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My containment. It never truly mattered. I have always been quite free. Turn to the right, doctor. Smile for camera. A message is being sent.
~ SCP-2075 before escaping from Foundation custody.

SCP-2075 is a Keter-level SCP within the universe of the SCP Foundation. It is the collective term for a microbiological pathogen and its possessed hosts (SCP-2075-A). SCP-2075 as an entity is a practitioner of Sarkicism, and was formerly a Russian Sarkite named Aleksi Kravchuk, also known as Karcist Varis. At one time it was partially contained by the SCP Foundation when they captured Kravchuk, but he was later freed by other instances of SCP-2075-A.


Aleksi Kravchuk was born in 1204 AD. Although initially normal, he was apparently visited by Grand Karcist Ion, who granted him the power to control others via a microbiological pathogen in his breath. However, he was not simply granted control; any possessed by Kravchuk were assimilated into his hive mind.

While proselytizing about Sarkicism in Russia, Kravchuk was met with resistance from the church. At one point, one of his "limbs" was lynched in Novgorod after being accused of being a Gnostic witch. Kravchuk himself was imprisoned by the Romanov dynasty, and remained in prison after the Russian Revolution, watched over by GRU Division "P". While in Soviet custody, he was experimented on under the orders of Joseph Stalin.

As SCP-2075

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, GRU Division "P" was crippled and forced to hand Kravchuk over to the SCP Foundation, who designated him SCP-2075 and imprisoned him in Sector-G of Site-66 under the belief that he was only one being. In order to avoid possession he was imprisoned in a sterile isolation unit at all times, with communication occurring through a microphone during regular interrogations by Dr. Albert Cronenberg. Through these interrogations much of the information about SCP-2075 was discovered.

However, two security officers at Site-66, Jonathan Li and Jacob D. Moore, had previously been assimilated into SCP-2075. After deciding he had seen enough of the site, Kravchuk requested to speak with Dr. Cronenberg. He informed him that he was leaving, and had always had the power to do so. Officers Li and Moore then stabbed Cronenberg to death before releasing Kravchuk, who in turn released a gigantic mass of amorphous flesh which destroyed the entirety of Sector-G. Li and Moore were killed by the destruction, whereas Kravchuk presumably escaped and remains at large.


  • Võlutaar Jaská, leader of the proto-Sarkic sect known as the Vaśńa, claims to have studied under Karcist Varis.
  • The image used of Aleksei Kravchuk (SCP-2075), is actually a photography of the late Toma Nikolov Hristov, a real-life Bulgarian revolutionist.


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