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The Gashadokuro are a race of malevolent yōkai, native to the whole of Imperial Japan. They will appear at night, out of the darkness, and seek the blood of men. Conventional weaponry is entirely useless against the Gashadokuro, and they can only be banished by the morning sun, or by the bright lights of human creation.
~ A piece of a translated entry of the SCP.

SCP-2863, also known as Gashadokuro, are an antagonistic Keter-class SCP documented by the SCP Foundation. Due to the ghostly, spectral and vanishing nature of the SCP, containing them is impossible.

SCP-2863 is a collection of many hostile, giant and spectral human skeletons that feed on the blood of living humans. They are based off of the "Gashadokuro" of Japanese mythology, which means "starving skeleton" in English. In the mythology and SCP mythos, these skeletons are created from mass death - the bones of many deceased people.

The SCP was originally monitored by an agency known as the IJAMEA until the agency's dissolution. The monitoring of the SCP is now done by Mobile Task Force Omnicron-3.


The spectral skeletons manifest themselves into existence within Japanese borders only after sunset. If any instances are caught in light brighter than 1.1 lux, they lose their solidity. Due to their spectral nature, they cannot be photographed. Once they appear, they will stalk any living humans they can find, capture them, bite their heads off and drink their blood.

Despite being skeletons, the instances will still gain some sort of nutrition from their victim's blood. The blood will be absorbed into the SCP instances' bones. If anyone attempts to interrupt an instance while it's feeding, it will become extremely hostile against that person.

A translated transcript reveals more detail on the origins of SCP-2863/Gashadokuro, explaining that they are malevolent yōkai, native to Imperial Japan. Standard weaponry doesn't affect the Gashadokuro, as only the Sun or bright lights can stop them. Massive amounts of death are what create the SCP, being a concentration of the suffering of hundreds of people. Their curse remains for hundreds of years "until their sorrow has diffused", and that there is no way to speed up the process.

A "Shinto ritual" can banish a Gashadokuro, but it cannot remove one permanently, as it can still reappear later.

The first documentation of SCP-2863 was SCP-2863-204 which began in January 1938 near Nanjing, China. Though it didn't come to the SCP Foundation's attention until 1946. That instance had damage on its pelvis, skull and ribs. SCP-2863-205 was cataloged in 1954, far east of Fukuoka City, with that instance having severe burns on its entire skeletal structure and emits low levels of gamma radiation.

SCP-2863-206 appeared on March 15, 2011 offshore east of Tōhoku, Japan. This instance had a lack of teeth, with damage to the back of the skull. The instance was seemingly killed or taken down, but reappeared offshore three times after this.


The Gashadokuro are absolutely bloodthirsty creatures that either ignore the chance to communicate or is simply unable to, making it a mystery if they sentient or not. Every single attempt to communicate with an instance of SCP-2863 has failed, as every instance is far too hostile. They are also too hostile to be enlisted into any of type of militia, due to their unpredictable and wild nature.


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