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SCP-166, also known as Teenage Succubus (possible real name Meri Wojciechoski), is one of the Euclid humanoid objects in the SCP Foundation. She is the daughter of Foundation researcher Alto Clef and a "nature goddess", although Alto Clef later killed her due to her psychopathic desire to destroy human civilization, and according to the SCP-4231 canon her membership in the Children of the Scarlet King. Not believing he was a capable father, he left her with a nun's convent to live something resembling a normal life, only for that to prove impossible due to her uncontrollable ability to induce lust in human males and need to consume semen to derive nutrition from food so she can survive.


SCP-166 is a teenage female human that appears to have an average height and slender build. From medicine analysis that she posses several deviations from baseline human norms, which include accelerated hair grows per a month. SCP-166 is notable for making unusual effects towards male humans. She also has a set of skin conditions that make it extremely uncomfortable for her to wear covering clothing.

It is confirmed that 100% of human males would create immediate sexual contact. 70% of the human male's impulse faded away once SCP-166 got removed from their presence. 30% of the affected human males started becoming violently obsessive, attempting to access SCP-166 containment.

Originally, SCP-166 originates from England raised by nuns, living in a convent. She was actually brought up to the convent by an unknown person. He claimed to the nuns that she actually possess great powers, and he provided all the instructions on how to take care of her. There were attempts to locate the girl's mother, which all been unsuccessful.

She got raised by the nuns until a young man went inside of the convent to visit the novices, but he caught sight of her. After three days, the young man became very violent and attacked the convent, trying to gain access to SCP-166. He killed one of the nuns and injured three others until he got neutralized by force. Clef, realizing that she could not simply live in the normal world, brought her in anonymously so as to keep tabs on her. She is likely unaware her relation to him. In spite of her abilities and biology, SCP-166 is not by nature a seductress, and in fact her abilities are something she dislikes; besides her own strict Catholicism forbidding a casual attitude towards sex, she does not have any amount of inherent attraction towards males affected by her, which can lead to her being targeted by rather shoking sexual abuse. It is for this reason her containment cell is meant more for her own protection than confinement, and she is given the religious paraphinalia she requests without much fuss.



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