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Villain Overview

This weird dark creature will claim all
That mentions it's name big or small
Don't speak nor write. Really, do none.
Be aware of two five two one
It'll come to you, in any place
No escape from this sweet embrace
You tried hard, still fail to outrun
Be aware of two five two one
I do hope, that it won't claim prose
It entangles me, holds me close
Oh, no! Please, stop! I'm not yet done!
Be aware of two five two one
~ A poem of SCP-2521 in "From syllables to lines to imagination".

SCP-2521 (also known as ●●|●●●●●|●●|●) is a Keter-level SCP currently not contained by the SCP Foundation due to its nature. It is a creature who steals every piece of information about its nature, as long as the information is expressed in textual or verbal form. Because of that, nearly everything about it is registered by ideograms and pictures.


SCP-2521 is a large creature, standing almost twice the height of a normal human, its entire body covered in layers of sticky black tendrils akin to ribbons, although it is unknown if it is made of these or is simply covered in them.


In the tale "Please Say My Name", SCP-2521 is depicted as sympathetic. Its own origin is a mystery even to itself, not knowing what it is, what its real name is or where it came from, which saddens the creature. It is not evil, but just wants to know about itself, that's why it steals documents and people who described it, in order to find more information about itself.



It's possible that SCP-2521 may come from SCP-1346-1, a room behind a normal looking door in the end of corridor which is designated SCP-1346. SCP-1346 as said, is a corridor in the basement of an unknown engineering company building that at first seems normal, with the exception that the end of the corridor where the door designated SCP-1346-1 is, is dark and in disrepair due to its anomalous effect. When subjects start to go to the end of the corridor, their electronic devices will cease to work and subjects will begin to hear clicking and other mechanical sounds despite some subjects using items to prevent hearing. As subjects keep going, they will begin to experience intense fear as they go near the door. This effect will eventually cause subjects to refuse to proceed further and go back; when exiting the corridor, this fear will go away and the subjects will be confused as to why they were scared in the first place (though subjects retained the trauma in some cases).

Eventually, after some failed experiments, the Foundation sent a D-Class who had SCP-3031, a rare brain condition, which caused him to not develop fear. This experiment somewhat worked as the D-Class didn't develop fear until he arrived to the door where he finally developed fear and nearly collapsed; however, the shock collar he wore caused him to reawaken and, for the first time, someone entered through the door. However, the D-Class never got out, but was still alive as he had slipped under the door a letter for the Foundation to find. In the letter he wrote how the room he had entered was actually a prison which contained a creature, and when he entered he accidentally took its place, freeing the creature who then left. The D-Class, however, refused to describe the creature in the letter, because it would be taken away, and wished luck to the Foundation in containing it. The creature is presumed to be 2521 given that the D-Class couldn't describe it, since it would be taken away, meaning that SCP-1346 was the prison of 2521.

Possible Endings

SCP-001 (Ihp/Locke Proposal)

Because of Site-100's manipulation, SCP-2521 became trapped within SCP-INTEGER. This caused the effects of both SCPs to be nullified, as SCP-INTEGER shared its identity with 2521 causing the latter to start chasing it.


When the event only known as SCP-6500 began occurring, SCP-2521 was one the many anomalies being neutralized by it. At its final moments, SCP-2521 was possibly approached by SCP-4999 and both of them seemingly died together.


In an alternate universe in which the Foundation killed SCP-682 by using SCP-6820 to destroy the idea inhabiting an alien noosphere that manifested in the form of 682. The destroyed idea and its avatar 682, which because of SCP-6820 was now forgotten by everyone and designated SCP-6820-A, infected the machine which caused the Foundation to find a way to destroy it at any cost and tried to use several SCPs to destroy the machine, which also included SCP-2521. When some information regarding SCP-2521 was downloaded into the machine 2521 attempted to claim 6820 but 6820 absorbed 2521 causing the machine to change and augment itself while 6820 gained the ability to manipulate its own documents.

Powers and Abilities

It is currently impossible to contain The Entity, for it is capable of phasing through walls. The creature appears sentient, and understands words, but is confused when presented with images or other non verbal forms of communication.

SCP-2521 is sensitive to any verbal or textual information about itself. However, it fails to react and/or understand to any form of images, such as pictures, charts and marks. As a result of this, it can only be described via ideograms and images. These images can only be viewed by Class 4 and O5 personnel.

Two experiments have been made for SCP-2521 so far. In the Experiment 2521-A, a D-class personnel was placed inside a room alone. He was demanded to look at the chart and images describing SCP-2521 before writing it in texture form. After the D-Class personnel finished it, SCP-2521 appeared in the room and showed fondness at the images. It then took away the texture file of it. Scared, the D-Class personnel had to agree to let it do so, and SCP-2521 left, leaving the D-Class personnel terrified.

The second experiment was made under the same circumstances. However, this time, the D-Class personnel was demanded to describe the images in an oral verbal form. After describing it, SCP-2521 manifested, expressing what seemed to be affection towards the D-Class before taking them. The Class D has yet to be found since then.

In another series of experiments, a researcher found that copies are uploaded into different servers, 2521 would first go to the server containing most copies before moving on to the other ones. In light of this, the researcher uploaded an equal amount to different servers, which caused 2521 to try to claim them at the same time but was unable to do so because it couldn't be to different places at the same time. The researcher then uploaded 2521's information to the databases of both the Unusual Incidents Unit and the Global Occult Coalition. This caused 2521 to take down both of the databases which led to the destruction of both organizations worldwide.

In other media

Board Games

SCP-2521 is included as a dangerous anomaly card in the SCP board game Uncontained.


  • It is not known what happens to anything this creature gets his hands on.
  • When creating the card deck for "THE FOUNDATION" game (SCP-3301) based on various SCPs, Dr. Wondertainment also created a card based on SCP-2521, which included word information about it. Despite this, SCP-2521 never manifested to get the card, most likely due to the cards' anomalous properties.
  • SCP-2521 is currently the highest rated Keter-level SCP on the SCP Wiki.[1]



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