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SCP-2999, also known as The Black Cat and the White Rabbit, is the name given to two separate Euclid SCP's. The two originate from the first floor of the Prometheus Labs, and they are labeled as SCP-2999-A and SCP-2999-B.



SCP-2999-A appears to be a text file of 5.17KB titled 'Sarah_Crowely.txt'. Inside the text file, ASCll appears to be arranged in a Celtic knot, that represents a face of a hare with two letter 'V' that is found on its upper portion that represents its fangs. While on its lower portion, twelve characters appear as '[DATA EXPUNGED]', that appears to be very critical components to the SCP's properties. Once SCP-2999-A can very quickly change its file location, make its own folders & files, deny its deletion, open, close, duplicate its self. It even can speak through the speakers.

The SCP-2999-A can totally replace the device's operating system, and it will totally replace the hardware's previous system in 24 hours, making it impossible to get inside ever again. SCP-2999-A also make's other hardware's connected to the operating system, totally unable to use. If a device is old, it would get way harder for SCP-2999-A for taking over the device, and the results state that SCP-2999-A might lose its anomalous properties.

Once SCP-2999-A finished replacing the operating system, it starts totally personalizing the desktop. Adding its own documents, images, applications, other files and replacing the background photo. It is anonymous where did SCP-2999-A place the files, numerous of the files have been authored by Prometheus Labs. The files are mainly about SCP-2999-A's life restore and anomalous, while the background appears to be a pale-skinned humanoid, which has a mixture of a white rabbit.


SCP-2999-B was actually created by SCP-2999-A. The SCP appears to be a skeleton of a cat, that is held together by leather straps, black tape, and superglue.

The SCP-2999-B makes changes with video equipment when they are in use. it would add its own subtitles in the video, and any person that is seen in the video, SCP-2999-B would totally change the person's appearance. The subtitles are used by SCP-2999-B only for communication, while all other changes appear to be totally involuntary. If SCP-2999-B is filmed, it would totally change its appearance, making itself look totally disfigured and grotesque.

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