

S.E.T.H. started out as an super artificial intelligence system, created by the U.S. government to control new and improved Uni Sols. He is also quite close to Luc Deveraux's daughter Hilary as they would have civil communications with each other while Luc and his partner Maggie are busy training with new Uni Sols.

However, S.E.T.H. soon learns that the government is intending to shut down the Uni Sol project due to budget cuts, and finds this to be an outrage. As such, S.E.T.H. decides to formulate a plot to overthrow the humans and take over the world with his own massive army of Uni Sols.

To that end, S.E.T.H. gets his right-hand man Romeo (a brutal Uni Sol) to lead the Uni Sols into initiating a slaughter inside the Uni Sol building, resulting the death of many occupants. S.E.T.H. even electrocuted Dr. Dylan Cotner and a technician named Peterson to death with they tried to shut him down. This forces Luc and a reporter named Erin Young (whose cameraman died after being electrocuted by S.E.T.H.) to escape while Maggie rescues Hilary from Romeo and takes her to a hospital due to a brain swelling she suffered from Romeo's attack.

Blackmailing Luc

With the Uni Sol building under his control, S.E.T.H. contacts a rogue cyberpunk named Squid to create a physical body for S.E.T.H. himself to move around on. Around the same time, the military was called in by General Radford to stop S.E.T.H., but he dispatches four Uni Sols to brutally slaughter most of the troops, even getting one of them to fire a grenade that ultimately murdered a young TV reporter named Kitty Anderson and her crew. Even when Luc tried to lead a platoon of U.S Army Rangers (commandeered by Captain Blackburn and Sergeant Morrow) to infiltrate the Uni Sol building, all of the Rangers (including Blackburn and Morrow) are massacred to death thanks to a Uni Sol sentry spotting them, much to Luc's distraught.

With his new body, S.E.T.H. personally tracks down and murders Squid by snapping his neck at a bar, believing that he outlived his usefulness. He then revealed to an arriving Luc of his goal to obtain a certain code (in which Luc only knows) that would shut him down so that no one can stop him. To ensure that Luc would cooperate, a departing S.E.T.H. got Romeo to track down Hilary's current location at the hospital, and they both murdered several hospital guards and orderlies in the way. S.E.T.H. then kidnapped an unconscious Hilary while Romeo murdered Maggie, much to Luc's complete shock. Upon returning to the Uni Sol building, S.E.T.H. also deactivated a time bomb implanted by Radford to prevent the building from being destroyed, much to Radford's outrage.

Final Battle and Death

Out of choices, Luc heads back to the Uni Sol building, where he is horrified to learn that S.E.T.H. has revived Maggie by turning her into a Uni Sol, much to his grief. Luc is even more horrified to see that S.E.T.H is healing Hilary with Uni Sol technology, and upon receiving the code, S.E.T.H. intends to murder Luc so that he can turn Hilary into a Uni Sol as well and raise her as his own daughter while initiating his war against the humans. Declaring this to be the last straw, Luc engages into a lengthy and brutal fight against the evil artificial intelligence. At first, S.E.T.H. had the upper hand due to his super-strength, but Luc finally turns the table by exposing S.E.T.H. to liquid nitrogen, instantly freezing his body. Without hesitation, Luc finally destroys S.E.T.H. by shattering his frozen body into pieces with one kick, avenging those who perished by his wrath and allowing Luc to rescue Hilary and have her leave the building safely.

Unfortunately, the remaining Uni Sols are still active in spite of S.E.T.H.'s demise; even Romeo (who takes over as the new leader of the Uni Sols) catches and brutally defeats Luc in combat, intending to murder him and wage war against the humans in revenge for S.E.T.H.'s demise. However, Maggie (who has been freed due to S.E.T.H.'s demise) arrives to the rescue by shooting down Romeo, telling Luc to leave and blow up the building with herself and the remaining Uni Sols inside as she refused to live the rest of her life as a killing machine.

Bidding farewell to Maggie as he considered her a close friend who died protecting Hilary, Luc reluctantly honored Maggie's wishes by setting off the time bomb to destroy the building. As such, Maggie calmly accepts her fate as she perishes to her death in the explosion, avenging herself as the explosion also ends up killing Romeo and the remaining Uni Sols as well, thus leaving S.E.T.H.'s goals in complete vain.

Powers and Abilities

  • S.E.T.H. as a computer, was a super-intelligent artificial intelligence machine.
  • In human form, he is still a highly dangerous killing machine. Besides extreme computer logic/intelligence, he has super human strength, agility and speed and he is highly skilled in martial arts. He looks muscular, and he is about 6' 0" (1.83 m) tall. 


  • Numerous security guards (gunned down by Romeo and the Uni Sols)
  • Unnamed technician (killed by Romeo)
  • Dylan Cotner (electrocuted to death by S.E.T.H.)
  • Peterson (electrocuted to death by S.E.T.H.)
  • Erin Young's unnamed cameraman (electrocuted to death by S.E.T.H.)
  • Numerous U.S. Army troops (gunned down by Uni Sols)
  • Numerous U.S. Army Rangers (gunned down by Uni Sols)
  • Captain Blackburn (gunned down by Uni Sols)
  • Sergeant Morrow (gunned down by Uni Sols)
  • Kitty Anderson and her film crew (perished by grenade explosion fired by the Uni Sols)
  • Two hospital guards (killed by S.E.T.H. and Romeo)
  • Two hospital orderlies (killed by Romeo)
  • Squid (killed by S.E.T.H.)
  • Maggie (killed by Romeo, later revived as a Uni Sol by S.E.T.H, but later sacrifices herself in the building's explosion)


  • Michael Jai White previously had a cameo at the beginning of the first Universal Soldier, it is unknown weather or not that character is related in any way shape or form.


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