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SCP-053, also known as the Young Girl, is a Euclid class object contained by the SCP Foundation.


Seemingly a normal three-year-old girl both physically and mentally, SCP-053 normally is pleasant and sweet if annoyed by large groups of people who remain in physical of sight-based contact with her for more than ten minutes, generally at peace with the world. However, her true abilities come when if someone breaches her dislikes of crowds of people or the mentioned contact that passes the time limit, in which they made suddenly turn into a paranoid, insane mess with no qualms about trying to kill her. However, any attempts at taking her life are met with near-instant heart attacks, seizures, or instant death shortly after touching her. SCP-053 also has a healing factor that allows her to regenerate wounds from any injury, and plays ignorant during questioning involving these cases.

For her procedure methods, SCP-053 is kept in a sixteen by sixteen-foot room, with toys, books, and games provided to her for recreation. In addition, SCP-053 is given three meals a day alongside snacks if requested, bedding, a bathroom, and medical care. Anyone who enters her chamber must wear an eye-covering suit for safety concerns, and while gifts from her are allowed to be accepted and be allowed to be removed from her room, only one person is allowed in her room at any instance (with them only allowed to be in for ten minutes), any sharp objects or firearms are banned from her room, and anyone showing signs of being affected by her curse must be removed as soon as possible.

Other Media

SCP: Sedition

I could not take the loneliness anymore! I just wanted to play!
~ SCP-053, on her sad and lonely life.

In this non-canon, fan-made series, SCP-053 is depicted as being much more self-aware and morally balanced than in the original SCP mythos. Whereas SCP-053 is always bubbly and happy in the original SCP mythos, she is instead depicted as a normal, sad and lonely little girl who only wants a normal life, but can't have one due to her abilities that she can't control. While SCP-053 is being interviewed, there is a field or barrier that prevents on-lookers from suffering from SCP-053's effects.

The interview ends abruptly when the generators running the field malfunction and stop working, causing a Foundation member to suffer SCP-053's abilities just by looking at her through a monitor. The Foundation member descends into a blind rage and attempts to attack SCP-053, but is stopped by the interviewer (who happens to be an anomalous being himself, with superhuman strength.) The interviewer himself is not affected by SCP-053's anomalous properties. The interviewer gives SCP-053 the name "Evelyn", the same as the interviewer's sister.


SCP-053 has a chipper, happy attitude and is rarely upset or irritated. However, she becomes uncomfortable around large groups of people or anyone older than her, signs similar to being introverted and/or paranoid. Though she seems as if she is merely defending herself, she is the cause of any attacks against her, meaning that she is both a provoker and defender at once. It is unknown if she is aware (or fully aware) of her abilities.



  • For whatever reason, SCP-682 is pacified when in her presence. They have considered putting her and 682 in the same room as a way to contain 682.
  • Anyone being with SCP-053 for more than 10 minutes can also get murderous tendencies.


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