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Thank you for laughing with us. That's what we're about here, doesn't it, folks? Come laugh with us again next time! And remember: LAUGH… IS… FUN!
~ SCP-2030-1

SCP-2030-1, calling himself Laughy McLaugherson, is a humanoid Keter entity behind the broadcast of SCP-2030 also known as Laugh is Fun, an illegal reality show featuring various people sadistically pranked by McLaugherson. He's also one of the two antagonists of the tale Funerals Are Fun.

Behavior and Procedure

SCP-2030-1, nicknaming himself Laughy, is the mysterious Keter entity behind the broadcast of SCP-2030, an ongoing reality show going as far back as 1976 and dubbed as Laugh is Fun, although the title sometimes changes into Laugh is Life or Laugh is Laugh. Given Laughy's language, it can be assumed the program is only broadcast in English-speaking countries. The show is propagated through various mediums, generally the most popular format of use at any given time. Despite Laughy looking like a white male, it can be assumed he is not human in nature given his powers.

The reality show consists of a series of particularly disturbing pranks pulled on seemingly unsuspecting victims and turned on a set; the end reveals the set's audience, usually including the people featured in the gag (besides Laughy). The pranks are generally themed, though the themes vary wildly in seriousness, ranging from innocuous such as "pets" to far more threatening such as "terrorism"; regardless of the themes used, every prank is guaranteed to be utterly sickening. The victims will initially panic at the horrors unfolding, but after Laughy reveals himself, they will no longer express any distress regardless of the injuries they or their relatives suffered, suggesting that Laughy warps their minds into accepting their horrific treatment. Additionally, most of Laughy's victims claim to be familiar with Laughy, and sometimes go as far as to claim to be fans of the show. Further examinations revealed that the people who took part in the prank died a few weeks at most after the episode (if not during it in one case), suggesting that Laughy disposed of them.


Laughy takes the form of a Caucasian man of average height and build, whose face is never revealed. He always wears the same attire: a royal blue three-piece suit with black and white tipped shoes.


Laughy fancies himself as a mischievous prankster, but the entity is clearly a horrific sadist with a taste for gore and torture, inflicting unconceivable mutilations on his victims for the sake of his devious pranks. Laughy enjoys the intense distress initially experienced by his victims, making him a sadist. However, he will use his powers to calm them down and even make them laugh over their predicament. Despite this, he will also let his victims agonize as long as the show keeps going, which can sometimes result in their untimely death. In addition, the Foundation believes Laughy abducts then murders his victims to eliminate any and all witnesses of his crimes, proving that behind the laughs, Laughy is a cold and actual psychopath, or more accurately psychopathic manchild.

Although Laughy only pranks adults, he is not above hurting children and even infants as well, replacing a baby into a series of octopuses in one of his most evil pranks.

He will sometimes go as far as to prank other dangerous SCPs, suggesting he likes trolling other anomalous entities as well and is also very confident (if not overconfident).

It is ambiguous whether Laughy genuinely believes his pranks are funny and light-hearted or uses them as excuses for his horrific deeds. One could consider either case, given the entity's nature.

Powers and Abilities

Laughy has so far displayed a vast array of paranormal abilities:

  • Localized reality-warping: Laughy can warp the reality around him, though he's bound to his set and the people within it. However, Laughy limits the extent of his reality-warping to his pranks, meaning he won't casually recreate a whole environment from scratch, for instance. Laughy is also more powerful than SCP-2852 since the latter was unable to resume his ceremony after Laughy pulled a prank on a funeral SCP-2852 just crashed.
    • Body-warping: as part of this power, he can significantly alter his victims. For instance, he turned a baby into four octopuses with celebrities' heads. He also uses one of his creatures to warp a victim for him (see Mook making below).
    • Mind-warping: Laughy will make his victims laugh about their current situation, regardless of the injuries they sustained. It is implied he warps their minds to this end. He also renders his victims amnesiac after he releases them.
    • Animal summoning: he can creates virtually any animal from nothing, which he sometimes use to torture his victims.
    • Mook making: he can also shape a new "lifeform" from a pile of flesh. For instance, he turned a vast pile of flesh into a deformed replica of Margaret Thatcher, which he then used to torture his victim. However, the facsimile was grossly disproportionned, and quite monstrous compared to the actual Thatcher. Whether Laughy chose to shape the creature this way for the sake of his prank, or was just unable to shape it into a true replica of Thatcher, is unknown.
    • Anomalous broadcast: he can propagates his program in any medium he wishes, through unknown and anomalous means. However, a simple bot from the Foundation is able to remove any and all instance of the program accross the Web (which Laughy currently uses to broadcast Laugh is Fun).
  • Biological immortality: the first episode of Laugh is Fun was recovered by the Foundation in 1993, but Laughy kept the series going with no sign of Laughy either changing or giving up, indicating he cannot age and is likely biologically immortal (if not completely immortal).
  • Psychic shield: he cannot be corrupted by lesser entities such as SCP-2852. However, there's no indication he can resist more powerful SCPs, such as the old gods should they ever come down on him.
  • Vast intelligence: Laughy can easily stage pranks that are as gore as they are sophisticated, suggesting, along with his other mind-bending abilities, that he's extremely intelligent and cunning. He could somehow kill each of his victims and pass off their deaths as unfortunate circumstances such as accidents. However, he failed to fool the Foundation and likely didn't plan to be monitored.
    • Knowledge of pop culture: he knows about the most famous celebrities of the time, as evidenced by how he had a woman give birth to four octopuses with the heads of Ryan Seacrest, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Cash, and Martin Freeman respectively. He also tricks people into watching Laugh is Fun by mimicking the art of other series.

Laughy has one major weakness though: he's seemingly unaware of the SCP Foundation, which successfully contains most of his attempts to broadcast Laugh is Fun through the Internet.



Nothing is known about Laughy's life before the first instance of SCP-2030, which occurred in 1993, though the Foundation thinks SCP-2030-1 has been active since 1976 at most. Since then, Laughy has been regularly releasing new episodes on the most used medium of the time, ranging from DVD in rental stores to torrents to paid-on-demand video streaming, among others. SCP-2030 also partnered with YWTGTHFT to create the program. The same company also built SCP-1459, a machine that gives a cookie to anyone who specifies a way to kill a puppy inside. Upon reviewing the episodes of Laugh is Fun, the Foundation concluded Laughy posed a tangible threat and began to intercept his broadcasts, setting a bot to scour the Internet in an attempt to erase any file of SCP-2030.

Examples of episodes

The Foundation keeps most of the series' content secret as per protocol, though an addendum features some instances to drive home Laughy's cruelty:

  • Squirrels, from the 13th season (1989): Mrs. Englund lies in her bed with who is presumed to be her husband. After she hears a series of high-pitched squeaks, she witnesses her husband's skin begin to undulate, before numerous squirrels bursts from various places on his body, causing her to immediately get up. Soon after, Laughy appears and turn on the light. He is followed by the husband, who has been completely skinned from head to toe but doesn't display any sign of discomfort, after which the three laugh. The couple disappeared the same year.
  • Tracheotomies, from the same season: the Turman family is sitting around a table, peacefully dinning as usual. Suddenly, Mr. Turman begins to cough and gasp for air; as the others around begin to panic, a pair of slits appear on Turman's throat, eventually turning an entire second head, which in turn grows another head, and so on until eighteen heads and necks have sprouted, at which point Laughy appears, with the whole family, including all of Mr. Turman's heads, begin to laugh. The whole family died from a vehicular accident the same year.
  • Margaret Thatcher, from the 21st season (1997): Mrs. Carter stumbles upon a mass of flesh; as she screams, the mass shapes itself into a severely disproportionate facsimile of Margaret Thatcher. The fake Thatcher then leaps on Carter as she attempts to escape and extends its tongue into the woman's mouth. Soon after, Thatcher faces of various sizes appear all over Carter's skin, reciting in perfect unison Thatcher's April 1986 speech on the bombing of Libya. Then Laughy appears, after which Carter laughs, still pinned down to the ground. Mrs. Carter died from ovarian cancer the same year.
  • Swelling, from the 24th season (2000): an elderly woman sits on a park bench, while a young couple walks not far behind her. Once the couple comes near the woman, a swarm of pigeons rushes into her mouth, causing her belly to swell and rupture. Then, Laughy emerges from the body of the woman (implied to be dead), at which point the young couple appears relieved. The Foundation notes that the young couple was murdered by a hit-and-run driver within the same year.
  • Cephalopods, from the 37th season (2013): a team of obstetricians performs a caesarian section procedure on Ms. Nash before they begin to panic as an octopus with the head of Ryan Seacrest emerges from the body, singing Row, Row, Row your boat in a high-pitched voice. Three other octopuses follow, with the heads of Jack Nicholson, Johnny Cash, and Martin Freeman, respectively. Together, they sing the previous song in four-part harmony. Laughy then walks into the room, pointing to the hidden camera, prompting both the team of obstetricians and Ms. Nash to laugh. The latter then passes out, presumably from blood loss, and is noted to have died from labor complications the same day despite hospital records displaying no evidence of anomalous activity during birth.

Funerals Are Fun

In the tale Funerals are Fun, SCP-2852, who assumed his "Cousin Johnny" persona, has brainwashed a crowd at a funeral into slashing their wrists for his black ceremony. However, tentacles suddenly emerge from the dead body in the casket, then Laughy says "Always recycle your iron!" as he bursts the spleen of the audience. As everyone was dying from their wounds, Laughy eventually emerges from the casket. He wipes the blood from his face and reveals the "prank" (even pulling a camera somehow stuck in a woman's nose), to the protagonist's amusement, seemingly uncaring of the grievous injuries he sustained in the process. Johnny then angrily left.

Kill Count

  • Mr. Englund (skinned and then disappeared, likely killed)
  • Mrs. Englund (disappeared, likely killed)
  • Gary Turman, Lindsay Turman, and their two children (killed through vehicular accident)
  • Mrs. Cartel (given ovary cancer)
  • Unnamed elderly woman (stomach ruptured)
  • Macey Gersham and Kyle Parker (ran over)
  • Rebecca Nash (blood loss)
  • Likely dozens more

Total: 11+


Ha! What a ride, eh, folks? We've seen printers that eat, eaters that print, and everything in between! Makes you appreciate the old clunker you have back the office, doesn't it? No, printers may not always work when you want or need them to, but they sure make for some excellent comedy. And that's what we're about here: comedy. We're here to make you laugh. We hope you laughed. Thank you for laughing with us. That's what we're about here, doesn't it, folks? Come laugh with us again next time! And remember: LAUGH… IS … FUN! Good night! And laugh! And laugh! Just laugh! We love the make laugh. Make more for laughter so as to for laugh. Laugh with us. Laugh with us.
~ Laughy at the end of Printers, from the 32nd season (2008).
Spleens! Storing blood, recycling nutrients, producing lymphocytes, and making laughs! They were associated with melancholy in the past, but they provide nothing but mirth and merriment now. Is there anything that this oft-neglected organ can't do for us? We hope you enjoyed a good deep belly laugh and had a chance to vent your spleen! Vent your laugh! Come laugh with us. And remember, LAUGH IS FUN!
~ Laughy after he crashed SCP-2852's ceremony and bursted the guests' spleens.


  • His name seems to be a pun on his "job". It is unknown if it is his real name (or even if he has one at all).
  • Given that he emerged from tentacles during the "prank" at the funeral, it is implied he is some sort of eldritch abomination.
  • Laughy shares many similarities with Bobble the Clown, as both are the sadistic hosts of their reality show, propagating through unknown and paranormal means and torturing people on camera. However, Bobble focuses on corrupting children while Laughy doesn't seem to have an agenda besides committing his pranks.

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