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Its an idea that infects people who know about it and takes over their mind slowly. It's some ancient mind from an alternate dimension (we think) that’s trying to get into ours and take over. It's smart so it'll spread around the Foundation real quick if it gets a chance, which is why this is scratched into this wall away from cameras.
~ "Pandora Force" about SCP-2439.

SCP-2439 is an antagonist in the SCP mythos. It is an ancient intelligence which acts as a memetic agent that manifests itself through those that know of it. However, despite the threat posed by SCP-2439 the SCP Foundation are unaware of its existence, as the being was discovered, classified as a Keter-level threat and contained by D-class personnel without the Foundation finding out.


SCP-2439 was first discovered when the D-class personnel at an unspecified site began to experience strange whispers in their heads. Through unknown means, they concluded that it was an ancient mind from another reality that took over the minds of those that knew about it. As all D-class personnel were terminated at the end of the month, the entity was unable to fully manifest itself into the world. However, the D-class figured out that if they were all terminated without anybody else knowing about it, the entity would simply infect a different location where they might not figure out how to stop it.

In order to prevent this, the D-class organised into "Pandora Force", a group dedicated to stopping the entity. Designating it SCP-2439 and classifying it as Keter, they made sure that all new D-class arriving at the site were made aware of its existence so it would remain there; however it would never be able to fully manifest due to the end-of-month terminations, effectively trapping it.

SCP-2439's containment procedures were written on the wall in a room Foundation personnel never bothered entering, and which contained no cameras. Three members of "Pandora Force" continue guarding it at all times, prepared to destroy it if the Foundation ever do enter. So far Pandora Force have been able to maintain knowledge about the entity throughout the D-class population of the site, containing SCP-2439. However, it is not entirely safe; "Pandora Force" have considered telling the Foundation about it on more than one occasion in order to release it and get revenge on them for using them as slave labour. All suggestions of doing so have so far been shot down in order to avoid causing unnecessary destruction.


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