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Autopsy results revealed Vine B had entered a small hole next to the face plate on Personnel D-104's insulating body suit. Personnel's body was found to be in a state similar to that of the mouse described in Document 307-A. No internal structure aside from skeleton could be found, replaced by an elaborate network of roots, all connected to a seed located in D-104's skull. A pair of shoots had begun to sprout in the direction of the eye sockets. D-104 was summarily incinerated.
~ Description of SCP-307's human victim

SCP-307, also known as spider ivy, is a Keter-class anomaly partially under the containment of the SCP Foundation.


SCP-307 is a hitherto unknown type of vine, referred to as "spider ivy" by Foundation personnel, known to inhabit parts of North America. It was first discovered by Foundation agent Apocalemur after he witnessed a sample of the plant attacking a nest of robins. Further investigation into the plant found that it was immune to all forms of poisoning and attacked any warm-blooded creatures in the vicinity before paralyzing them and liquefying all organs and muscles before draining them.

The Foundation's policy towards SCP-307 is to burn all samples on sight, as it multiplies rapidly when in the presence of prey. However, one specimen is kept in the organization's custody for investigation into the possibility of developing a biological agent to destroy other SCPs.

SCP-307 was initially classed as Euclid, however, it was upgraded to Keter after an incident where two vines (designated Vine A and Vine B) breached containment and killed a member of Foundation personnel.


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