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Villain Overview

~ SCP-106 telling the player to kneel for him in his pocket dimension.
Your life will be swept and cased under the distance.
~ SCP-106 threatening the player to give up.

SCP-106, also known as Corporal Lawrence and The Old Man, is a Keter-class humanoid SCP object contained by the SCP Foundation.

He also appears as the secondary antagonist of the video game SCP: Containment Breach and a playable character in SCP: Secret Laboratory.


The true origins of SCP-106 are a mystery, but there are two leading theories/possibilities as to who or what caused its creation.

Corporal Lawrence

The only image ever taken of Lawrence.

The first is a Tale regarding a man by the name of Lawrence, a corporal during the first World War. Lawrence was described as a plain man without any noteworthy features, whose voice, appearance and behavior made him come off as bland. None in the trench Lawrence was in could recall a time when the man raised his voice, either in anger or joy, instead he would keep to himself, making no mention of his past, not even the group of soldiers he first arrived with knew anything about him.

While not violent or malicious, Lawrence was not without fault. Often he would be found staring for longer than what was comfortable at others, he barely if at all slept and in the few times he was seen doing so, others would hear him talk near constantly, one time a fellow bunkmate heard Lawrence mutter his daughter's name, even though he never told him.

Despite his reserved manner, or because of it, many of Lawrence's fellow soldiers were unnerved by him, for wherever the man went, a sickly-sweet stench, the smell of rot, followed. All who shared bunks with him suffered trench-foot, and before long rumors began to circulate, many having come to believe Lawrence was cursed.

Eventually, after a prolonged period of silence from the enemy trench, Lawrence and the fourteen others were sent across no-mans land to check and see if the trench had been abandoned. Once they arrived, the group was greeted to a horrible sight.

Every single enemy soldier was dead, each having been savagely mutilated, the walls and corpses covered in a foul smelling black sludge, bodies and body parts all so violently maimed that even the hardiest of the men were soon vomiting.

Amongst all this, Lawrence and a fellow soldier discovered in one room a small hole, filled with the same disgusting slime the covered the dead. When Lawrence crouched down to investigate, he slipped and fell head first in, moments later crawling back out drenched with the black slime.

Once the group returned to their own trench and the story of what they saw was told, it was here that many began to notice a change in Lawrence. Gone was the quiet and reserved man, in his place a person who would greet people with a wide smile as he rambled on about destruction, pleasure and the joy of enclosed spaces. When some tried to silence Lawrence, all he would do is grin wider.

A fellow soldier awoke once to find Lawrence hovering over him, eyes wide and glowing white. The next day this soldier was found entangled in barbed wire and with his intestines spread out in a neat pattern. By the time reinforcements came to relive those in the trench, many were dead or dying from a mysterious sickness, men who went to bed healthy awake to find their flesh rotting straight off the bone.

A sergeant was found engulfed in unusually aggressive rats, who attacked several others before his mostly eaten corpse could be recovered. Of all these people, Lawrence was the only who lived, being transferred to a French Hospital, at which he assaulted a nurse, resulting in her losing three fingers and an eye.

From here he would spend most of his time rambling to other patients about chasing people in dark halls, a few times would he disappear altogether, returning as if nothing had happened. When asked where he went and how, Lawrence would respond by singing "My Bonnie lies over the sea" In a monotone voice until he was left alone.

A foul and musty stench soon filled the ward he was in, during which he would spend most of his time humming and rambling off the names of those around him, many patients dying from the same rotting sickness that plagued the trench he came from.

One day, by means none are sure of, Lawrence and 18 others vanished, the ward they had been in covered in a oily black substance, this black goo causing all it touched to rot and corrode. One nurse then flipped over a mattress, finding under it a black hole, inside said hole a perfect circle made from the teeth of seventeen men.

After this, Lawrence was never heard from again, the story of the Cursed Trench being brushed off as stories as the War continued. Even still, more tales were told of men vanishing, being found alive yet horribly disfigured, of deaths that could not be explained, and of a shadowy figure stalking the war torn countryside.


I died. I died, a lot. I tried to suffocate, I tried to snap my neck, I tried to bite myself apart. And... and... This place. It's not real. I left, I saw myself, on the ground and I couldn't— I couldn't— I couldn't go anywhere. I couldn't leave. There's no way to leave, I just floated back down, and each, damn, time, there was less and less of me. I-I- oh, God, how much more can I take away and still live?
~ Dr. Scranton, explaining his own personal hell.

Robert Scranton inside SCP-3001.

The second origin story of SCP-106 is much more tragic than that of the first and is found within the article "SCP-3001" and the tale "Until Death". SCP-3001 is described as a parallel dimension, which is said to be nothing but an infinite darkness devoid of any matter, where the laws of physics and reality are either heavily altered or do not exist at all.

One within SCP-3001 is incapable of dying, be it from hunger, thirst or self-inflicted wounds. An experiment led by Foundation Scientist Robert Scranton, a high ranking respected researcher who created the Scranton technology which nullified the effects of reality warping anomalies, went horribly wrong, creating what is called a "Class C Broken Entry" Wormhole that transported Scranton and a portion of a control panel into SCP-3001.

Here, Scranton remained for almost six years, unable to escape, spending most of his time recording his experience on the control panel. As time went on, Scranton's sanity began to wane, loneliness causing him to start referring to the control panel as "Red" due to the blinking red light on it, speaking to the machine as though it were a person.

During one conversation with "Red", Scranton notices that his body has begun to lose its solidity, due to the low Hume concentration of this dimension, meaning that his hands were able to phase right through himself, this and an inability to feel pain causing him to begin mutilating himself.

Later on, Scranton is suddenly overcome with an intense pain, which he theorizes to be SCP-3001 beginning to break down, and him with it. Soon after, "Red" shuts down, leaving Scranton in total darkness for nine months. When the panel reactivates, Scranton admits that during this time he attempted suicide well over 184 times, all failing. At first oblivious to the damage inflicted upon himself, when Scranton notices that the infinite void SCP-3001 is has now begun to close in, he is able to see the results of his mutilation, screaming to the panel, "There's so much gone!"

After this, Scranton's speech devolves into mostly incoherent mumbling, during which he begs for "Red" and his wife Anna to give him their body parts, at one point howling, "Anna, give me your brain, I only have half!" Following this, Scranton sobs for forgiveness for being "so scary", crying out Anna's name one last time before the panel returns to normal reality, with the tale of madness it recorded with it.

This SCP also has its own tale, in which 106 first appears, attacking his wife and a security guard, during which Anna manages to evade 106 for a time, even escaping from its pocket dimension, which had taken the form of her old apartment, and activating an alarm.

When SCP-106 catches up to her, it pauses briefly, entranced by the flashing red klaxons, before the perspective is switched to its, revealed to be a horrifically malformed Robert Scranton, who had become twisted from his time in SCP-3001 and ever since been "Falling apart. Rebuilding itself, rebuilding its world. For her."

Finally reunited with his long lost wife, SCP-106 passionately kisses her, its touch proving lethal as it drags her back into its realm.

At one point, SCP-106 and SCP-953 both breached containment and entered SCP-682's cell. This lead to a standoff until SCP-106 grabbed hold of SCP-953, who in turn grabbed hold of SCP-682, leading to both of them being dragged off to the pocket dimension by SCP-106. After three hours of prolonged combat, all three reappeared, heavily wounded. SCP-106 immediately returned to its cell, leaving SCP-953 and SCP-682 to be recaptured by Foundation personnel.

Around 2018, the O5 council sacrificed Daniel DeVorn, a greedy CEO from a paratech-firm, to SCP-106.



Sometimes, when he closed his withered eyelids, the old man could see the prairies of his youth, the moonlight grasses, feel and hear the gentle whiskers of the wind against his flesh. But that had been long ago, hadn't it? Sometimes when he dreamed, he would forget that he was old and leap through those fields, shrieking with the elemental joy of existence. There were others there, young, like he was in the dream, their faces blurry but so heartbreakingly familiar. It felt wrong to have forgotten them.
~ SCP-106 remembering his youth from "Once But Not Now"

SCP-106's true personality is largely unknown, as Foundation personnel and psychologists are unable to perform a psychoanalysis on him due to his unwillingness to talk and difficulties in containing him. In the past, he was an obedient, brave and helpful man.

However, once he had undergone this horrendous transformation, his motives became that of a serial killer or a stalking predator, hunting, tormenting, and capturing/killing people without remorse or seemingly any reason. However, despite his sadistic streak, SCP-106 seems to be at least partially aware of his behavior. Despite this, this only makes him far more dangerous, much like another human SCP named Bobble the Clown. When SCP-187 was brought to 106 to see what would happen to him in the future, 106 realized her capabilities and killed all surrounding personnel except her, simply because he wanted to showoff.

Despite this, when the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of 106, the picture showed him roaming a wheat field approaching a farm house where a woman in her mid-sixties embraces him in open arms. This means that 106 still retains some of his humanity as his biggest desire is to be reunited with his wife and live a peaceful life.


SCP-106 resembles an extremely old, withered man with a bald head, sunken black eyes, and a lipless, skull-like grin. His wrinkled flesh is dark with necrosis, and constantly oozes a corrosive black mucus that breaks down all solid material, which it uses both as a weapon and a tool for escape and hunting (see below).

Attacks and Capabilities

SCP-106 has no need to eat or sleep, and will often remain motionless for days on end until it senses its next victim. Once it finds a potential victim, SCP-106 will stalk them relentlessly until it catches its target. Hiding from SCP-106 is useless- not only can it seem to sense nearby humans, but it can also phase through solid matter via its corrosive mucus, leaving behind a blackened silhouette in its wake.

Once its prey is cornered, SCP-106 will incapacitate them (usually by breaking bones or severing tendons) before pulling them into its "pocket dimension" via the dark patches it leaves behind on walls. Here it will taunt and torment its prisoners before finally killing them, sometimes collecting bits from its prey like bones and teeth.

What 106's pocket dimension looks like is largely unknown; the few victims who are released from 106's dimension don't live long enough to talk, and while recording devices work within the dimension, the captured footage appears heavily degraded. The only thing known for certain is that SCP-106 has total control within its dimension, being able to warp space, time, and perception at will, including how SCP-106 appears to its prisoners. SCP-106 is the only one who can freely enter and exit this dimension.

SCP-106 found it hard to comprehend complex structures that the Foundation had formed around its containment, deterring the creature for a bit. However, the malevolent being classified as SCP-001 increased 106's intelligence in order to make human lives miserable, forcing them to leave Earth and go to 001's prison planets.

In Video Games

SCP - Containment Breach

SCP-106 is usually the second SCP the player will encounter in the game. Once the player enters SCP-173's room, SCP-106 is heard laughing in the background, as well on the lower floor is located a massive black liquid, where furniture would start disappearing inside of it. SCP-106 appears quite often and has the ability to spawn any time near the player. Once SCP-106 catches the player, he will injure him, and push him inside of its pocket dimension through the floor.

SCP-106 can also spawn inside of scripted events, in front of SCP-895, inside of Maintenance Tunnels. He can also be seen traversing across the grated hallways. SCP-106 is also seen at the Gate-A ending, trying to escape the Containment Breach when it effectively halted with the H.I.D Turret, it will cause SCP-106 to go back inside of its dimension.

SCP: Secret Laboratory

In Secret Laboratory, SCP-106 is one of several SCPS that can be controlled by a player. He has several unique abilities. He is able to place a portal on the floor anywhere in the map, and teleport to this portal at any time. A common area to place the portal is inside his containment chamber, so he can intercept players trying to recontain him.

When hit by SCP-106, human characters will take some damage, then be transported into his Pocket Dimension. To attempt an escape, players must choose from one of eight hallways. Most of these will instantly kill the player once entered, however, choosing the right one will teleport the player back inside the facility. While inside the Pocket Dimension, players will lose 1 HP every second.

SCP-106 can be re-contained. To do this, a player must open his containment chamber with a card that has heavy containment authorization (limited to the Containment Engineer and Overseer cards.) One player must sacrifice themselves inside the femur breaker, killing themselves in the process and broadcasting pained screams to everyone in the facility.

Another player must then press the nearby large, red re-containment button. Once this is done, SCP-106 will be re-contained (instantly killing him for game purposes) in roughly 15 seconds. He can teleport back to his chamber in this short time frame in an attempt to kill anyone there, but once the red button is pressed, he cannot stop his re-containment.

SCP-106 has only 700 HP, the lowest of any SCP in the game. However, it has the highest resistance to bullets of any SCP, taking only 2HP of damage per hit and requiring several hundred bullets to be killed. As with any other character, SCP-106 can also be injured or killed by Tesla Gates. These can deal several hundred points of damage, potentially killing SCP-106 instantly.

SCP - Containment Breach (Unity Remake)

Just as the original one, the Unity one is slightly different then the previous version of the Foundation. At the moment, SCP-106 doesn't have a death-screen once murdering the player, and it has a different appearance; In this version, SCP-106 has white-colored eyes, a much darker skin, and a big smile. Though it appears that SCP-106 is slower in this version and smaller.


  • He was created by author Dr Gears, who also created other notable SCPs such as SCP-682.
  • The first original photo of SCP-106 got taken down, and replaced because of the SCP Foundation couldn't reliably get sourced as being Creative Commons Compliant.
    • Ultimately it's not licensed by the SCP wiki, which is why the photo shouldn't be used in derivative works which utilize content involving the SCP Wiki.
  • Officially, the origin of the first original picture of SCP-106 is still anonymous. It is believed that it originated from 4chan's creepy-threads. There was a thread which said that the whole picture was a photoshop, while the face was taken from the World War l, and the body was taken from a random male model.
    • Others claimed that the picture is just a random street graffiti art, Pazuzu from The Exorcists, or a photoshopped picture of the American computer scientist Len Kleinrock smiling.
  • The current photo of SCP-106 was created by a American 3D artist Klay Abele, by the title "SCP-106 variations".
  • SCP-106 got second place on Tat's Top Video's video: Top 22 Scariest SCPS.
  • In SCP-4231, it's revealed the Scranton Reality Anchors are made partially made out of bones of deceased reality benders thanks to rituals connected to the Scarlet King. However, the reality benders' soul still inhabit their bones and if the ritual doesn't involve mutual respect it could cause anger to the spirits. Because the manufacture of the Scranton Anchors lacked respect, it is possible that the spirits became enraged at Scranton and threw him into SCP-3001 as revenge. This makes Scranton a more sinister individual even before he potentially became SCP-106.
  • SCP-106 plays the role as an "anti-hero" of the entry SCP-001: When day breaks.

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