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SCP-080 is a minor antagonist in the SCP mythos. It is a Euclid Class anomaly that is currently being contained by the SCP Foundation.


SCP-080 does not seem to have any real physical body, as all tries to physically interact with it have failed. SCP-080's appearance has been described as various shadows or humanoid effigies, with all accounts saying that it has two eyes made out of smoke. People that enter SCP-080's chamber to observe it will all enter REM sleep, and will end up having permanent psychological damage, so as a result, its appearance is rather unclear.


SCP-080, true to its name, is an enigma, as all of its origins have been redacted. It can make anyone that observes it for too long fall asleep, and cause them mental problems by inducing nightmares. It also seems to dislike light, as tests revealed that anything brighter than a children's night light will cause it to "vanish" and hide under any available furniture nearby. A test involving D-class revealed that it can swallow people too, as no traces of the D-class were found.

The Dark Form's anomalous abilities have greatly affected the psyche of many personnel working at the site containing it, and even ended up causing a doctor to commit suicide. Many staff had also complained of stress from the nightmares it had caused, and anyone experiencing violent or nightmarish have to report to the on-site psychologist. Some people working on the site don't seem to be able to perceive SCP-080 at all, and the Foundation is currently testing them.

As a Euclid SCP, containing SCP-080 is still fairly dangerous, but not hard to contain. It is currently contained in a 4x4 meter room with an observation room for researchers, and only one small light bulb is allowed to be lit. No furniture or anything that SCP-080 could use to hide are allowed in the room either. The 05's approved the idea of "feeding" two D-class to SCP-080 a week to minimize the effect that the dark form has on the personnel working at the site. A senior doctor also added to stop calling SCP-080 the "boogieman," presumably due to how human perception can affect it and make it more dangerous.