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Hello! I'm Princess Blossom. Are you my prince?
~ SCP-137's current form

SCP-137, also referred to as The Real Toy, is a Euclid-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment. It is an enigmatic being that possesses toys and toy-like objects and manifests as real versions of the item in question.

Behavior and Procedure

SCP-137 was first brought to the Foundation's attention after a series of anomalous deaths of children. Foundation personnel found it in the form of a pony in a nearby wilderness and were able to tranquilize and capture it.

SCP-137 possesses toys and toy-like objects, and transforms them into real versions of the objects in question. For example, if SCP-137 possesses a toy soldier, the toy will transform into a real, living soldier with a violent personality. If it possesses a toy lion, it will transform into a real lion.

However, SCP-137 is unintelligent, as it lacks long-term memory and no capacity for learning or abstract thinking; its mind and personality is completely dependent on its form, which is in and of itself limited to the characteristics that a child might perceive.

Currently, SCP-137 inhabits a princess doll, transforming it into a real woman in royal garments waiting for her prince and talking about her castle.

SCP-137 is kept in a locked room with enough materials to entertain and satisfy its current form.persona. It is fed three meals a day. However, none of the toys or even toy-like objects are allowed within 500 meters of its containment.


Several tests were conducted to test the capabilities of SCP-137's abilities.

  • Toy jet: transformed into a real jet preparing for takeoff, causing massive damage to the facility.
  • Toy race car: raced around the facility crashing into walls.
  • Crocodile keychain fob: transformed into a real saltwater crocodile and killed fourteen staff members.
  • Toy soldier: transformed into a real, violent soldier that opened fire on personnel, killing five.
  • Toy police officer: attempted to arrest and interrogate personnel, and shot two.
  • Stuffed panda: transformed into a real giant panda and hugged a researcher, breaking three ribs.
  • Plastic construction bricks: transformed into a series of real bricks of different materials.
  • Yo-yo: did not transform, but made the yo-yo move on its own and perform tricks, even when away from human contact.
  • Scientist action figure: began ranting about its intelligence, but did not provide examples or proof.


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