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Orok is one of the four Klavigar of Sarkicism, saints that lie only below Grand Karcist Ion, the earthly leader of the faith. He is usually associated with strength, war, violence, wilderness, hunting and in contradiction, also for loyalty and revolt. 

The Foundation knows him as SCP-2408-4.


Orok was originally a slave, who through alchemical and thaumaturgical experimentation performed by the Daeva, achieved unnatural physical strength and possible supernatural powers. He began to serve as a bodyguard and pit-pighter for Matriarch Aśvighoṣa, the ruling Daeva in the city of Jel. 

When Grand Karcist Ion arrived in Jel, he gave Aśvighoṣa the option to leave and spread the message of his revolution to other Daeva's or die at his hands.

The Daeve decided to let Orok kill Ion, but he hesitated. It was said that his "runes of bondage [setting] his starved soul aflame so that his body became spirit". He then struck down Aśvighoṣa with the so much strength, that Daeva turned to "cinder and ash and heavenly starlight".

After this, Orok started to follow Grand Karcist Ion.

Over time Orok's, like most Klavigar and Karcists, body mutated and he became a hulking behemoth. He likely served as a warrior during the war with the Mekhanites, which led to the Late Bronze Age collapse.

Orok is known to have survived to this very day, and he currently resides beneath Moscow, where he is currently brain-dead. For a while he was overseen by GoI-0432 ("The Hunter's Black Lodge "), a sarkic criminal organization, before the SCP Foundation involved. The Foundation refers to him as SCP-2408-4, a Keter-class anomaly.


Orok was once a man, though after joining Grand Karcist Ion's cause, he became a hulking behemoth.

As SCP-2408-4 is described to be 300 metres tall and weight between 70,000 and 72,000 tonnes, and having one single eye located at the center of the face. Instead of having a protruding nose, he has a flat nasal slit. Tusks, horns, and various other corneous protrusions grow around the face and head area. He also possesses a three rows of sharpened teeth and enlarged and heavily muscled jaws. For protection he has an artial exoskeleton in coincidence with an endoskeleton; both skeletons being anomalously strong with a tensile strength comparable to carbyne.


  • Bears resemblance to the Greek Cyclops.
  • The "Skull of Orok" is often used as a logo by The Hunter's Black Lodge, with many members having it tattooed in their skin.



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