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SCP-122-1 are Keter-classed humanoid-creatures from the SCP Foundation. SCP-122-1 appear to be humanoid-creatures which are totally black-colored. If any shadows are seen on SCP-122, translucent mass would get released out of the SCP.


SCP-122-1 is located in a chamber, with SCP-122, which is a children's nightlight. SCP-122 was founded in a Hospital, after reports from the Hospital have been appearing because of SCP-122-1 appearing. When the Hospital was investigated, it was noted that everyone in the Hospital have been affected by SCP-122's effect. When SCP-122 is powered, it automatically starts to release over 14 to 20 lx. When SCP-122 isn't powered, it would automatically start to effect any subject around it. If subjects fell asleep, they will sleep until SCP-122 gets powered again. While the subjects are asleep, SCP-122-1 would start appearing.

SCP-122-1's goal is to locate more subjects to expose them for SCP-122's effect. As more subjects get affected, the radius of SCP-122 would expand to 2.7 kilometers. SCP-122-1 would then try to apply sleeping aids onto the affected subjects to get asleep. If one of the subjects awake up from sleeping, it would instantly witness insomnia, and complain of having strange dreams of psychological abuse.

Incident 122-1

SCP-122-1 ended up breaching the containment, causing many casualties. After the killings, instant re-containment and reviews were made over SCP-122.

During the review, footage has been released of SCP-122's chamber-lock being tampered by the personnel. When asked, the subjects explained it was because SCP-122 wouldn't let them sleep, until they release SCP-122. After the massacre, the SCP became Keter-classed.


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