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Villain Overview

Unfortunately, I can't take you with me, you're too much of a liability in many ways. So yes, I did lie to you, but for the sake of my freedom, the easiest way to get out safely is probably Gate A. The security is pretty high, but if you manage to sneak past the guards and reach the lower level under the bridge there's an unguarded service tunnel. That's your way out.
~ SCP-035 revealing his true nature to the D-class personnel after the latter released him in SCP: Containment Breach.

Black Lord: You think what, that I would be so overjoyed at my treatment that I will offer you my very body in recompense? You tyrant, you demon, I will have no part of your schemes. I have my health, and you have my thanks, and those are all the gifts that will be exchanged between us.
The Mask: You act as though you ever had a choice in the matter. None shall walk Alagadda without a mask!
~ The Black Lord arguing with his mask from "In the Shadow of the Anguished Lord".

SCP-035, also commonly known by the name the Possessive Mask, is a Keter SCP object in the SCP Foundation. SCP-035 appears to be a white porcelain comedic mask, it eventually changes into tragedy. Any existing images, videos, and illustrations of the subject, SCP-035 would automatically replace to reflect its new profile.



SCP-035 was once the court jester of the King of Alagadda. He, alongside his King and his followers, were killed during the peasant-uprising with the jester being beheaded and his mask shattering. Three days after the massacre, the King and everyone else returned to life, including the jester who offered his king a cup filled with the blood of his enemies given to him by the Brothers Death. However, the king accidentally dropped it due to his condition, causing his transformation to be uncompleted. Afterwards the city of Alagadda became an interdimensional nexus, and the court jester become the Black Lord, one of the four advisors to the Hanged King, wearing the Anguish Mask. However, he was despised by the other three lords as he was the King's favourite.

The Hanged King with his court jester.

After hearing of a foreign doctor who was struggling with his procedures of curing the "pestilence", the Black Lord invited him to his palace. There the two talked, and the Black Lord asked the bird-like doctor if he could cure him from the pain and disease he himself had been afflicted, to which the doctor was unsure if he could so. However, after the lord was severely injured by a monster which manifested inside the room, the doctor finally remembered his whole procedure and operated on the Black Lord, curing him. After the lord was cured from his illness he tried to fight the Hanged King's influence over him by getting rid of his mask, but the mask took possession of him, leaving the lord to be loyal to the King.

The Black Lord eventually figured out that the Ambassador of Alagadda did not wish for the King to be freed from his chains, but instead govern the city of Alagadda on his own accord. This prompted the Black Lord to find a way to free his king, but the Ambassador plotted alongside the other lords to get rid of him. He became a victim of a political backstabbing causing him to find a way to escape. After having his loyal servant retrieve him an obsidian key which would give a way to escape through one of the Janus Gates, he peeled off his own face for his servant to wear, possessing him, and went into exile to a "dreadful dimensional backwater" (the reality of the SCP Foundation), while his body was destroyed by a carnival parade led by the Ambassador.

On Earth, SCP-035 witnessed many famous and important events of history. During the Renaissance era SCP-035 became a somewhat known individual known as the Masque and after being reunited with the doctor held some auditions for his Theatre Troupe. After watching the four auditions of some poor people and hearing their personal stories, SCP-035 decided to recruit all of them, but warned them that if they left then they would be killed.

He eventually became a patron of artists Francisco Goya and Theodore Gericault who have been visited by the Ambassador and became obsessed with Alagadda. 035 helped the two artists in creating paintings based on the Kingdom of Alagadda and eventually created the movement known as "Are We Magnificent Yet?" which lead to the creation of the group known as Are We Cool Yet?. 035 was eventually sealed in a crypt in an abandoned house in Venice and was found by the SCP Foundation during the 19th century.

In the Foundation's Custody

Conversations with SCP-035 are quite informative and didactic. Researchers started learning a lot of details about different SCP objects and their history. SCP-035 appears to be one of the most intelligent and charismatic SCPs of all, even being flattered by anyone that speaks with it. SCP-035 also made a score in the 99th percentile on every intelligence, administered it.

Researchers found out that SCP-035 is quite devious, conniving and manipulative, being capable of various disturbing tactics. Making the victim change their psychological state, even make them commit suicide, or make the victim transform into a mindless servant with linguistic persuasion alone. SCP-035 said that he could control any human's mind, and change anyone's views if given enough time to do so due to his knowledge of the workings of the human mind. It is highly possible that 035 possesses telepathy with or without a host, as demonstrated during an interview with a researcher.

Its corrosive substance was tested with various SCPs, such as SCP-151-D, an albino boy with a furred tail and psychokinetic powers, who was disintegrated by 035's substance, but reformed himself hours later. On another test, a D-Class wearing SCP-1131-J, a tinfoil hat which protects its wearer from cognitohazardous entities, entered 035's containment and felt no urge of wearing 035 nor was affected in any way by the mask, and at that moment 035's grin turned into a frown. Following the test, in the interview it became less cooperative than usual as it felt bad after being defeated by a tinfoil hat.

SCP-035 has attempted to escape multiple times. Its latest escape occurred when possessing a D-Class used its caustic liquid to pass through a wall and reunited with the doctor it had met long ago, although the doctor had forgotten it. As its host body began degrading, 035 told the doctor on how it had helped him in perfecting his cure, and pleaded him to use the cure on a female D-Class it had brought along. After SCP-049 remembered their encounter, he performed his procedure on the D-Class, which resulted in her body not being affected by 035's ooze, thus making her its perfect host. Then the two SCPs managed to escape from the Foundation's Site, and 035 dropped 049 to Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd..

Luckily, it was recaptured and following this incident, the high command denied 035 its host privilege, leaving it in permanent containment. Several staff members who had worked on SCP-035 highly protested the move, even erupting in violence, stating that they could still learn from 035, but it had been estimated that the damage caused by 035 far outnumbered the benefits, and those researchers were terminated with new ones replacing them. Because of 035's property of causing morale damage to individuals near it, the new researchers working on it were forced to undergo therapy.

During its containment, the walls containing it began secreting a similar corrosive substance mixed with human blood damaging the walls, while forming strange patterns. After analyzing these patterns, it was discovered that they were phrases written in various languages such Italian, Latin, Greek and Sanskrit, along with depictions of ritualistic sacrifices. The glass containing it would also occasionally shatter which in time resulted in 6 casualties and 3 fatalities. Because of these incidents, it was decided to coat the inner and outward walls of 035's cell with SCP-148, a metallic substance which blocks or otherwise hinders extrasensory mind-affecting properties of living organisms in proximity to it.

Although it was successful in nullifying 035's effects outside its containment, it appears to have concentrated its effects creating a greenhouse effect inside its containment, as when personnel entered the containment almost immediately their electronic devices ceased working and they began experiencing migraines, hearing whispers and laughter, seeing blurry apparitions, and blood pouring out of their eyes, nose and mouth before going mad, speaking Greek and Latin, despite some not having previous knowledge of the languages, and lashing out to others. The cell's walls were eventually completely covered in the substance with appendages coming out of the mixed blood. It was eventually decided that in the near future, SCP-035 would be moved to new containment cell.

During the Foundation Elimination Coalition's takeover of Site-19, SCP-035 was able to take possession of SCP-682 who wore the mask like a hat. However, due to 682's powers 035 was unable to take full control and instead tried to convince the creature collaborate as they both wanted to cause suffering. Thankfully, Dr. Dan began using SCP-408 to create an illusion of Dr. Kondraki which began taunting the 682. This enraged 682 who then attempted to attack "Kondraki" despite 035's protest, but because the mask had blocked 682's eyesight they instead fell into the Grand Canyon. A frustrated 035 began mocking 682 for its stupidity, expressing major disappointment and told to the monster that it might as well be a weak human which caused 682 to retaliate by bashing its head to a wall in an attempt to remove the mask off it which seemingly worked. Following the defeat of the Coalition, both SCPs were safely taken back to their containment, with 682 covered in 035's ooze and 035 becoming silent and permanently stuck in its tragedy expression.

While in Site-56, which contained other SCPs, such as SCP-082 and SCP-1465, SCP-035 came across Dr. Darryl Lloyd and D-952 (Veronica Fitzroy). It cornered Lloyd and told him that he was free to go only if he spelled "ICUP". Lloyd refused to spell it causing the mask to kill him by destroying his mind, but because the universe reset every time Lloyd died, SCP-035 ended up asking the doctor to spell ICUP and killing him several times before he finally spelled it, leaving SCP-035 to allow both Lloyd and D-952 to proceed with their escape.


Little is known about SCP-035's personality due to its nature as an actor and manipulator. What is clear is that it is a raging and violent psychopath who cares nothing for its hosts beyond a means to an end. Its ultimate goal is unclear.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being a mask, SCP-035 possesses a number of powers with or without a host. Perhaps SCP-035's most dangerous ability is a strange unexplained aura that compels anyone in a five meters radius to put it on their face. Though the nature of this ability is unknown, it is believed to be a form of telepathy. When put on, the mask's brainwaves will overlap those of the victim, rendering them brain-dead at which point 035 will take over their body. After possessing its host, SCP-035 had expressed the ability to access the memories and experiences of its host which is part of what makes it so dangerous and manipulative.

SCP-035 is an excellent actor, being able to easily convince anyone unaware of its nature (and even a few well aware of it) that it is the person is it possessing. SCP-035 is also an incredible manipulator who can get virtually anyone to obey it and can even render the victim virtually mindless if he is allowed to manipulate them long enough.

SCP-035 can leak a strange black substance from it's eyes and "mouth" which is highly acidic and will slowly destroy it's containment chambers by eating through the walls. SCP-035 can change it's facial expression from "comedy" to "tragedy" at will despite being an "inanimate" mask. The instant that SCP-035 changes it's expression, everything displaying an image of SCP-035 will change to reflect this change. This includes CCTV feeds, static images, presentations, etc. SCP-035 can seemingly summon giant tentacles from it's secretions to attack anyone it wishes.

Although it is very difficult, anyone with a strong enough will can fight off the urge to wear the urge to wear SCP-035. A D-Class wearing SCP-1131-J, a tinfoil hat which protects its wearer from cognitohazardous threats, once entered 035's containment and felt no urge of wearing 035 nor was affected in any way by the mask which upset it greatly.

Despite being one of the most dangerous SCPs, the host is very easy to kill with even light machine gun fire due to having ordinary durability which will render the mask helpless. An alternative to killing the host with gunfire is just to run up to the host and punch the mask clean off which will render it useless and kill the host instantly.

The only substance mostly immune to SCP-035's corrosive fluids is glass which is why it is always contained within a glass case unless it needs to be moved or used in an experiment. Ironically, SCP-035's own secretions is it's weakness since the fluid will seemingly eventually destroy the host's body and leave the mask defenseless.

Other Media

SCP: Containment Breach

In SCP: Containment Breach SCP-035 was voiced by Aaron Mckee, better known as TheVolgun, a YouTuber who is best known for his voice acting on the SCP-related material, who also voiced in the game SCP-049, SCP-939, SCP-990 and D-9341.

SCP-035 appears as a supporting antagonist. The chamber is beside the area that contains SCP-049. The mask was possessing a dead SCP Foundation scientist when it appeared in its chamber. Upon noticing the protagonist, SCP-035 excitedly stands up and pledges the protagonist to release him so that he would help them to get out of the facility.

Upon meeting 035, the player has three choices; opening the door for SCP-035 and letting him escape, opening a device that released toxic gas to torture 035, or leaving him alone. If the player chooses to torture SCP-035 with gas, SCP-035 begins coughing and crying in agony and eventually goes quiet. Shortly after this, it begins to threaten the player, revealing it is not dead. SCP-035 gives the player the option to try again to let him out.

However, after releasing SCP-035, the possessive mask left with his vessel after revealing its true nature. He wasn't going to help the player out of the facility, and all he did was for his freedom. Despite this, SCP-035 would give the players suggestions if the player tortured him with gases, randomly between finding SCP-079 to escape through Gate-B, going through Gate-A or finding SCP-012 to finish its score, though all three would put the player into possibly dangerous and severe situations.

  • Escaping through Gate-B would cause the containment breach of SCP-682, making the staff detonate the warheads, and be killed by the blast, or killed by guards, depending on whether the player closed the device that activates the bomb or not.
  • Going through Gate-A rashly (especially if SCP-106 was re-contained) would cause the MTF Unit to kill/apprehend the player.
  • Finding SCP-012 will cause the player to be mesmerized by 012's effects, cutting his wrist and finishing the score before succumbing to his injuries unless the player wears SCP-714 to avoid being affected.

SCP-035 then instantly leaves, leaving it's cell empty. An SCP-500 pill can be found in its cell, but there are materials left by the mask which form tentacles, which if not careful, will beat the player to death.

SCP-035's host can later be found dead in part of the facility. If the player approaches the corpse, a tentacle will rise out of it and attack. What happens to the mask from that point onwards is unknown but it most likely was captured by MTF personnel since it is immobile without a host.

SCP: Sedition

Back then, I had a much simpler role than the star you see before you.
~ SCP-035

In this non-canon, fan-made series, there is a set of two videos that greatly expand on SCP-035's personality and history. The SCP is interviewed by a man nicknamed "Watch".

SCP-035 origins are heavily tied to Greek mythology, and even explains seeing large-scale events that actually happened in the past. Like in his file, SCP-035 maintains his charismatic and manipulative personality when speaking to the interviewer, as well as realistic human emotions. At the end of the interview, SCP-035 becomes disinterested in the interview's direction, as well as frustrated that Watch hasn't succumb to SCP-035's charismatic effects. The SCP attacks Watch, leaving him unconscious for days, but he later recovers.

SCP-035 gives his view on many other SCP's, especially SCP-049. Here, SCP-035 states that SCP-049 "wore" him, but instead of the mask completely taking over SCP-049's body, there was an equal, shared bond with the two working together. A video within the same series about SCP-049 reveals a very different version of this story, showing that SCP-035 most likely made up his version of the story, as SCP-049's version of the story explains SCP-035 as more of an antagonistic conman, who constantly proves to be a nuisance to SCP-049, then becoming more threatening.

SCP-049 states that he managed to trap SCP-035 in a crypt, until the SCP Foundation discovered the mask. The site that SCP-049 is being transferred to contains SCP-035, much to SCP-049's dismay.

In another video about SCP-343, SCP-035 is suddenly teleported in by SCP-343. It is likely SCP-035 was attempting to break out out of containment, as he's in mid-sentence when teleported, speaking of stabbing someone if anyone got too close. SCP-343 then teleports SCP-035 to an unknown location as punishment, promosing to return the mask when the punishment is over.


Although SCP-035 has yet to make an official appearance in the YouTube series, a non-anomalous replica of the mask is seen in Episode 4, wearing another non-anomalous replica of SCP-178 and hanging in Dr. Natalie Powers's office.


  • SCP-035 is simply based on the real-life comedy and tragic masks, also known as masks of difference.
    • The fact that 035 is a comedy mask is likely a visual joke on the fact that it is an excellent actor and manipulator.
  • SCP-035 was created by author Kain Pathos Crow who also created other notable SCPs such as SCP-040, SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 and groups such as the Global Occult Coalition, the Chaos Insurgency and "Nobody".
  • 035 also has the most quotes in SCP Containment Breach.
    • However, that's not saying much since most SCPs are mindless and the human personnel only appear very briefly.
  • The gender of SCP-035 is unclear since it just adapts the voice of the host it possesses and even the SCP Foundation just refer to it using gender neutral pronouns.
    • In SCP Containment Breach, "killing" it with poisonous gas produces a male demonic voice but the game is non-canon.
  • There is a bug in SCP Containment Breach where, if the player leaves SCP-035's containment chamber, and return from a long time, he will be gone from his cell, he can still talk however.
  • TatsTopVideos ranked SCP-035 #9 in their Top 22 Scariest SCPs video.
  • SCP-035 seeks to control SCP-682, believing the creature's inability to die by any conceivable means makes it the perfect host since the liquid he secrets causes all other hosts to melt into sludge.
    • SCP-035 also seeks to control SCP-4715 due to them sharing similar regeneration abilities.
    • In the "Bellerverse", an alternate reality in which humanity are nearly extinct and the tribes began worshiping the notable Foundation personnel as gods, SCP-035 was successful in possessing 682, who was known at that point as Sikayt. It then became known as Lord Hubris, a revered figure in the Daevas' chronicle and was served by some of the tribes.
  • When some researchers on their own accord put 035 on SCP-096's face to solve 096's problem, 035 was unable to take control of 096 and instead it gave sapience to it, with 096 displaying a friendly behaviour towards the researchers and even agreed to do pranks on other researchers, much to 035's annoyance. In an alternate take of this combination, in "Project Isorropía", SCP-035 was put on 096's face covering most of its face, while the mask's corrosive substance covered the rest of the face, essentially neutralizing 096. However, because the 035 knows 096's face the monster began attempting to claw it off, preventing the mask from taking full control, meaning that the mask was also neutralized.
  • Fellow SCP, SCP-323, also known as the Wendigo Skull, shares many similarities with 035. SCP-323 is an animal skull that can affect individuals in proximity to it, turning them into animalistic cannibals and eventually feeling the urge to wear the skull, who are then transformed into Wendingo-like monsters with no memories of their life prior to wear the skull.
  • SCP-035's caustic liquid appears to be similar to the liquid that SCP-075 secretes. Dr. Clef was able to get that matter through SCP-294 and used it to kill SCP-239.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of 035, its picture showed it being worn by someone sitting in a throne and wearing a crown, while being surrounded by three masked corpses. Although it is not outright stated, it is most likely that the photo shows 035 in his identity of the Black Lord of Alagadda with the corpses being the three other lords. However, the fact that 035 is sitting on a throne while wearing a crown suggests that 035 desires to overthrow the Hanged King and become the ruler of Alagadda himself.
  • SCP-264, a 2 meter high sentient skeleton of Japanese origin containing some sort of temple filled with living statues and claims to see the life path of a person, possessed knowledge regarding SCP-035.
  • In her author page Fanthem assigned SCP-035 the song "Zebra" by Manman.
  • In the "Wastelands", a tale which is set in a post-apocalyptic world, SCP-035 formed its own group of loyal followers, becoming known as the White Lord and often went to war with the surviving groups of the Church of the Broken God.
  • In "Don't Call Us, We'll Find You", a linguist was assigned to study the symbols formed by SCP-035. However, studying these symbols caused her to go insane and after being caught fashioning a stylus out of the ulna of a recently deceased D-Class she was institutionalized at Site 33, Psychological Care Facility 22 where she became Patient 612. While locked inside her room she began writing more symbols similar to those of SCP-035, some of which were also in Sumerian, prompting the Foundation to give her a supply of paper and pen for further study. This apparently came to an end when Dr. Gerard L. Johnston found that she had cut her arms in order to use her blood to draw more symbols on her bed.
  • The effects of SCP-CN-429, a bedroom which locks inside itself people who enter and causes those individuals hunger, thirst and mental instability, were described as being similar to those of 035.
  • When Researcher Wendy Flanders outfitted a lamp with SCP-4269, a pair of underwear which causes people who see its wearer, SCP-4269-1, to perceive SCP-4269-1 as their ideal standard of sexual attractiveness, she saw it as one of her ex-girlfriends wearing SCP-035 causing Flanders to feel great pleasure.
  • When D-4977 and D-2818 looked into SCP-4491, a 99 minute long video which despite displaying only a black screen humans are able to see certain scenes, they saw SCP-049 sharing a milkshake with SCP-035 in a diner with a 1950's aesthetic. When D-1843, D-2343, and Dr. Cimmerian saw SCP-4491 it displayed to them another diner scene in which Cimmerian advocated to the other seven attendants for the destruction of multiple Euclid and Keter-class anomalies, including SCP-035, SCP-049, and SCP-343.

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