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Yours is a strange era, Professor. I’ve learned much of your colleagues. My time was an age of kings. Blood was spilt in the name of gods and glory. Your colleagues do not fight for either. I don’t pretend to understand all your methods, and yet I know your capacity for ruthlessness. But not in search of land, power, not even peace. Your sacrifices are in the name of …'normality.’ Could you think of no better cause but the preservation of the mediocre?
~ SCP-140-A in "A Visitation".
But a single man saw that past. That single moment in which a prince ate a child and he stretched it into eternity. He made it the past of the country — that slavery was the backbone of our entire past — and the present. The revolution wasn't salacious enough for him, so he took the moment in time that was, and he made it the only image of the country, the only one that could exist. But without the release of revolution. Depravity, but without consequence. And it spirals from there, becoming worse and worse. Because we had no voice, nothing to say "Stop. It wasn't like that."
~ Dr. Jad-Leshal Pretten to the Foundation about the actions of Bruce.

SCP-140-A is a designation given to the original author of SCP-140, A Chronicle of the Daevas, an anomalous book which is capable of using ink and blood to rewrite reality and help the evil civilization of the Daevites to exist for much more longer. Following the discovery of the chronicle, the SCP Foundation has made one of its priorities to find and capture SCP-140-A.


(Note: Due to the lack of canon in the universe of the SCP Foundation, there at least two major versions of SCP-140-A. They are described below)


SCP-140-A was a member of the ancient savage Daevite Empire. Following the empire's downfall SCP-140-A was able to live on thanks to their immortality and at some point in the 19th century after they became wealthy enough, they decided to create the Chronicle of the Daevas in order to bring back their civilization. With the help of the Eternal Text, a deity previously worshiped by the Daevites, SCP-140-A was able to create the chronicle along with other numerous copies which were capable of rewriting reality in the Daevites' favor every time it came near ink or blood.

During their search of SCP-140-A the SCP Foundation discovered the Glendale Homestead in UK which was created by SCP-140-A and possessed a colony of SCP-5280, a modified species of bees that were used by the ancient Daevites to create and modify plant-based products. This lead to the Foundation suspecting that SCP-140-A was using SCP-5280 as another way to reestablish the Daevite Empire.

When General Bowe formed the group known as the Foundation Elimination Coalition in order to bring down the Foundation for good, SCP-140-A joined the group and used their personal army of mind-controlled modified slaves which were designated SCP-140-2 to aid in the takeover of the Foundation sites. It is unknown what happened to them following the defeat of the Coalition.


SCP-140 was in actuality an orientalist named Thomas Bruce who was the 6th Earl of Elgin. In 1786, Bruce visited the Grand Khanate of the Daeva, a reduced country of benevolent citizen who descended from the slaves who dethroned their cannibalistic suppressors. There Bruce was so fascinated by the bloody past of the now defunct Daevite Empire that under the pen name of Ab-Leshal Curix wrote his own version of the history the Daevites that would become SCP-140, making them a highly anomalous and bloodthirsty civilization and blending it with the local mythologies, while completely disregarding the current state and most history of the nation. Before publishing 75 copies of the scandalous take of the Daevites, Bruce had an occultist to perform an extensive ritual on the summer solstice on June 20th, 1788. This ritual resulted in Bruce's take of the Daevites becoming the real one and replacing the actual nation and people. Thankfully, this was all undone when the Children of the Scarlet King performed a ritual on a copy of SCP-140 which was preserved by Bruce's descendant Richard Bruce, in the hopes of bringing back the evil Daevites, but instead they destroyed the previous ritual, which resulted in the original history of the nation coming back to reality.

Powers and Abilites

In the Daevite version, SCP-140-A appeared to be immortal and possess some dark magical powers as they were able to create SCP-140 and transform innocent people into strong thralls.

Thomas Bruce appeared to be a normal human being with no anomalous or magical powers.


The true appearance of SCP-140-A is never revealed and there are no details about it.


The Daevite SCP-140-A appeared as an enigmatic and respectful being who somewhat missed the glorious and bloody times of the original empire and was disgusted by the Foundation's attempt at keeping "normalcy" around the world, and teased a historian who had been working with the SCP Foundation, deeming their attempts as mediocre and futile.

Thomas Bruce appeared to be an orientalist individual who preferred his own scandalous take of the Daevites instead of the real and natural nation of the Daevites which was benevolent and shameful of its past. He decided to completely disregard most of the Daevites' history in favor of his fanfic version which caused severe destruction and suffering to people involved after having an occultist rewrite reality after Bruce's take. He also created the character of the Scarlet King to subvert the matriarchal system of the Daevite empire.


  • The image of Thomas Bruce actually depicts Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich.
  • The original author who wrote SCP-140, AssertiveRoland, intended to write a followup tale to "A Visitation" centering around SCP-140-A. This tale would have explained that the character was actually one of the few benevolent Daevites who wrote the book with the intent of reviving his people so through time they would see the errors of their ways and redeem themselves and becoming a normal peaceful nation, but it failed causing SCP-140-A to regret creating the book.


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