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SCP-230's preoccupation with the word "gay" has nothing to do with sexual orientation. SCP-230 doesn't appear to have a sexual orientation due to a lack of interest in sex entirely. This makes sense, seeing as SCP-230 experiences the same amount of pleasure doing any given activity, making sex unnecessary.
~ Note by Dr. ██████

SCP-230, also known as The Gayest Man Alive, is a Euclid-class SCP currently contained by the SCP Foundation.

The SCP is an eccentric, flamboyant adult human that secretes an addictive chemical into the air similar to heroin. The nickname "The Gayest Man Alive" is a reference to the SCP's happy nature, and not his sexual orientation.

Though SCP-230 is not openly evil by nature, the circumstances surrounding him and those who get near him put others at great life-threatening risk.


SCP-230 was found living in a standard apartment in an undisclosed location with twenty individuals acting as his personal servants. Some servants were found dead, as SCP-230 limited the amount of people serving him, as not to make his home overcrowded. The SCP states that he has been secreting the chemical compound as long as he can remember, with no direct time or date on when it started.


SCP-230 is an adult male who looks to be in his early thirties, and prefers to dress in flashy, bright colors. He prefers the colors pink and yellow for his clothing. SCP-230 is permanently happy and never expresses negative emotions, no matter what.

SCP-230 constantly secretes a chemical from his skin at all times, with the chemical being very similar to heroin. The Foundation has given the chemical compound a name, but is not released to the public. The compound is always listed as "Compound-███" on the official wiki. The compound, once it exits the SCP's skin, will release into the air. If this compound is inhaled, it causes unspeakable amounts of euphoria to everyone exposed to it, causing dopamine levels to be increased to five times greater than what is released in humans during orgasms.

The compound will cause impairments in the same way that standard heroin does. Those exposed to SCP-230's chemicals willingly become SCP-230's servants, as long as they never have to leave SCP-230's vicinity, to keep experiencing the addicting euphoria. This chemical compound is present in all of SCP-230's bodily fluids, explaining the SCP's happy nature. Anyone experiencing the compound will be immediately addicted, and will suffer extreme withdrawals when no longer exposed to it. Those who inhale the compound have a 30% mortality rate from withdrawals, while those who ingest it having a 100% mortality rate.

Despite having the compound in SCP-230's fluids, he does not seem to be impaired by its effects like others around him do. When spoken to, the SCP prefers to talk about things "good" or "gay", having a psychological attachment to the word "gay". Even the nickname "The Gayest Man Alive" is a self-given title.


SCP-230 is a cheery, jovial and happy person right down to the very core, but this is only because of the euphoric chemical compound in his body. It is unknown what his personality would be if the chemical was not present, or if he had a different personality in the past. Despite being happy all the time, he was not above indirectly killing others when he wanted fewer servants, showing that even in his happy state, he is still capable of doing malicious things.

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