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Villain Overview

I would hardly expect you to understand. Do you know, he managed to shoot me in the head over ██ times? A man like that deserves to die in combat, so close to his opponent he can feel his breath. Not in some [Sumerian words, untranslated] destruction ordered by cowardly kings and princesses safe in their palaces. The rest of you… you disgust me. I don't even have the urge to strike you down.
~ SCP-076-2 to a Foundation doctor about Agent ███████.
Neither have I, but… I've looked into Able's eyes… and I think that if a shark were human, that's the kind of eyes they would have. The kind of eyes who would kill a billion people just to see what their corpses would look like strewn from here to the horizon.
~ SCP-105

SCP-076-2, also known as "Able", is the inhabitant of SCP-076-1, a Keter-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment and younger brother of SCP-073. He takes the form of an ancient Sumerian warrior inhabiting a giant, indestructible cube (SCP-076-1).

Most of the time, SCP-076-2 is technically dead within SCP-076-1, but on occasion it is "activated" and breaches SCP-076-2, at which point it attempts to escape and kill all humans in its way, with only death being able to stop it. Upon dying, it will putrefy until reduced to dust, before respawning inside SCP-076-1.


SCP-076 as a whole was discovered in Mongolia by a group of English archaeologists, and shipped back to Britain. However, during the voyage, SCP-076-2 escaped and killed everyone onboard before being contained by the Global Occult Coalition. SCP-076 remained in storage for an unknown amount of years, before SCP-076-2 was activated once again and escaped, remaining on the run for three years until he was finally killed, causing him to respawn within SCP-076-1, which had by this point been recovered by the Foundation and secured at Site 25.

During containment, SCP-076-2 was terminated every time it became active, although it would often breach containment and kill all it came across until it was eliminated. In the course of these eliminations, it was established that SCP-076-2 possessed superhuman speed and strength, as well as above average resistance to damage (being able to survive multiple direct shots to the head before dying) and superior lung capacity to humans (surviving an hour without oxygen before asphyxiating), and was able to materialize weapons out of nowhere.

However, during one escape, SCP-076-2 found that one specific agent, who had killed him more times than any other, was missing and became agitated, asking where he was hiding. After being detained, SCP-072-2 was informed he had been killed by an airstrike while trying to stop another SCP, and questioned about him, claiming that he deserved to die honourably in battle. After this incident, it was proposed that SCP-076-2, codenamed "Subject Able", be used for military purposes alongside fellow SCPs, such as SCP-105, which was approved under the codename "Project Omega Seven".

During the project, SCP-076-2 was fitted with a "kill switch" to terminate it if it went rogue. In the meantime, he developed a sort of friendship with lead researcher and field operative Adrian Andrews. After several missions, SCP-076-2 was asked to translate several Sumerian documents, which it did, showing particular interest in the Epic of Gilgamesh. However, it was then presented with the seal of SCP-073, causing it to become enraged and kill several personnel before the kill switch was activated. In light of this, anything pertaining to SCP-073 was banned from Site 25.

After several more missions, SCP-076-2 became bored, and eventually figured out how to disable the kill switch. It then went on a lengthy rampage and killed almost everyone in Site 25, before a personnel member detonated the on-site nuclear device, annihilating the facility. SCP-076-1 was quickly secured by the Foundation, and contained at a different site 200 metres below sea level. After this incident, all projects involving SCP-076-2 were suspended indefinitely.

Possible Deaths

There have been tales which detailed SCP-076-2's permanent death. Given that the SCP wiki has no official canon, it is up to the reader if any of these tales are canon, or not.


Eventually, a level-3 researcher from the Chinese branch of the Foundation, Dorothy Zhang, formed a project to neutralize 076-2. She and other members of the staff filled the corridor where SCP-076-2 entered after exiting SCP-076-1 with amnestics making SCP-076-2 forget his death by the hand of SCP-073. This plan worked as after being exposed to the amnestics he became docile. Speaking in his original ancient language he requested a farm and didn't attack any personnel who disguised themselves as biblical characters in order to safely interact with 076-2. However, he then asked to meet his brother, but his request was denied. After two months, he again asked to meet SCP-073, this time more furiously. Realizing he was being lied to, SCP-076-2 breached containment and finally reunited with SCP-073. SCP-073 immediately apologized to SCP-076-2 and asked his brother for forgiveness, but SCP-076-2 had no idea what he was talking about. The brothers reformed their relationship and SCP-076-2 began aging with the speed of a normal human. As years went on, SCP-076-2 eventually died of old age, and didn't come back through SCP-076-1, causing the Foundation to reclassify SCP-076 as neutralized.

maybe god will forgive you if we both begged



Hevel was originally a caring, honorable and selfless man who worshipped the All-Mighty and protected his people and land from outside threats. However, after Hevel was murdered by his own dear brother during the war against the Daevites, after he returned to life he changed profoundly, becoming somewhat cold and asocial. This condition was worsened after Hevel was corrupted by the Daevites and the Scarlet King, degenerating into a vengeful, bloodthirsty monster serving the evil god. Thankfully, Hevel's inner good was still there and he was able to overcome his corruption and used his reality-restructuring powers to deny the Scarlet King his victory.

Hevel however, was not returned to his former self, and still harbored hatred towards his brother for killing him. Hevel's bloodlust overwhelmed him and killed any person he came across for his own enjoyment. Although greatly enjoying the act of killing, he took no pleasure in causing pain, and was seemingly asexual as he felt no love, attraction to any individual or interest in romantic subjects. Despite this he seemingly has made friendships with several Foundation personnel such as Adrian Andrews, and fellow SCPs such as SCP-105 and SCP-507, but it was apparent that these friendships meant nothing to him as he betrayed them and resumed his usual killing spree. However, he apparently has formed some sort of attachment to 105 as he mentioned her after the Foundation dissolved in a future timeline, and reacted in anger when Li'l Lollipop mentioned her friend with the same name Iris. Although he had agreed to work as a member of the MTF, he simply joined just to seek thrill and not to help.

There are tales in which 076-2 returns to his former self and is somewhat forgiven for his actions, redeeming himself and become a good man once again.


SCP-076-2 was described as standing eight feet tall, resembling a lean Semitic human in his late 20s, possessing primitive features, a wide nose, strong jaw, crooked teeth, long matted stringy black hair, gray eyes, tone olive skin, and tattoos depicting arcane and occult symbols in form of demonic faces seemingly of Daevite origin. When 076-2 gets out of SCP-076-1, he is always nearly naked save for a hide loincloth covering him.

Powers and Abilities

Hevel was skilled warrior and tactician wielding the Tumbling blade which he used to protect his people. He was also an expert combatant having knowledge of various forms of martial arts. After he was corrupted by the black magic of the Daevites and the Scarlet King, becoming Ab-Leshal he was transformed into some sort of a demigod, having achieved the power to summon bladed weaponry similar to his blade from the Old Gods's dimension of the Darkness Below, and a more superior strength, speed, stamina and durability. He also gained some sort of immortality as he could be resurrected through SCP-076-1, and was not affected by an age accelerating SCP, and he proved to be resistant to mind manipulation as he was not affected by SCP-668. With his newfound powers Ab-Leshal was capable of fracturing Mekhane, banishing Nahash, fighting alongside the King's Leviathans, defeating Moloch, and was not affected by his brother's curse as he was able to rip his limbs from his body. He was also able to fight SCP-682 for an extended period of time, both delivering to each other a great amount of damage leaving Hevel to use his own intestines as weapons against the monster.

However, after defecting the Scarlet King's forces he lost some of his black powers, but through the All-Mighty gained access to the Thorn, a weapon made out of the same material as his weapons, and the Flood both of which granted Hevel massive energy and reality manipulation powers. With this new powers Hevel was able to stop the Scarlet King by destroying the entirety of the Multiverse and rebuilding it from scratch. In the new Multiverse, Hevel lost access to the Thorn and the Flood and was left with SCP-076-1, his normal weaponry and the Daevite magic. He once again became a mindless killing machine, not taking in consideration anything and only focussing on killing which allowed his targets to sometimes outsmart him. Despite this, when he is not in his berserker mode Hevel shows great intellect, being a fast learner and capable of training others. Dr. Kondraki was able to defeat 076-2 in a fencing match, while forming the rules. When 076-2 confronted SCP-4606, 4606 was able to traumatize 076-2 thanks to his fear-based powers leaving 076-2 to return to 076-1. 076-2 was also utterly massacred by Li’l Lollipop of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting, and in SCP-5000, it is mentioned that despite his power he was no match for Prof. Krow's Olympia who was capable of defeating him multiple times.

Other Media

SCP: Sedition

Come now, my young researcher, do you expect me to expose all of the secrets so easily?
~ SCP-343 not revealing the nature of SCP-073 and SCP-076-2.

In this fan-made, non-canon series, SCP-076-2 does not appear, but is briefly mentioned in a video where a Foundation member interviews SCP-343. When the interviewer asks if SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 are truly the sons of Adam and Eve, SCP-343 refuses to answer.

Iris Through the Looking-Glass

SCP-076 is briefly featured in the light novel Iris Through the Looking-Glass. He is one of the many SCPs which are encountered by SCP-105-C during the latter's travels


  • SCP-076-2's nature of killing might have been inspired by his work as shepherd from the biblical Abel. In another account, it is said that after he was killed by his brother Abel's blood cried from the ground for vengeance.
  • As noted in "Habil and Qabil", the SCP Foundation (and its authors) have gotten the character's name wrong, as his name should have been "Abel" and not "Able".
  • SCP-076-2 has been characterized as a sociopath by Foundation analysis.
  • SCP-076-2 had fought SCP-682 at least twice in the tales "The Warrior and the Dragon" and "Archived Incident 076-2_682", and "Lord Blackwood and the Great Tarasque Hunt of '83" and despite delivering grave damage to the monster, was ultimately defeated both times.
    • In SCP-777-J's article 076-2 and 682 were fighting again before being interrupted by 777-J.
  • SCP-076-2 was responsible for the death of Dr. Jack Bright causing his soul to be trapped inside SCP-963.
    • In the tale "An ending is only tragic if there is no one left to appreciate the beauty that came before." it portrays Bright having a grudge for 076-2 trapping him inside 963, and every time 076-2 gets out of 076-1 Bright is there most of the times to kill him.
    • In the tale "A Keter Kinda Christmas" it's revealed that a drunken Able also killed Bright's grandmother by accidentally running her over.
    • SCP-2799, an artifact made out of an amalgamation of a pocket watch, a compass, a sextant and a spyglass, capable of locating and predicting the manifestation of different anomalies, warned a D-Class about Bright's death at the hands of 076-2, but due its cryptic nature the Foundation was unable to realized its message.
  • It is unknown if SCP-076-2 has any connection to SCP-343 who identifies himself as God, or SCP-2746 which is presumed to be the Garden of Eden.
  • Despite his bloodlust and power, even he refused to fight the Gate Guardian.
  • When 076-2 confronted SCP-729-J, a powerful plush bunny, he was terrified of it and instead of summoning his iconic sword, he instead summoned a flamethrower to burn the cursed toy. However, after seeing that it would not die, SCP-076-2 retreated back to SCP-076-1 where he curled up into a ball and began crying, similar to SCP-303 after its own interaction with 729-J.
  • In SCP-5555, it is revealed that the Administrator of the Foundation, and other leaders of the other GOIs are actually powerful immortal beings who use the SCP universe and its inhabitants as just a playboard game with roleplaying for their own entertainment, and after one of them wins, the game starts over and the universe resets, but with the with major differences, such as Able being a gun toting warrior in the previous game before becoming a bladed warrior with tattoos in the current one.
  • In the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, SCP-076-2 is not too dissimilar from the main portrayal with the difference being that instead of summoning swords he summons a pair of guns, and shares his body with Jacob Kane, after Jacob dies Able goes on to possess his body until he himself dies allowing Jacob to be revived in his own body continuing the cycle.
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of 076-2, the picture showed him in a pastoral landscape tending to a herd of pigs, while a city burned in the background and other pigs seemingly eating the remains of 073.
  • Dr. Bright is not allowed to challenge 076-2 in unwinnable games such as tic-tac-toe, or engage him in online arguments.
    • SCP-507 also tried to play a fifty round game of tic-tac-toe with Able, but this was also denied by the high ranking researchers.
  • Dr. Bright tried to convince the Foundation staff that 076-2 was Kratos.
  • In the tale "Oh-Fucking-Seventy-Six", Foundation agent Max Lombardi personally doesn't believe that 076-2 is the biblical Abel.
  • When SCP-076 was first created by author Adam Pathos Krow, there was a relatively low reception on the character, as he was regarded as a Mary Sue villain. Because of this the article was rewritten with the help DrClef in order to make it stand out more and fix the problem.
  • In the tale "The Wandering Boy", it is revealed that after Able's death his spilled blood mixed with the ground and resulted in the creation of the golem-like creature SCP-173.
  • The tale "The Summer King" features an alternate telling of SCP-076 which is instead tied to Paganism of France. SCP-076-B is a humanoid resembling an European man who gets revived inside SCP-076-A, a zone of ground where different trees grow. In every solar solstice people need to kill him with weapons grown from the trees in order to avoid severe climate change. It is theorised that this phenomenon is a result of God wanting people to symbolically reject their pagan roots.
  • In SCP-001 (WMDD's proposal), it is briefly mentioned that General Bowe and the Foundation tried to create a clone army out of SCP-076-2's genetic material. This subject seemingly hasn't been elaborated since.
  • The character of Berserker from the Fate/stay night series bears resemblance to SCP-076-2.
  • When SCP-076-2 tasted a drink infused with SCP-447, he didn't thought much of it, but after learning its effects on dead bodies he decided to stay away from it, due to his affiliation with dead bodies.
  • In "PROJECT 4533", after SCP-076 had been claimed by the Office of Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, it is shown that the murderous Able was fabricated by the Foundation in order to keep his true nature a secret, and that the true Able is a kind and respectful and can manifest plant life in opposition to his brother.
  • SCP-076 was mentioned in the "End of Death" canon, but it is unknown what happened to him after everyone became unkillable.
  • For April Fools 2020, SCP-076's article was changed for that day in which the main difference was that 076-2 was a anastatica tumbleweed as part of the "Super Cool Plants" theme.
  • In SCP-5000's timeline in which the Foundation declared war on humanity, it is mentioned that SCP-076-2 was helping the GOC by fencing off the Foundation's attackers in Ganzir, but even he was eventually overwhelmed.
  • When text-based SCPs, SCP-732 and SCP-4028 were introduced to the existence of SCP-076-2, they fought and beat a fictionalized version of 076-2 before becoming friends with their respective version.
  • In her author page Fantem assigned SCP-076 the song "You're Going Down" by The Sick Puppies.
  • The Thorn used by SCP-076-2 is not to be confused with SCP-3911, a Sarkic holy relic also called the Thorn.

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