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My door opened, and I hear singing. Will go up to check on the light messenger, the true courier of light, he's here! Ananias, are you calling me? Extraction isn't needed, I'm filled with energy. I'm coming up to see you now.
~ A document found on the tenth floor of SCP-2940.

Ananias, also known as the Light Bringer, or SCP-2940-B in the SCP mythos. It is an Alecto-Class entity that was one of the many Demiurges that resided in Eden before the Event Nachash. He was a member of the infamous group, the "Furies of Eden", that were expelled from Eden and crucified. He has since lost all touch with reality, and is currently used as "the light bringer" for one of Light Courier Enterprises' projects before being classified as an SCP.


Ananias was once a Demiurge that took the form of a white gyrfalcon and lived in peace with his fellow Demiurges in the Garden of Eden many years ago, and was apart of the Honorable class, the lowest but still respected caste in Eden. He befriended a pair of scholars, Willow and Salix, and before Event Nachash happened he helped them with an anomalous artifact to become Josephine's servants. Unfortunately, after Event Nachash, Eden was divided in a civil war, with the Furies and the Loyalists fighting against each other due to the Furies wanting to kill their maker for punishing them that they would suffer the effects of, but not die from hunger and disease.

The Loyalists won the war, and the Furies were all banished from Eden and crucified, including Ananias, who was forced into human form as an additional punishment, as well as cut several times across his chest. This torture drove him insane until he was unable perceive reality correctly. Many years later, an anomalous organization whose goal was to make money called Light Courier Enterprises found Ananias and decided to use him in their newest project: an underground bunker where the residents can never get out as there is no escape to begin with, although they would be provided with the food and water necessary to survive.

One thing that Light Courier Enterprises did not foresee was Ananias's presence caused a big temporal projection anomaly to occur within the bunker, as his presence actually caused the floors to split apart and slowly degrade the entire bunker, as well as unfortunate occupants. This caused 10 total floors to appear, with 46 days passing between each floor, with things being more chaotic as they go down, although these were really only fragments of the bunker's reality leaking into this world. By the tenth floor, Ananias has fully regained his senses via the occupants of the bunkers and is forcing the occupants to experience their lives indefinitely.

The SCP Foundation discovered data logs belonging to an employee from Light Courier Enterprises which described how Ananias's presence affected the residents in more detail: first the water quality going bad, the terminal blinking out, and then actual floors beginning to appear despite there only originally being one. The logs end eerily with the employee saying that he will go upstairs to check on Ananias, the "true courier of light". Currently, all ten bunker floors are sealed off to the public eye and monitored by the SCP Foundation.

Behavior and Procedure

Due to Ananias's reality warping abilities, as well as him being a member of the dreaded Furies, the SCP Foundation is very cautious around him and puts security measures to ensure that the general public eye does not know about the bunker by disguising their observation post as a suicide watch post. The Foundation has also considered more security measures due to them questioning whether Ananias will try to escape or not, as he is gradually realizing reality.

Throughout each floor (which is a groundhog day loop that shows how the residents are doing between every 46 days they lived in the bunker,) Ananias is completely apathetic in the first floor, paying no attention to anything, but extremely hostile in the 9th floor and constantly pummeling on the door that the researchers cannot access said floor. As time passes, Ananias begins to gradually realize everything by observing the residents, as he seems to remember his previous life and friendships with Willow and Salix. Ananias appears to be getting more distressed as time passes, going on to kill and attack the bunker residents, as well as glowing more brightly.


In his SCP file, Ananias was described as being "eloquent and confident, possessing an uncanny intuition that often saves others more than himself," as well as having Personality type Omega. Ananias seemed to be on very good terms with Willow, Salix, and Josephine, as he used an anomalous artifact to write up a contract between the trio so his friends could serve Josephine and leave Eden. Ananias most likely hated the Maker and wanted him dead after Event Nachash, although this was understandable as the Maker's punishment had caused many of the Honorables to suffer from starvation.

After his crucifixion, Ananias seemed to lose all of his sense and perception of reality, as he was just an apathetic shell for a while. After Light Courier Enterprise's interference, Ananias seemed to regain his sense as he became much more aggressive and distressed. Due to Ananias being a Demiurge, this caused a huge reality leak/temporal anomaly to occur in the bunker.


Before Ananias became SCP-2490-B, he resembled a handsome white gyrfalcon. After being forced into a human shell and crucified, Ananias now resembles a naked humanoid man with large wings instead of arms protruding from his shoulders and a skull for a head that gives off a hot white light when he becomes aggressive. SCP-2490-B's chest also has many lacerations that leak a black liquid substance.


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