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Five hundred years ago, I saw a two-legged species with limitless potential, and I made it mine.
~ SCP-3003-2 speaking through a humanoid host.

SCP-3003-2, is a self-aware virus that takes place on a Keter-class SCP planet that is documented by the SCP Foundation known as SCP-3003. Though the planet by itself is classified as Keter, the virus in itself is not given a classification, though it's very likely it shares the Keter class as well, as it cannot be fully contained.

SCP-3003-2 is a highly contagious virus that takes the form of a eukaryotic single-celled organism. It spreads to SCP-3003-1, which are beetles that reside on the planet SCP-3003. The beetles are referred to as "Marce". The Marce will then spread the virus to SCP-3003-3, which are human-like beings on SCP-3003.



Exactly where SCP-3003-2 came from or how it was formed on SCP-3003 is unknown, but research shows some evidence of how it evolved. However, a single instance told a Foundation doctor that SCP-3003-2's history of taking humanoid hosts started five-hundred years ago. As mentioned before, SCP-3003-2 is a eukaryotic single-celled organism originating from the planet SCP-3003.


SCP-3003-2 will do anything it can to spread itself, and it does this mainly through SCP-3003-1, exoskeletal beetles known as "Marce", that are genetically similar to beetles found on Earth. Once SCP-3003-2 has infected an instance of SCP-3003-1, the beetle's behavior will change greatly, as it grow a new stinger, and will become focused on spreading SCP-3003-2 to others, namely to SCP-3003-3 instances, which are human-like beings on the planet, that are nearly visually indistinguishable from humans on Earth.

Marce beetles, once infected by SCP-3003-2, will wait until nightfall, and will inject a muscle weakening compound into the host, as well as SCP-3003-2 itself. In SCP-3003-3, -2 will colonize itself within the tissue of the brain and form neuron-like cells.


One of the most notable features of SCP-3003-2 infection is its ability to change the behavior and thought-patterns of the host, being both the Marce beetles and the humanoids of SCP-3003. When either instance is infected, they will develop an obsession for prolonging the lives of the Marce (which, by extension, prolongs the lives of SCP-3003-2 as well), and will not be concerned with self-preservation unless that in itself plays a role in assisting the Marce.

Any line of thought against helping SCP-3003-1 are avoided. Emotions are also suppressed, and if emotions are displayed, they are exaggerated.

Once SCP-3003-2 are set up inside an instance of SCP-3003-3, they cannot reproduce. This means that further injections of SCP-3003-2 must be made for the virus' behavior to stay active in a humanoid host. Once all SCP-3003-2 cells die in a humanoid host, the host will recover in roughly two years after this.


Being a collection of microscopic organisms, they aren't able to communicate directly. They can, however, speak through a humanoid host that SCP-3003-2 has taken over. It is unclear what the true intentions of SCP-3003-2 are, whether it's to keep itself going by instinct or selfishness, or if it makes itself part of hosts because it thinks its helping them is unknown.

The technology on SCP-3003 is very advanced compared to ours, and the acquiring of such technology may very well be made possible due to the existence of SCP-3003-2.

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