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...and only the eel remains.
~ A Foundation diver after encountering SCP-3000.

SCP-3000 (sometimes referred to as Anantashesha, or simply The Eel) is a monster appearing in the SCP mythos, which is implied to be one of the Old Gods, and the brother of the Serpent from the Wanderer's Library. Its object class is Thaumiel due to being a valuable asset to the Foundation.


Possible Origins

SCP-001 (Tufto's proposal)

SCP-3000 originally was in actuality a normal, albeit extremely long eel unrelated to the Hindu god Anantashesha. However, when people first discovered it they believed that the creature was the deity, and so similar to the Scarlet King, the eel became Anantashesha through the power of human belief.


SCP-3000 was discovered by the SCP Foundation in 1971 off the coast of India after the mysterious disappearance of two Bangladeshi fishing boats and fifteen crew members. They quickly sealed off the area and put the Aztak Protocol into place.

Initial Contact

Three divers, Alpha, Bravo, and Foxtrot, were tasked with making contact with SCP-3000. The mental effects of contact with SCP-3000 began to take effect when the divers began to refer to each other by the incorrect name, with Alpha attempting to talk to a deceased member of Foundation staff. Bravo became unable to see, and soon became temporarily unresponsive. Foxtrot suffered a headache before beginning to ramble and stating that "only the eel remains". The three divers began to become delusional and all but Bravo were eaten by SCP-3000. Bravo requested to stay behind and remained alive for three days before being presumably killed by SCP-3000.


The area in which SCP-3000 resides is sealed off and regularly patrolled by Foundation personnel. No civilians are permitted to enter the area, and personnel must seek permission before having contact with this SCP. The Foundation submarine SCPF Eremita is tasked with carrying out the Aztak Protocol to extract Y-909 from the creature. Aztak consists of the Eremita feeding D-Class personnel to SCP-3000, causing SCP-3000 to excrete Y-909. Divers will then be dispatched to collect the substance during 3000's digestive process.

Anantashesha theory

Dr. Venkat Krishnamoorthy of the Foundation, after an encounter with SCP-3000 permanently affected his cognition, became convinced that the creature was the Hindu deity Anantashesha. Anantashesha is said to be the king of serpents, and will live past the end of time. Supposedly, when all is ended Anantashesha will still linger on. Dr. Krishnamoorthy was so horrified by this prospect that he committed suicide by feeding himself to SCP-3000.

Shortly after Dr. Krishnamoorthy's death, his colleague Dr. Mannava realised that his memories were being affected by his contact with SCP-3000. He began to remember things that never happened to him, and discovered that he was remembering things from Dr. Krishnamoorthy's past. This led him to finally discover the truth about SCP-3000:

Something about it, some latent part of its creation, abhors cognition. It breaks down human consciousness and scatters the part of us that we believe is a soul until all that remains is what we really are: electrical signals that will some day become inert.

Dr. Mannava later entered a vegetative state after deliberately ingesting a large quantity of Y-909.


SCP-3000 is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity that strongly resembles a giant moray eel (Gymnothorax javanicus). The full size of SCP-3000 is impossible to determine, but is estimated to be roughly between 600 and 900 kilometers in length. Its head measures roughly 2.5m in diameter and sections of the body proper are as large as 10m in diameter. As it eats its prey, it excretes a black substance known as Y-909 that the Foundation uses to make amnestics.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-3000 is typically a sedentary creature, only moving its head during feeding or in response to stimuli, while the body rarely moves at all. Despite this, it moves extremely quickly to kill its prey. SCP-3000 appears to have psychic abilities, as demonstrated when a Foundation agent named Williams was exposed to it and began smashing his head against the submarine window before dying while whispering "There's nothing".


I… I believe that SCP-3000 is Anantashesha. I believe that this… this aberration, this treachery against cognition, is the result of us being in the presence of a god.
~ Venkat Krishnamoorthy
I do not think that the eel is Anantashesha. I don't think it would matter if it was. What is clear to me now, as I feel myself coming apart, is not that the eel is some mythological creature, or divine serpent. Perhaps it's just a primitive creature that eluded us, holding no malice; perhaps it really is a primordial deity, harboring resent beneath the surface. The eel is not the harbinger of my demise, or humanity's doom. The eel is not the end of all things, it only shows us what the end looks like.
~ Dr. Anand Mannava





  • In "AFTERLIFE OPHIDIAN /// The Foundation Over Heaven", SCP-3999 is alluded as the opposite of SCP-3000.

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