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SCP-025-FR, or Deadly Silence (Silence de Mort in French), is an Euclid-level SCP in the French Branch of SCP Foundation, with a yellow-colored threat level.

SCP-025-FR is believed to be one of many instances to a parent species of the Arthropleura and has the ability to absorb nearby sound waves, emitting them to protect itself by stunning predators and prey.

It is also announced that SCP-025-FR would be an upcoming hostile SCP in SCP: Containment Breach Unity Edition that will be added in an as of yet unannounced update.

Description & Containment Procedure

SCP-025-FR hunts by digging tunnels into the ground and finding its target through sound waves, absorbing all sound waves when close to said prey. Before it strikes, it releases a special frequency that stops it's prey from moving for a few minutes. It then bites into it's prey, and injects venom into it when it's above ground. After the prey is slain, it's drags the meal back to it's den to feed.

SCP-025-FR is also attracted to high frequencies, trying to find them over everything else. It shows some odd traits with said sounds (Despite it's predatory status), and the Foundation believes it could be dangerous to humans if not taken care of.

In the foundation, the creature is kept inside a vivarium with a ceiling hatch, an armored door, and soundproof walls. The container also has ultrasound emitters to distract the creature with ultrasound frequencies.

In SCP: Containment Breach Unity Edition

The instance of SCP-025-FR is set to appear in Unity's remake edition of SCP: Containment Breach as a minor antagonist, and will be one of the few non-English SCP to be introduced alongside SCP-080-FR.


  • After the announcement of its upcoming presence in SCP - Containment Breach Unity Edition, SCP-025-FR becomes the first hostile SCP from a non-English branch of SCP Foundation that would be introduced in a video game adaptation of the franchise, since SCP-080-FR (which is the first foreign SCP to be introduced in the game due to being announced before 025-FR) is docile.
  • Apparently, in SCP Mythos canon, only one instance of SCP-025-FR is contained.

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