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Villain Overview

I would hardly expect you to understand. Do you know, he managed to shoot me in the head over ██ times? A man like that deserves to die in combat, so close to his opponent he can feel his breath. Not in some [Sumerian words, untranslated] destruction ordered by cowardly kings and princesses safe in their palaces. The rest of you… you disgust me. I don't even have the urge to strike you down.
~ SCP-076-2 to a Foundation doctor about Agent ███████.
Andrea Adams: Is he really that frightening?
SCP-105: He's like… have you ever looked into the eyes of a shark?
Adams: I've never seen a shark. Not in real life.
SCP-105: Neither have I, but… I've looked into Able's eyes… and I think that if a shark were human, that's the kind of eyes they would have. The kind of eyes who would kill a billion people just to see what their corpses would look like strewn from here to the horizon.
~ SCP-105 from "Girls' Night Out: Dressing Up".
I have written the Horned King’s gospel in blood across this continent, and every life I take now feeds him further. I feel my mind slipping into an abyss, and soon there will be nothing left but the savage, mindless animal. I am damned, brother. But I will do what I can with what time I have left. I will take this empire and all its gods to the buzzing, droning madness of hell with me.
~ Ab-Leshal in "Empire Of Dirt (Part 3)".

SCP-076-2, also known as "Able", is a supporting character in the SCP Foundation series, based off Abel from the Biblical Book of Genesis. He is a murderous barbarian who inhabits SCP-076-1, a Keter-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment, and is the younger brother of SCP-073. He takes the form of an ancient Sumerian warrior inhabiting a giant, indestructible cube-shaped sarcophagus (SCP-076-1).

Most of the time, SCP-076-2 is technically dead within SCP-076-1, but on occasion, it is "activated" and breaches SCP-076-1, at which point he attempts to escape and kill all humans in his way, with only death being able to stop him. Upon dying, he will putrefy until reduced to dust, before respawning inside SCP-076-1. He plays important roles in the "Verse of an Endless Song" and "Resurrection" canons.


I have been patient with you because you were not worth my time, but should you continue, I will pull you apart, simply to cease your incessant nattering. Tell your superiors this. The only reason I agreed to this imprisonment is because I, for some fleeting moments, believed that you may lead me to something worthwhile with which to amuse myself. And if you all continue to irritate me with worthless, trivial tests, I will find every member of this organization, and everyone ever associated with this organization, locate each and every single one of them, and rip them limb from limb.
~ SCP-076-2 to Doctor Angela Langley from "Of Able".

SCP-076-2 was originally a caring, honorable, and selfless man who protected his people and land from outside threats and deeply loved his mother. However, after 076-2 was murdered by his own dear brother, he changed profoundly when he returned to life, becoming somewhat cold and asocial. This condition was worsened after 076-2 was corrupted by the Daevites and the Scarlet King, degenerating into a vengeful, bloodthirsty monster serving the evil god. Thankfully, 076-2's inner good was still there and he was able to overcome his corruption and used his reality-restructuring powers to deny the Scarlet King his victory.

076-2 however, was not returned to his former self, and still harbored hatred towards his brother for killing him. 076-2's bloodlust overwhelmed him and killed any person he came across for his own enjoyment. Although greatly enjoying the act of killing, he took no pleasure in causing pain, and he felt no love, attraction to any individual, or interest in romantic subjects which were all alien to him. Despite this, he has seemingly made friendships with several Foundation personnel such as Adrian Andrews, and fellow SCPs such as SCP-105 and SCP-507, but it was apparent that these friendships meant nothing to him as he betrayed them and resumed his usual killing spree. However, he apparently has formed some sort of attachment to 105 as he mentioned her after the Foundation dissolved in a future timeline, and reacted in anger when Li'l Lollipop mentioned her friend with the same name Iris. Although he had agreed to work as a member of the MTF, he simply joined just to seek thrill and not to help. In SCP-8787, 076-2 was shown that deep down he didn't wish to harm anyone, instead wishing for a simpler life and to have a close relationship with someone. SCP-8787 briefly granted him that, but when he realized it was fake he decided to leave that life behind, becoming depressed for a time.

According to Researcher Sebastian Hardin, the main reason why SCP-076-2 is a murderous psychopath is that he is actually a young mentally underdeveloped teenager who didn't pass much time in the outside world due to being locked inside of 076-1 most of the time. 076-2 is always angry because no one was able to beat him, similar to an edgelord, and Hardin believed that if 076-2 underwent psychotherapy sessions then they could help him develop as a person and take away his bloodlust. Herman Fuller believed that 076-2 after seeing that he was unable to get his revenge on his brother due to the latter's properties he went mad and decided to kill everyone else instead. In an alternate future in which the entity known as UBU forced immortality on all humanity so it could torture them for eternity while destroying their world, 076-2 became depressed as he was unable to kill, torture, and resolve conflicts anymore.

There are tales in which 076-2 returns to his former self and is somewhat forgiven for his actions, redeeming himself and becoming a good man once again.


SCP-076-2 was described as standing eight feet tall, being 1.96 m in height, and weighing 81.65 kg. He resembles a lean Semitic human in his late 20s, possessing primitive features, a wide nose, strong jaw, crooked, thin, and angular teeth, long matted stringy black hair, gray eyes, and tone olive skin. His body is covered in scarlet tattoos depicting arcane and occult symbols in form of demonic faces seemingly of Daevite origin. When 076-2 gets out of SCP-076-1, he is always nearly naked save for a hide of black or crimson loincloth covering him.

Powers and Abilities[]

076 1


SCP-076-2 as Hevel was a skilled warrior and tactician wielding the Tumbling blade which he used to protect his people. He was also an expert combatant having knowledge of various forms of martial arts. After he was corrupted by the black magic of the Daevites and the Scarlet King, becoming Ab-Leshal, he was transformed into some sort of a demigod, having achieved the power to summon bladed weaponry similar to his blade from the Old Gods's dimension of the Darkness Below, and more superior strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He also gained some sort of immortality as he could be resurrected through SCP-076-1, and was not affected by an age-accelerating anomaly, and he proved to be resistant to mind manipulation as he was not affected by SCP-668. With his newfound powers Ab-Leshal was capable of fracturing Mekhane, banishing Nahash, fighting alongside the King's Leviathans, defeating Moloch, and was not affected by his brother's curse as he was able to rip his limbs from his body. He was also able to fight SCP-682 for an extended period of time, both delivering each other a great amount of damage leaving Hevel to use his own intestines as weapons against the monster. A Foundation doctor once theorized that similar to 682, 076-2 is actually a projection or manifestation of a higher power which existed outside of reality and cannot be comprehended by normal minds.

However, after defecting the Scarlet King's forces he lost some of his black powers, but through the All-Mighty gained access to the Thorn, a weapon made out of the same material as his weapons, and the Flood both of which granted Hevel massive energy and reality manipulation powers. With these new powers, Hevel was able to stop the Scarlet King by destroying the entirety of the universe and rebuilding it from scratch. In the new universe, Hevel lost access to the Thorn and the Flood and was left with SCP-076-1, his normal weaponry, and the Daevite magic. He once again became a mindless killing machine, not taking into consideration anything and only focusing on killing which allowed his targets to sometimes outsmart him. Despite this, when he is not in his berserker mode SCP-076-2 shows great intellect, being a fast learner and capable of training others. As the Foundation kept eliminating him every time he became active, it was established that SCP-076-2 aside from possessing superhuman speed and strength, possessed also average resistance to damage as he was able to survive multiple direct shots to the head before dying and superior lung capacity to normal humans as he had managed to survive an hour without oxygen before asphyxiating. Dr. Kondraki was able to defeat 076-2 in a fencing match, while forming the rules. When 076-2 confronted SCP-4606, 4606 was able to traumatize 076-2 thanks to his fear-based powers leaving 076-2 to return to 076-1. 076-2 was also utterly massacred by Li’l Lollipop, and Captain De Luca, and in the realities of SCP-5000 and Timeline I-592, it is mentioned that despite his power he was no match for Prof. Crow's Olympia and the Knight of Flowers who easily defeated him.


Jesus! I guess monsters don't react the same way to this thing. It's a good thing I opted to stay in Site 17 during the procedure.
~ Dr. Blast's comment on SCP-316's effect on 076-2.
Seventy Six started them off with a five mile run, ran along next to the group… I should say jogged along… hitting the slowest guy with a rattan stick the whole time to encourage him to run faster. I've still got the welts. By the time it was over, I was nearly passed out on my feet, and then Seventy Six started having us do pushups and pullups and other exercises that I'm convinced were originally developed by the Spanish Inquisition to deal with particularly stubborn heretics.
~ Agent AA recounting his training under SCP-076-2 from "Personal Log of Agent AA".
I was there when a man ripped through five steel doors and tore men in half with his bare hands.
~ A newly-appointed Overseer in "The O5 Orientation".
I have heard tales of creatures like you. Glorious beasts of scale and flesh, talon and fang, a prowess in battle even greater than the immense intellect hiding behind those bestial eyes. They said your kind once ruled the Earth from enormous stockpiles of treasure, killing and eating all who displeased you. But you were knocked from your throne, one by one, by the great warriors who walk this world no longer, until there were no more, and you became but mere myth.
~ SCP-076-2 first encountering SCP-682 in "The Warrior And The Dragon".
As he starts to lose control of his body, limbs heavy like driftwood, sometimes he flits in and out of consciousness. He is suspended between the two parts of his strange existence, neither alive nor dead, drifting back and forth. He sinks, head coming to rest against his coffin. But he is feeding the goats, feet bare on the earth, the sun beating on his back. And he sinks. The air smells thick with spring, with green and growing things. It will be time to go in soon, to cluster about the hearth, to give thanks for the evening meal. The evening is a time of great peace, when only the insects are around to chirp at him.

Able opens his mouth and sings, loud and deep, voice echoing across the fields and through the valley. He sings for the pleasure of it, because he is good at it, because he can. Strange, but it seems as if it’s been forever since it occurred to him to sing. The hoe is rough in his hands, but he is weathered enough to deal with it, palms thick with callouses.
~ SCP-076-2 reminiscing about his past in "Prometheus and the Eagle".
In all my years of adventuring among the primitives and wild men of the world, I have never set eyes on a man who looked so savage, so elemental, so full of primal rage as the being that now climbed from the coffin; naked, sword in hand, its long black hair flowing behind it, its body covered head to toe in tattooes of eldritch imagery and ancient languages that resembled no script written by man. Sherman, the American general, is said to have told his enemies, begging for mercy, that they may as well appeal against the thunderstorm. What I beheld before me, I thought, was the very eidolon of the storm.
~ Lord Blackwood recalling his first time seeing SCP-076-2 in "Lord Blackwood and the Great Tarasque Hunt of '83".
You're all missing the point of this exercise. You are meant to work together. Communicate!'
~ SCP-076-2 encouraging his teammates to work together in dodgeball from "The Omega-7 and The Bench of Shame".
Struggle as he may, the most he accomplished was to make his body dance beneath the sky. Long, black hair covered his face. It hid eyes lit with anger which in turn hid a soul lit with regret.
~ SCP-076-2's nightmare in "Everybody Dreams".
Kid, lemme tell you a secret: Forget what the docs say. Forget what the egg-heads say. And sure as fuck forget whatever hog-shit the people upstairs say. When it comes to Oh-Fucking-Seventy-Six, there's only two things you gotta know — 'Open Fire' and 'Reload'.
~ Max Lombardi to Agent Xiaoshan in "Oh-Fucking-Seventy-Six".
Insolent Wretch! I have been but trifling with you now because it amused me, but if you do not surrender that blade to me this instant you will face me in the full fury of my rage state!
~ SCP-076-2 threatening Li'l Lollipop in "The Warrior And The... Clown?"
Very good, human. I suppose you have some skill. Nothing personal, but I will destroy you.
~ SCP-076-2 to Captain De Luca in "The Flower Of Battle".
When my father brought Able back from beyond death, he was changed. His spirit had been separated from his body, and when they were reunited a truly terrible hatred filled the gaps between them. My father lamented what his son had become, and put him in a stone crypt where he could hate forever.
~ SCP-4840-A.
The coffin was open, and Able himself was… bizarre.

Seeing him in this state was unthinkable. No bloodlust, no anger, nothing — all this time, he's been sitting on the edge of the ship, staring into the waves. I passed by him and nearly made a run for it. But as soon as he spots me, he gives me this half-hearted wave of greeting.

There's a very real chance I'm the first person in human history to see Able depressed. Looking back, I suppose it's only natural. The violence of UBU's immortal world holds no joy for Able — struggle without killing, torture without satisfaction, conflict without resolution.

All that hatred, and no one left to turn it toward but himself.

…fuck, now I'm half-tempted to put a blanket over the poor guy. It's cold out here.
~ Laurence Michaud encountering 076-2 in SCP-001 (D. Ulysses Foole's Proposal).
Adrian had said to use the gun on bad guys. Able was a bad guy. But she'd eaten dinner with him. She'd gone on road trips with him. They'd helped each other, before, on the rare few times the two Omega-7 teams would cooperate. She couldn't… she couldn't…

Able laughed when another squad ran into the room and opened fire. The same laugh he had when dealing with anomalies. Animals. And he was looking at his friends. Iris' friends.
~ SCP-105 remembering 076-2 killing their teammates in "Voice Carry: Part 2".
from an ancient age

Led by
the son
let out of his cage

in his battle fury

ground into a slurry
~ The Daevites' poem regarding SCP-076-2 from "To Craft a Monster // Breathe the End".

Other Media[]

SCP: Sedition[]

Come now, my young researcher, do you expect me to expose all of the secrets so easily?
~ SCP-343 not revealing the nature of SCP-073 and SCP-076-2.

In this fan-made, non-canon series, SCP-076-2 does not appear but is briefly mentioned in a video where a Foundation member interviews SCP-343. When the interviewer asks if SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 are truly the sons of Adam and Eve, SCP-343 refuses to answer. In the third video about SCP-343, the deity finally answers questions about Cain and Abel's origins, and that they are indeed the sons of Adam and Eve, and that Cain forever suffers to atone for his eternal sin, and Abel is constantly, vengefully distraught over his potential bloodline that was taken from him.

In an experimental video that focuses on the use of SCP-978 (known as "The Desire Camera"). An employee by the name of Isaac "Watch" Watchthorne uses the anomalous camera to photograph many SCPs to learn their desires. He approaches SCP-076-2's coffin, fearful that he'll wake up right then and there. Watch takes a photo of him while he's "inactive", and the resulting photo shows that SCP-076-2 wants to slaughter his brother as his brother did him out of revenge. Pigs are also seen near the SCP.

Iris Through the Looking-Glass[]

SCP-076 is briefly featured in the light novel Iris Through the Looking-Glass. He is one of the many SCPs which are encountered by SCP-105-C during the latter's travels.

Foundation After Midnight Radio[]

In the Foundation After Midnight Radio podcast series, which takes place in-universe, the host Andrew Alexeev read a letter written by SCP-076-2 wishing to befriend the agent who beat him to death with a fire extinguisher.


  • SCP-076-2's nature of killing might have been inspired by his work as a shepherd from the biblical Abel. In another account, it is said that after he was killed by his brother Abel's blood cried from the ground for vengeance, and it is also said that he would rise from the ground and kill all of Cain's descendants.
  • As noted in "Habil and Qabil", the SCP Foundation (and its authors) have gotten the character's name wrong, as his name should have been "Abel" and not "Able".
    • Although it is possible that the name change might have been intentional, since "el" means "of God" and 076-2 seemingly doesn't affiliate himself with God anymore.
  • SCP-076-2 had fought SCP-682 at least twice in the tales "The Warrior and the Dragon" and "Archived Incident 076-2_682", and "Lord Blackwood and the Great Tarasque Hunt of '83" and despite delivering grave damage to the monster, was ultimately defeated both times.
    • In SCP-777-J's article 076-2 and 682 were fighting again before being interrupted by 777-J.
    • In the tale "Zyn: kaiju butterfly ninja master", when 682 went on another rampage it killed and devoured Able several times.
    • In "Follow the Keter", 076-2 and 682 decide to instead of fighting physically, they would do a rap battle similar to the other rap battle that 682 did with SCP-1548-EX. In the end 076-2 won causing 682 to pounce on him, until he was dead.
    • In "Knee-Deep In The Keter", a story modeled after the Doom series as part of the now deleted "Project Crossover" series, 076-2 is summoned to fight 682 again.
  • In separate continuities SCP-076-2 was responsible for the death of either Dr. Jack Bright or Dr. Elias Shaw, causing their soul to be trapped inside SCP-963. The reason of the conflicting continuities is because of the controversy surrounding Bright.
    • In the tale "An ending is only tragic if there is no one left to appreciate the beauty that came before." it portrays Shaw having a grudge for 076-2 trapping him inside 963, and every time 076-2 gets out of 076-1 Shaw is there most of the times to kill him.
    • In the tale "A Keter Kinda Christmas" it's revealed that a drunken Able also killed Bright's grandmother by accidentally running her over.
    • SCP-2799, an artifact made out of an amalgamation of a pocket watch, a compass, a sextant, and a spyglass, capable of locating and predicting the manifestation of different anomalies, warned a D-Class about Bright's death at the hands of 076-2, but due its cryptic nature, the Foundation failed to understand its warning.
  • When 076-2 confronted SCP-729-J, a powerful plush bunny, he was terrified of it, and instead of summoning his iconic sword, he instead summoned a flamethrower to burn the cursed toy. However, after seeing that it would not die, SCP-076-2 retreated back to SCP-076-1 where he curled up into a ball and began crying, similar to SCP-303 after its own interaction with 729-J.
  • In SCP-5555, it is revealed that the Administrator of the Foundation, and other leaders of the other GOIs are actually powerful immortal beings who use the SCP universe and its inhabitants as just a playboard game with roleplaying for their own entertainment, and after one of them wins, the game starts over and the universe resets, but with the with major differences, such as Able being a gun-toting warrior in the previous game before becoming a bladed warrior with tattoos in the current one.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, SCP-076-2 was a soldier named Sergeant Abe Kane who was killed during the Second Battle of New York, and went on to partially possess the body of his brother Jacob Kane. After Jacob died Abe would go on to possess his body and summon a pair of guns instead of swords until he himself died allowing Jacob to be revived in his own body continuing the cycle.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978 to take a photo of 076-2, the picture showed him in a pastoral landscape tending to a herd of pigs, while a city burned in the background and other pigs seemingly eating the remains of 073.
  • SCP-507 once tried to play a fifty-round game of tic-tac-toe with Able, but this was also denied by the high-ranking researchers.
  • In the tale "Oh-Fucking-Seventy-Six", Foundation agent Max Lombardi personally doesn't believe that 076-2 is the biblical Abel.
  • When SCP-076 was first created by author Adam Pathos Krow, there was a relatively low reception of the character, as he was regarded as a Gary Stu villain and was even compared to Gilgamesh from the Fate series, despite being a completely original creation. Because of this, the article was rewritten with the help of author DrClef in order to make it stand out more and fix the problem.
    • MTF Omega-7 was also similarly disliked by the writers due to the inclusion of 076-2 with 105 resulting in fan interpretation, which is why it was disbanded in-universe and also because it was a reminder of the shameful era of the Wiki.
  • In the tale "Volume One of 'Lost Wanderers'" in the Wanderer's Library site, it is revealed that after Able's death his spilled blood mixed with the ground and resulted in the creation of the golem-like creature SCP-173.
  • The tale "The Summer King" features an alternate telling of SCP-076 which is instead tied to the Paganism of France. SCP-076-B is a humanoid resembling a European man who gets revived inside SCP-076-A, a zone of ground where different trees grow. During every solar solstice, people need to kill him with weapons grown from trees in order to avoid severe climate change. It is theorized that this phenomenon is a result of God wanting people to symbolically reject their pagan roots.
  • In SCP-001 (WMDD's proposal), it is briefly mentioned that General Bowe and the Foundation tried to create a clone army out of SCP-076-2's genetic material. This subject seemingly hasn't been elaborated on since.
  • When SCP-076-2 tasted a drink infused with SCP-447-2, he didn't think much of it, but after learning its effects on dead bodies he decided to stay away from it, due to his affiliation with dead bodies.
  • In "PROJECT 4533", after SCP-076 had been claimed by the Office For The Reclamation Of Islamic Artifacts, it is shown that the murderous Able was fabricated by the Foundation in order to keep his true nature a secret and that Able is actually Zoroaster and he is seen as kind and respectful, capable of manifesting plant life and suffers from amnesia in opposition to his brother who is depicted as a representation of Ahriman.
  • SCP-076 was mentioned in the "End of Death" canon, but it is unknown what happened to him after everyone became unkillable.
  • For April Fools 2020, SCP-076's article was changed for that day in which the main difference was that 076-2 was an Anastatica tumbleweed as part of the "Super Cool Plants" theme.
  • In SCP-5000's timeline in which the Foundation declared war on humanity, it is mentioned that SCP-076-2 was helping the GOC by fencing off the Foundation's attackers in Ganzir, but even he was eventually overwhelmed.
  • When text-based SCPs, SCP-732 and SCP-4028 were introduced to the existence of SCP-076-2, they fought and beat a fictionalized version of 076-2 before becoming friends with their respective version.
  • On her author page, Fantem assigned SCP-076 the song "You're Going Down" by The Sick Puppies.
  • SCP-076-2's portrayal in the tale "Beneath Two Trees" was partially based on Karsa Orlong from Steven Erikson's Book of the Fallen series. The tale "Prometheus and the Eagle" which describes SCP-076-2's experience of being endlessly tormented and killed by Foundation personnel was partially inspired by the short story "Through the Tunnel".
  • After his own circus turned on him, Herman Fuller thought to replace them with SCPs, with his main attraction being SCP-076-2, planning to control him using SCP-1921.
  • In the "Classical Revival" continuity, Dr. Clef, Able's brother in this continuity, was able to remove the Daevite curse set on 076-2, using a counterspell with the help of other participants.
  • In the "Unfounded" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation never formed, Able was seen in the canon's first tale in which he was used by the GOC to help them in neutralizing threats similar to his time in Omega-7, but eventually went into a rampage before being taken down by GOC operatives.
  • When SCP-076-2 was exposed to SCP-316, a bronze carbide lamp that emits a white light that drains the colors from non-reflective objects and causes nausea and depression in people, SCP-076-2 didn't react the same and instead became extremely bored and dispassionately killed nearby personnel.
  • In "The Rest of the Story", a tale in which the characters of the SCP universe are all self-aware, 076-2 is thrown out of "Club CB" by SCP-049 since 076-2 doesn't appear in SCP: Containment Breach.
  • In the "Fragments" page in the section where it described the idea of revealing that SCP-106 was actually Dr. Wondertainment's Mr. Scary, it also suggested that SCP-076-2 could actually be Mr. Mad.
  • When Dr. Bright was chosen to unlock SCP-????-J's new lock form, in his first attempt he needed to beat both 076-2 and James Talloran in a match of SCP-3301 to which he succeeded.
  • SCP-4793 was created mainly to criticize the character depiction of SCP-076-2.
  • In the alternate world shown by SCP-2238 in which several historical events went different from what really happened, including the war between the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, SCP-076-2 was used by the Foundation during the war to slaughter many citizens of Russia. His slaughter was witnessed by a single surviving member of Gamers Against Weed.
  • In Dr. Edison's "SCP Foundation: The Movie", SCP-076-2 was portrayed by Robert Pattinson. The actual 076-2 didn't like his portrayal and sought to kill Edison. When the Foundation's Department of Multiverse Analysis began pulling webpages from alternate universes, they came across a Wikipedia article about a musical called "Containment Breach The Musical". This musical features multiple SCPs and Foundation researchers played by actors, including 076-2 who is played by an actor named Tom Stone.
  • SCP-079 is aware of SCP-076-2's existence and wanted to learn more about him.
    • It is unknown how 079 became aware of 076-2, but it is possible that SCP-682, 079's closest friend, told it about him, since they have fought each other several times. Or SCP-076-2 was the one who caused the containment breach which forced personnel to put 079 in 682's chamber.
  • In Chapter 2 of SCP-069-J, a DVD recovered by SCP-507, which contains a Japanese-style "dating-sim" visual novel titled "The Sisters of Cheyenne Point" by "Superstar Catalyst Project", SCP-076-2 is portrayed as the Cheyenne Point Academy's troublemaker and delinquent and is also jealous of his brother's popularity.
  • Dr. Bright tried to take 076-2 and the rest of Omega-7 to SCP-333-J, an anomalous bar called Skippy's Corner Pub. However, he was prevented yet again by the Foundation, and Bright isn't allowed to take any member of Omega-7 to SCP-333-J, nor is he allowed to refer to 076-2 as a "vampire".
  • An action figure of SCP-076-2 which was equipped with various outfits, accessories, and a carrying case resembling SCP-076-1, was listed as merchandise in SCP-000-J, a sale magazine for various SCPs. When 076-2 found out about this he showed great distaste for the product.
  • Mention of SCP-076-2 and SCP-682 for unknown reasons greatly agitate SCP-182, a scarred, mute and deaf man who can enter the minds of other people and can also induce hallucinations in those people.
  • Elder Rockwell of the Children of the Scarlet King has expressed great hatred towards both Cain and Abel when preaching.
  • SCP-6076 is a spiritual successor to SCP-076-2 as they are both barbarians who from time to time go on a rampage to kill anyone they encounter and are both based on mythological figures as 6076 is based on the demigod Cú Chulainn.
  • In the CK-class event of SCP-6140 which undid all fabricated reality written by SCP-140-A and bring the real current nation of the Daevites, the Republic of Daevastan, SCP-076-2/Ab-Leshal was revealed to have actually been a local Daevastani hero who alongside Qayin led the very first slave revolt which overthrew the daevas in the past, and had nothing to do with the biblical Abel. It is unknown if SCP-076 ceased to exist following SCP-6140.
    • According to stormbreath, one of SCP-6140's coauthors, SCP-140-A used the alias Ab-Leshal Curix since he loved his original character of SCP-076-2.
  • SCP-335-076, a disc that is part of a set of 150 discs that contained the entire internet, was named "076: Abel" which contained an undisclosed site or sites. The personnel overseeing the objects also found it disturbing that the disc shared the same number and name as 076-2.
  • On SCP-566, a calendar of 2009 which can change its bold words into their definitions when tapped by someone, the date January 15th of 2009 contained the bold words "scabbard, Able's". When Researcher Eisenberg tapped the words the calendar explained that it meant to refer to arse and that 076-2 was bound by someone and was able to materialize swords out of nowhere.
  • In the tale "The Beginning Of The End", which is an in-universe fanfiction written by SCP-732, SCP-076 was a supernatural spirit that could possess someone if the host was inscribed with a Sumerian symbol.
  • According to SCP-6767, it was responsible for stealing the flower of immortality from Gilgamesh, SCP-076-2.
  • In MLZ-1730 in which the contained anomalies and Foundation personnel switched places, with the anomalies taking the role of Foundation personnel known as the "Man Zoo League" and containing normal people in their "Man Zoo", SCP-076-2 and SCP-2241 became the MZL Assistant Directors of Task Forces.
  • In the tale "Úlla na Folla", SCP-076-2 is a bit different from his mainstream counterpart. This version possessed blond hair, dark grey skin, jade tattoos, and muscles, wore Sumerian clothing, and wielded a jade blade which he carried inside a sheath attached to his belt. He was imprisoned inside a rock that would release him only when fractured. This version was more benevolent, though still prone to violence, and became an acquaintance of Magnus Kinslow, accompanying the latter in his journey through Xerophylla.
  • In the backstory of Subject Bellona-7, one of the six-player avatars representing the Foundation's violence created for the ritual roleplaying game SCP-7006, SCP-076-2 was one among the numerous serial killers whose essences were fused to create her as part of Project Bellona.
  • In SCP-7376, SCP-076 is SCP-7376-A/Ω, the son of the sorceress Lilith and former Daevite slave Adam of the kingdom of Edinnu. He was killed by his brother due to jealousy, leaving Grand Karcist Ion to resurrect him and make him part of his army, until he was defeated by the Daevite monster Ab-Leshal. He was left trapped inside a kiraak where his brother attempted to grant him immortality, but it caused him become a mutated and vengeful monster which could form physical avatars that resembled his original body before being subsequently contained by the Foundation.
  • In the reality of "A Memory Of What Never Was", 076-2 was the Asgardian god Thor designated #13577TG-076. He agreed to work for the Foundation alongside Rose Hill, this reality's version of 105, and although the two had a complicated relationship the two remained somewhat friends. He was present in Rose final moments as she died from old age, and out respect he took her out of the hospital to see the comets shower and promised to continue protecting humanity despite seeing them as weaklings.
  • SCP-2980-1 once wrote a children's story based on SCP-076-2 titled Abel's Bedtime.

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