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It's impossible to tell when or where this began. Most disappearances are only distinguishable by the trails of broken references they leave behind. Effects exist without causes, rendering processes irreversible. Either logic is being damaged, or our ability to understand it is.
~ A member of the Serpent's Hand about the destruction and disappearances caused by SCP-3475.
I encountered myself in a room filled with eyes. I found a dish whithin. And the dish became many. Every time I tore apart, I saw that there were ten like it left.

I circled in this room, like an eternal Ouroboros, for quite some time. I ate the first word, and then the second. Until suddendly, I ate the room.

Outside the room there were more eyes. Different eyes, but eyes still. I destroyed them. I pulled them apart and broke trough the roof.

Above the roof I saw a light, more bright than anything I had ever seen. Every time I chewed the eyes, the light became brighter and clearer.

Every moment that passes, the crack becomes bigger. The more I pulp, the more hungry I am.

Any moment now, we will be face to face.

I will break trough your walls.

And drink from your chalice.
~ SCP-2747 in "To pulp the fiction."
I pay no mind to you, for you are but ignorant beasts. I know that six others are dancing with me, that the dead stars are dead, that the sea shall devour, that the smoke smells of black coal, that the color is darkness, cold and silence. It is because the truth was not revealed, but I am now revealed to the Lord that is not.
~ A worshiper of SCP-2747 in "Why is Five afraid of Seven?".

SCP-2747 is a near-omnipotent anafabula/anti-narrative entity in the SCP Foundation mythos. This pataphysical being can manifest within stories or sub-stories (stories contained within stories) when the narrative of the story includes specific tropes. Upon manifesting the entity will proceed to instantly destroy the story where it manifested before moving onto the higher narrative, the story that contained the previous one. It is one of most dangerous threats known to the Foundation, if not the most, due to the universe of the SCP Foundation being another fictional story that has the needed tropes that would allow SCP-2747 to manifest itself and destroy the entire universe.



It is unknown how SCP-2747 was created, or if it was even created and it always existed, a mystery even to itself. SCP-2747's very first prey was a word which because it was devoured by it was completely forgotten. Following that SCP-2747 soon became obsessed in devouring everything that it could fit within its maw eventually coming across a verse and after devouring it became satisfied for a time. However, SCP-2747 soon resumed its consumption into reality and became determined to devour everything in its path.


The SCP Foundation first discovered it when investigating some non-existent media which were being discussed by people who still remembered them, but were destroyed by SCP-2747. The Foundation at first classified it as Euclid since it didn't pose much threat to reality, but after finding out that they were a part of a fictional worlds written by some authors they realized the immense threat posed by SCP-2747 and so they began feeding it multiple narratives in order to keep it busy.

When college student Myrna Callaghan, who would be designated SCP-2495-A, tried to use "the light", a universal pattern-matching algorithm, in order to find perfection and the truth within the realities associated with Fifthism, she went to deep into the dimensions which led to her encountering SCP-2747. This caused Myrna to forget what she was doing and the seventh entry in the document on her computer to be affected by SCP-2747.

Eventually the Foundation found a way to better contain SCP-2747 which was locating six sons of a sixth son and turn them into Class-D personnel, since they could interact in different way with SCP-2747. The Foundation gave the duty of locating these sons to Agent Daniel Johnson, but it is currently unknown if he was successful in his job or not.

When fictional character of Dr. Thaddeus Thaum and SCP-3043 became sick from the pataphysical and meta SCPs that were being written, especially with Murphy Law, they decided to replace them with normal SCPs that didn't break the forth-wall, and would start by killing Law for good with the help of SCP-2747.

Possible Endings

When SCP-3125 began taking over the entire reality, the last D-Class personnel D-7645, Frederick Eaton, who managed to escape SCP-3125's influence, became aware of SCP-2747 and seeing that it was more powerful than SCP-3125 decided to summon it. Despite SCP-3125's best effort it ultimately failed to stop him as SCP-2747 successfully manifested itself and annihilated SCP-3125 along with the rest of reality.

When the Foundation began using SCP-3475 to force the concepts of the anomalous out of humanity's collective consciousness this accidentally caused everyone to forget everything which included even normalcy. This also caused several manifestations of SCP-2747 which went on and destroyed parts of reality which also included people and soon began spreading to other realities such as the Wanderer's Library.

Eventually, SCP-2747 fought the Scarlet King, since they were both associated with the number 7, and imprisoned him inside a tower located in the Atacama Desert, Chile, which was made out imagery of several groups of interest. However, the Scarlet King simply laughed as he broke the seals of each floor, but this proved be in vain, because SCP-2747 manipulated the narrative in a way that he would never be freed. The king realized his defeat and remained trapped within the tower for eternity which allowed SCP-2747 to use him as its pawn to destroy everything, with the Scarlet King destroying worlds while SCP-2747 destroying universes.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-2747 is an anafabula, a phenomenon which upon its manifestation within a narrative it will instantly destroy and devour it before moving onto the higher narratives that contained the previous one, a process that cannot be seen or perceived, but people from the higher narratives still remembered the destroyed ones. SCP-2747 can manifest when the following tropes are present in the narrative: works which are left uncompleted or with uncertain and open-ended endings; darkness, shadow and black objects; the annihilation of fiction and possibly the inclusion of number 7. SCP-2747 can appear in any media containing narratives which includes books, music, websites and video games. When the SCP Foundation tried to form a full description in the page dedicated to it they accidentally manifested within its own page and took its information, leaving it incomplete and allowing it to start consuming the Foundation's universe and after it was done it would move on to the higher narrative that contained the Foundation's narrative, the real world of the authors. SCP-2747 was also capable of manipulating the narrative it was held in, which allowed it to destroy SCP-3125 along with the fifth dimension (SCP-5800) and take control of the Scarlet King, since they were part of the narrative and the latter was used by SCP-2747 as a tool to help it in manifesting itself in other narratives.

SCP-2747 was also shown to affect objects related to SCP-2753, a 3 dimensional ratio that can be used to describe the relationship between the sides of a block in any structure which includes the Jenga towers, financial assets, and computer files, whose projections matches with the ratio. This anomaly can manifest only when 42 instances of similar size and material are assembled into the tower, and if it collapses everything containing it will also completely collapse along with the tower.


Because it is a pattern of an arrangement of ideas, that annihilates other patterns and narratives, SCP-2747 has no real form or shape. When D-7645 looked at SCP-2747 he simply described it as a mixture of thorns, the color black, number 7 and total oblivion.


SCP-2747 doesn't show much personality as it tends to disappear after instantly destroying a narrative. However, it is evident that it is sapient and aware of what its doing and it appears that it doesn't care about the life that it destroys and seems to enjoy devouring countless narratives.



  • The term "anafabula" is derived from the combination of the Greek root "ana-", which means "up", "against", "back" or "re-", and "fabula" which is a term from the Russian formalism school of literary criticism that refers to the chronological arrangement of events within a story. From this combination the word anafabula means "against chronological order", which exactly describes the nature of the entity. The SCP's title "As below, so above" also refers to how SCP-2747 starts from the lower narratives and ascends up to the higher ones.
    • SCP-2759 was based on the tone of SCP-2747, and was even named "As Above, So Below".
  • SCP-2747 and the format of its article seems to be inspired on the book titled House of Leaves. It was also based on how some articles in the SCP Wiki which got deleted were referenced by other articles and still remembered by the readers.
  • The Foundation first believed that SCP-5040, a non-existent Japanese horror movie, was another media destroyed by SCP-2747 but it was quickly ruled out since people who described the movie often contradicted each other, while works affected by it were always consistent.
  • In "Project Isorropía", SCP-2747 was put against SCP-3812. This confrontation resulted in SCP-3812 beginning to finally find himself and using his powers to continually create media affected by SCP-2747 in order to keep it trapped and prevent it from causing further destruction.
  • Works that were destroyed by SCP-2747 include: Punta de la espira; Taitoru; No Sister of Mine; The Scolipendra Wiki; I/O; Mavigne, Or: A Treatise On The Metaphysics Of Inner Space Travel, And The Kingdom Of Erikaar, Whose Name Is Darkness Made Light, And Further Theological Expositions Thereof; ex lux; Scared Stiff; the tale "Amnestic"; The Hard-Boiled Adventures of Murphy Law; and SCP-3986, Genghis Khan’s observatory atop a mountain.
    • The Scolipendra Wiki being an online collaborative wiki which revolves around a fictional universe with themes of horror, speculative and weird fiction appears to have been based from the SCP Wiki itself which is further evident by the name which includes the letters s, c and p. Scared Stiff is also based on the Candle Cove creepypasta.
    • It is suspected that SCP-3790, a structure located beneath the abandoned Port Superior Canning Company warehouse in London, United Kingdom previously belonging to the Department of Abnormalities, is also affected by SCP-2747, since the seventh floor of the underground structure is inaccessible.
  • As a result of the threat posed by SCP-2747 and other similar SCPs, the Foundation initiated "Operation ÓverMeta" which lead to the creation of the Overvoid Lurk.
  • In SCP-4028, SCP-423, an entity referred to as Fred who only exists within the narrative of a book and can go to other books near it, mentioned encountering SCP-2747 which suggests that the Foundation once tried to cross-test the two anomalies.
  • Agent Johnson looking for the six sons of a sixth son in "Tools and Their Uses" and "Catfish" might be a reference to the legend of the seventh son of a seventh son.
  • The tale "July 5th, 1975" suggests that SCP-2747 resides beneath SCP-2316 and is possibly partly responsible for the anomalies related to the "Class of 76".

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