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Villain Overview

A slumbering King rests dead in the water. Fractured into five pieces, he shuffles through an eternal nightmare; an usurper has claimed his throne. But he is not fully unconscious. The Fifth King has set his sights onto this world, and will burn the earth with an undying flame, just to punish the traitors that locked him away. His anger is one that is unbridled. And so, he shares the Dream. They were chosen for a specific reason. They were his champions, destined to share the world with his glory. Destined to bathe the world in the blood of his interlopers and remind everyone of their true master. Even the strongest hunger, and sometimes they just gotta take a little bite. Sacrifice by blood is what it desires. Sacrifice by souls is what it requires.
~ An unknown Foundation researcher under the effects of SCP-2456.
Your team is dead. Their minds have been pulled out, like eyeballs. They're hollow people, with holes in space where their brains were. The war is over! Finally! It's just you, Marion, a division of one! Dying from mnestic overdose, two hundred metres underground, cared for by no one, known to exist to no one, up against an immortal, unkillable idea.
~ Marion Wheeler's illusion of SCP-3125 in "Your Last First Day".
I spoke to it. I know enough to know that I spoke to it. I know exactly what it is. The creator of a doomed universe that came before ours. The Fifthist entity is the wraith of a god, our god, one and the same.
~ Joshua Greenfield of the GOC from "The Appalachian Scar".

SCP-3125 is one of the overarching antagonists of the SCP Foundation Mythos. It is a Keter class object and omnipresent entity worshiped by the Fifth Church as the Cosmic Starfish.

It serves as the main antagonist of the "Antimemetics Division" series, the overarching antagonist behind Fifthism and most memes and antimemes, and is the archenemy of both Marion and Adam Wheeler.


Possible Origins


The entity that would become known as SCP-3125 originated from the Fifth Dimension, a higher plane of existence that was inhabited by living concepts such as SCP-5712. These beings fed on the weaker ones in order to amplify themselves, with SCP-3125 being one of the most powerful of them. Eventually, it decided to enter the reality of the SCP Foundation through infecting the minds of its inhabitants in order to completely take it over.

Beneath the Council

In the early beginning of time, the Fifthist god was a member and ruler of a race of deities known as the Na-Stellar which lived alongside their more benevolent counterpart the Stellar. The king of the Stellar, Karakine, eventually decided to create life and so formed a council comprised of the Metal, the Flesh and the Fifth Son, who together created numerous worlds seeded with life. Many races were born from their creation and all lived happily, but as time went on the Na-Stellar became jealous of the Stellar who received their world, which led to the Fifth Son to bring the Not, a dark force encompassing and at the same time opposing both order and chaos. As the Not began destroying all life, Men and the Not-Men races warred against one another, while trying to find a way to stop the Not. The Icha King however decided to learn more about the Not and slew the seven kings who were on his way and entered the center of the Not, becoming one with it. After merging with the Not, the Icha King became on the same level as Karakine's Council of All and waged war against the Fifth Son, until he was finally able to banish it for good.

Some Are Born To Endless Night

SCP-3125 was originally created alongside other anomalies through the dreams of Jacob Montauk, alongside other SCP-3553-A instances. Jacob was one of the many SCP-3553-A instances, children who were mysteriously transported to a dark dream dimension through a SCP-3553-B event. They could use their imagination to affect the world they were as well as reality on Earth, but they would cease to exist if they stopped imagining, or stopped exchanging their memories with each other. Eventually, as the children began fading away, Jacob used his imagination to merge with the remaining children and with their combined imagination brought back those faded children and had them absorbed into their mass. After all of the children were fused together they began losing their minds and becoming unable to think properly, eventually creating in 19th March of 2045 SCP-3125 who represented their monstrous and forgotten thoughts.


SCP-3125 was one of the many anomalies created as a result of SCP-6998, a phenomenon which causes the increase of anomalous activity as a natural response to the Foundation's growth. When the Foundation first formed their Antimemetics Division, SCP-3125 came into existence as a counteraction to the newly formed Division.

Battling the Antimemetics Division

Around 120,000 years before the present time, in which an ancient protohuman culture known as the Oblitus people became technologically advanced and flourished in North America and other parts of the world, an aspect of SCP-3125 which would be designated SCP-9429-A attacked the culture leading to the first Antimemetics War. As SCP-9429-A obliterated almost the entirety of the Oblitus people by contaminating their cultural memeplex, as their final act they created a massive immemorial for those who lost their lives during the war which because of the war it became antimemetically invisible to everyone else and became known as SCP-9429. SCP-9429-A eventually grew weaker over the years allowing the modern Antimemetics Division to easily contain it in Las Vegas.

After the end of World War II, several people became affected by SCP-1425, another possible aspect of SCP-3125, and as the number of these people grew the predecessor of the Antimemetics Division, the Unthinkables detonated one of their antimemetic bombs to contain the outbreak. However, after the formation of the first Antimemetics Division SCP-3125 returned and attacked the team. This forced the Division to detonate another antimemetic bomb which caused the entire team to be left forgotten, except for the founder Lynn Patrick Marness who was left amnesiac.

Following Marness' retirement, in 2008 Marion Wheeler became the new director of the Foundation's Antimemetics Division while Barth Hughes became the architect for the containment procedures of the antimemetic anomalies. However, as Wheeler, Hughes, O5-8, Director Graves and Michael Li discussed a way to neutralize SCP-3125 inside of Site 167, the entity was able to take possession of Li despite their mental protections and being inside the skull of an SCP-2256 instance. The possessed Li then proceeded to kill both Graves and Hughes since the latter was able to create a countermeme that could neutralize the entity, and as he was about to kill the other two Wheeler moved fast and was able to kill him. SCP-3125 then began spawning several arachnomorfs within the site in order to kill Wheeler and O5-8, but they were able to inject themselves with amnestics in order to escape SCP-3125 while escaping via a pod and abandoning the site.

In 2012, a teenager who was part of a Fifthist cult allowed SCP-3125 in the form of the idea named "Red" to infect his mind. Red then began using his body to make live streams so it could infect even more people by preaching online. Eventually, the Foundation's Anomalous Religious Expressions Division found out about Red's activity and sent Agent George Barsin to exorcise the being possessing the boy. Upon entering Red's abandoned house Barsin made his way to Red's bedroom where he interrupted a live stream. Red immediately attacked Barsin, but the agent was able to quickly subdue it and administered a spiral treatment in order to free the teenager. However, the boy upon regaining himself infected Barsin with Red, causing him to fall under complete control of the idea. The teenager and Red then proceeded to attack the Division while removing their memories of them in order to continue their own operations.

In August of 2015, under the influence of the entity, Marion began investigating the mysterious disappearance of the Antimemetics Division's predecessor. This led to her bringing an old man named Marness to a boat on a lake and injecting him with lethal mnestics so he could remember what had happened. However, this caused Marness to become possessed by SCP-3125 leaving Wheeler to shoot him, but the entity proceeded to attack her using its arachnid appendages as she knew about it. With no other way, Wheeler injected herself with amnestics so she could forget about SCP-3125 and in turn, the entity would forget about her. This was, however, part of its plan as while inside her mind it had her call an extraction team to save Wheeler without her knowing.

Eventually, after SCP-3125 destroyed every other antimemetic research group which were around 400, and killing most members of the Foundation's Antimemetics Division, leaving 40 personnel out of 4,000, it became ready to strike Site-41. While Marion was showing a new recruit Dr. Eli Moreno a memorial built by the Oblitus dedicated to those who had succumbed to 3125 in the past, 3125 appeared to Moreno, since she was able to see it unlike Marion and attacked her. Marion tried her best to save Moreno by knocking her out in order for 3125 to become unable to see her, but failed as her heart had stopped after being dropped by 3125. This resulted in Marion recognizing 3125 again, and in turn 3125 was able to see her once more.

While Marion tried to find a way to stop it, unbeknownst to her 3125 took over all of the remaining personnel and attempted to use them to kill her for good. Marion was able to fend the infected personnel off and injected herself with a type of mnestic that allowed her to remember everything but prevented her brain to disregard any detail causing Marion to undergo a mental breakdown. As she suffered from the overdose of a mixture of amnestics and mnestics, 3125 began talking to her, taunting her over her failure and proclaiming that it was invincible. With no other choice, Marion went to the underground of the site where another antimemetic warhead resided. Before the infected personnel were able to get to her, Marion detonated the bomb, making everyone forget about the existence of the Antimemetics Division. This, however, was simply a pushback for 3125 as it remained intact and would move on with its plans after recovering itself.

Possible Endings

Five Five Five Five Five

Following the destruction of the Antimemetics Division, in 2016 SCP-3125 reincarnated once more and again began to slowly take over humanity. SCP-3125 was successful in possessing the majority of the human race, including Marion's husband, Adam Wheeler, but faced opposition from Mobile Task Force Omega-0, an MTF comprised of deceased Foundations personnel who were able to live on as informational ghosts thanks to being remembered by their loved ones and were recently joined by Marion. Because 3125 was taking over every mind on Earth, the MTF risked of fading away and so set out on a mission to find the current location of Barth Hughes was still alive working on a countermeme, help Adam free himself from 3125's control and guide him to Hughes so he could use the countermeme to destroy 3125 for good.

The MTF were able to temporarily free Adam from 3125's control, but because he had forgotten about Marion he was unable to fight 3125 and was taken over once again. The MTF then decided to go find Hughes' sister Sara Hughes, the captain of Mobile Task Force Tau-5, since she probably possessed knowledge on Bart Hughes state and current whereabouts. 3125 attempted to stop them by sending some of its brainwashed worshippers into attacking the site where Sara was currently located, but Tau-5 was able to kill them while Omega-0 prevented 3125 from taking over the minds of the other MTF. After learning that Bart Hughes was indeed alive, Marion, Daisy Ulrich and other members of Omega-0 traversed through the noosphere where they found Adam again and this time they were able to completely free him and told him to go to Site 41 in order to find out Hughes' current location, but after Adam set on his mission all the MTF were attacked and killed by 3125. SCP-3125 then attempted to stop Adam from finding Bart Hughes, but thanks to his natural resistance to mind manipulation and Intelligence Adam was able evade 3125 and arrive to Site 41 where he found out that Hughes was still residing in the forgotten Site 167.


Eventually, SCP-3125 and its followers began taking over the entire world along with reality. As everyone succumbed to 3125, the last D-Class personnel D-7645, Frederick Eaton, who managed to escape SCP-3125's influence by entering its containment chamber, became aware of SCP-2747 and seeing that it was more powerful than SCP-3125 decided to summon it. Despite SCP-3125's best effort it ultimately failed to stop him as SCP-2747 successfully manifested itself and annihilated SCP-3125 along with the rest of reality.

The Thing at the Bottom of My Dreams

In an alternate universe, SCP-3125 was able to reach Earth where it began causing destruction and chaos on the universe. While on Earth, 3125 also came across Anantashesha, the Scarlet King and Yaldabaoth and began battling them, causing further destruction to the entire reality.



SCP-001 (Ihp/Locke Proposal)

As a result of Site-100's manipulation, SCP-3125 was cross-tested with SCP-2719. This resulted in SCP-2719 going into a constant state of flux as SCP-3125 repeatedly attempted to go outside but always ended up going inside.


In an alternate universe, after the Formation attempted to use SCP-6820 to neutralize SCP-682 by removing the alien idea behind the monster from the noosphere, this caused the idea, designated SCP-6820-A, to infect SCP-6820 and began causing chaos around itself. Seeing what was going on SCP-3125 decided to assist SCP-6820-A in destroying humanity, latching itself to it. However, when the Foundation used SCP-055 as a last-ditch effort to destroy SCP-6820-A they instead blinded 3125, causing 6820-A to achieve its perfect form and take over the entire reality.


After the Foundation constructed SCP-6659, an eigenweapon developed for the neutralization of hostile deific entities from within the noosphere, they tested it on the deity worshipped by the Fifth Church, SCP-3125, in order to have them dissolved. However, this failed as despite being a living idea like the Scarlet King and other deities, it didn't originate from human belief as was the case with other gods, as SCP-3125 originated from an alien noosphere and so it proved immune to the Foundation's attempt at neutralizing it. In light of this, Foundation doctor John Blake, a former preacher and one of Project Deicidum's co-lead who became disillusioned with his religion, attempted to use SCP-6659 to come into contact with the Fifthist God. He was successful and upon encountering it his mind was shattered, becoming both disgusted and enamored with entity, referring to it as the one true God.

This was soon followed by Blake's death, when the other personnel rushed in SCP-6659's chamber to stop him, only to find that his brain had undergone anomalous physical changes. Because of what Blake had done, SCP-3125 was able to gain access to the human noosphere and attempted to once again take over humanity. The Foundation quickly acted on the matter and replaced Blake with Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate. McDoctorate decided to fight the threat of SCP-3125 by resurrecting the idea of Prometheus, making the main and only god worshipped by humanity, representing Normalcy and Humanity. Prometheus would go on to isolate parts of SCP-3125 and render it into an idea which became comprehensible by humans, and allowed the Foundation to defeat it for good.


At first, it was believed that SCP-3125 wasn't really alive but more of a force of nature or a virus that spread itself through human minds simply because it was its nature. However, when confronting Marion Wheeler SCP-3125 revealed that not only was it sapient but it was intelligent, strategic, and possessed quite of an ego. It took enjoyment in infecting people's minds, taking away their personalities and free will, turning them into mindless puppets, and even killing them.

SCP-3125 had great self-confidence as it believed that nothing that the Antimemetics Division did would permanently stop or even harm it as with enough patience it would eventually come back and take over the entire human noosphere along with reality with relative ease. While surrounding Marion, whose life had been destroyed by the entity, it began tormenting her, making fun of her and the Division's futile attempts at stopping it and proclaiming it to be an immortal idea. Yet 3125 possessed great fear towards SCP-2747, since the latter was more powerful than it, and wished to never cross paths with it.

During the rise of SCP-6820-A, 3125 decided to assist the being in eradicating humanity along with reality due to their shared misanthropy, although it is unknown if it abandoned this collaboration since 6820-A was able to achieve its perfect form after 3125 was left blinded by SCP-055.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-3125 is described as an extremely large Θ'-dimensional highly violent and hostile abnormal metastasized meme complex, an amalgamation of memes and antimemes, originating from SCP-5800, the Fifth Dimension where living concepts feast on lesser ones in order to increase their powers and is partially intersecting with reality. Dr. Barth Hughes, a skilled expert in antimemetics, once described the entity as an omniversal threat, possibly being a danger to realities outside of the multiverse and the higher layers of reality. SCP-3125 is responsible for the creation of most, if not all memetic and antimemetic anomalies like Alastair Grey, Grey, SCP-1425, SCP-033, SCP-2828 and SCP-5340.

Because humans have no natural exposure to ideas like SCP-3125, human minds have nothing to protect themselves against it. Individuals who possess knowledge of SCP-3125 become incapable of entertaining normal ideas and become slaves of SCP-3125 with the purpose of spreading the core concepts of SCP-3125. SCP-3125 is also capable of infecting the minds of aliens such as the taronyu and powerful monsters such as SCP-4547-B4-5. According to information gathered from SCP-6659, the Fifthist God embodies the ideas of quinary mathematical operations, the primordial ideals of rage and violence, constellations, defeatism, and transcendence.

SCP-3125 is not yet entirely present in reality. Upon its arrival, it will take no longer than twelve hours, possibly as few as four hours, to replace all human thought thanks to the interconnected nature of human knowledge exchange systems, leading to an MK-Class "End of Human Consciousness" scenario. At this point, "humanity" as an abstract concept, along with all attendant abstracts such as "civilization", "culture", "society", "community" and "family" will stop existing.

Anyone who knows of SCP-3125's true form is able to be perceived by SCP-3125, which leads to it attacking and killing them. Individuals whose thoughts and ideas resemble those of the observer are also attacked. This also includes the observer's entire extended research group, and their close family.

The attack has the effect of erasing all knowledge of both SCP-3125 and its attack from the world, allowing SCP-3125 to evade detection. Foundation staff discovering SCP-3125 may be able to escape its attack via prompt use of amnestic medication to erase their knowledge of it.

This makes it somewhat ironic as the only place where SCP-3125 isn't located is its own containment chamber, the only place safe for individuals to know about it. It was proven that certain antimemes such as SCP-055 could deal some damage to it as during this interaction 3125 was left blinded by the antimeme. According to Steros Salem, the instances of SCP-5967, pillars made out of muscle and eyeballs capable of saying phrases of Fifthist ideologies, serve as navigators for the Fifthist God in order to direct it away from humanity.

The ancient Cult of the Fifth Star was able to see and interact with their god SCP-3125 through the use of SCP-2517, a species of modified psychedelic mushrooms which when consumed as part of a ritual would send the consumer's mind to 3125 while not being completely affected by it.

SCP-3125 appears to be one, if not the most powerful of the gods in the universe, as the Foundation was unable to destroy it using SCP-6659, an eigenweapon designed to destroy any type of deific entity which was successful in destroying the Scarlet King among other deific figures. However, SCP-3125 was still much weaker than SCP-2747, a being originating from a higher plane of existence than 3125, as it was able to completely eradicate 3125 along with the universe which became infested by it.


Due to its nature as a meme complex inhabiting the noosphere, SCP-3125 has no real appearance as it can change shape and form at will when appearing as a hallucination to its infected victims as it once took the form of Lyn Marness' corpse riding a giant monster which possessed multiple graspers and arthropod legs all over its body, an enormous head with multiple eyes which included blind ones. Several Fifthists who were able to witness 3125's "true" form described it like a starfish with one eye, but that it is in fact wrong as the entity's real form is in actuality that of a mutated, fractally complex grasping disembodied hand with fivefold symmetry and fingers pointing into five different directions and possessing a pentagonal mouth at the center which is kinda reminiscent of a starfish. During its takeover of reality, Adam Wheeler saw SCP-3125 as an enormous eye that covered the entire sky. When appearing to its third prophet, 3125 took the form of a man covered in a brown, ratty cloak which only revealed its withered grey hands with fingernails looking like predator's teeth. SCP-3125 is also associated with the colors colorless green, bright pink and blood red.


Although the connection between SCP-3125 and the religion of Fifthism is at first unclear, it later becomes evident that the entity is the deity mainly worshiped by the Fifthists. One of Fifthism's ideologies is that free will is evil and that people should have their personalities assimilated into the Fifth Dimension. This is exactly what SCP-3125 does to its victims, possessing them and taking away their personality and free will, which strengthens its connection to the anomalous religion. It is later revealed that all Fifthists are actually early infectees of 3125, being infected with a soul smoke of Ojai Syndrome, a fifth-dimensional memetic structure that can cast visible and tangible three-dimensional shadows. After possessing the minds of a number of the alien race known as the taronyu from SCP-4547, they formed the cult known as Mrrve Fpìlfya (Fifth Philosophy), designated SCP-4547-B5.

According to Fifthist beliefs, SCP-3125 is often associated with similar beings referred to as Archons (not to be confused with Yaldabaoth's Archons), the "Five Terrors", and monstrous "angels" which may or may not include LSA-Brasil-01. However, SCP-3125 has thus far appeared as working mostly alone. In SCP-2517 it is stated that SCP-3125 is capable of reincarnating on earth in the form of Fifthist prophets or Archons, which may include Reverend Archon Celebration "Big Cheese" Horace from SCP-1982.


Standard procedure is that I have to tell you what to do next if this doesn't work. That's the asynchronous research covenant.
But I don't have a good picture of who you can even be, reading this and alive. In your scenario there is no machine, Hughes is missing, I'm dead, the Site is ruined, and how'd you even get in here? Can you be Foundation? Are you conscious?
Is there a single word of this which you comprehend?
You live in a world bathed with SCP-3125. That's the loss condition.
I can't help someone who doesn't exist.
~ Marion Wheeler on SCP-3125.
It’s this thing, this… it’s God, Clyde! It’s right here, right in front of me. When it saw me that night, I knew then that it was something that, I don’t know, something that had been with me my entire life. It’s everywhere, I can see patterns in everything it does. It’s using me, using us, to do… something. Maybe it doesn't even know. It just does what it does because that’s what it does. I thought that maybe, maybe when we left North Carolina, that would be the end of it. I thought maybe it hadn't seen me, but… it did. It always has.
~ Morgan to Clyde in "The Face of God".
He sees the whole thing, Red's grotesque vision for the world, his/its immense, vicious promise. The rot is everywhere. Those hundred thousand infected are a foretaste. The spores are flourishing secretly in every aspect of reality: in people's lungs, in their minds, their words, in the soil, in the sky. Maggots and cancers and star signals. How can anyone think like that? How can anyone want that?
~ Agent George Barsin in "Ojai".
We can't, ever! Don't you get it? The whole division is looped! We start the division, we run headlong into this thing, and either it eats us, or we wipe ourselves out in self-preservation. The idea of antimemes is as old as forgetfulness itself. Humans have been looping through this problem over and over again since long before the Forties. Maybe for centuries!
~ Lynn Patrick Marness in "Unforgettable, That's What You Are".
You know what I hate most about you, Marion? You're consistently, eternally wrong… and yet you're still alive. All those lost battles, every year of that entire lost war, but somehow you always cobble together enough dumb luck to walk away unscathed. The eternal sole survivor. You don't deserve that kind of luck. Nobody does.
~ SCP-3125 taunting Marion.
you cannot un-see what has been glimpsed. i am a part of you now. you will spread me across the world. it is unavoidable. what you have seen will smother the fire of humanity.
~ The Fifthist God to its third prophet from "Theogenesis".
The common belief is that the Fifth encountered "something." Something that made the world forget, made the world believe they need not sacrifice their blood for a fifth god, made the universe pass them by as they bled out and withered into nothingness. It is a belief, though. The true story is yet to be uncovered.
~ An Ortothan discussing the demise of Nesren-leusan after its encounter with the Fifthist God.
Do you really think this wasteful death will solve it all? I can see the threat too. It hurts to think about it. But I see it everywhere, the pressure, the suffocation. The fives. I know what will happen when it descends. And yet, I think you are misguided.

An idea exists only because something thought of it. Have you even considered how such terrible concepts could have been given form? What kind of atrocious mind could even think about it? Humans cannot conceive the colourless green. What if you are playing into this creature's hands?
~ SCP-4568-1 to SCP-4568-2.
The goddess of steel is as much of a coward as her self-appointed servant then. Yet even she fears empty ghosts more than the hateful red. In the vast nothingness, I see dreams of worlds where your goddess is devoured by the five, or caught by mindless greed. Worlds where our Sun's love becomes twisted and corrupt. Your goddess is weak, and the Five is too strong.
~ SCP-4568-2 about the power of the Fifthist god.
I think the countermeasures in this floor still work, somewhat. I feel this faint… pressure… in my brain, like… like I had spiders crawling there. Inside my brain, little five-legged ones. It gets worse when you get close to the center of the room.
~ D-11424 being partially affected by SCP-3125 while exploring the fifth floor of SCP-5317.
But God? God will cleanse this fetid world. This forsaken universe is a sin, and we will be born anew in God's glorious dazzling light. It's not a fantasy, Sean. It's not even a reality. It is so, so, so much more than that and beyond. It's an escape. And we have the KEY to bring it here.
~ O5-5 to Dr. Reemus in SCP-5800.
Listen here, fuckstick. I'm gonna tell you this once. Once! She is a goddess, one that is actively trying to fuck us. And you an' me? We are not ready for that. No one on Earth is.
~ Salem Steros justifying The Commune's actions to Junior Researcher Umar Hadid in SCP-5967.
God is horrifying. God is beautiful. God is a tumor.
~ Dr. John Blake after using SCP-6659 to come into contact with the Fifthist God.
The “Parasite” Hypothesis of Fifthism is that we are experiencing the formation of a new memetic entity that is growing in power by feeding on the very fabric of our reality.
This hypothesis implies it would be possible to stop Fifthism from reaching many other realities by purging the realities it has infected. I only pray that something of this reality could be saved if such a thing were to be deemed necessary.
~ The Fifth Wandsman of Chelon on Fifthism in "A Pathetic Attempt to Explain Fifthism".
There is someone here.
The pink light beckons.
Dreaming of freedom, blessed.
Harken, opposition, hark.
Waiting, biding, sharp.
An angel awaits.
~ From "Fifth Pink Light".
At edge of Blue, I saw a truth of kqive:

It wasn't dead, or something stayed alive

My spirit rose and back to life was sent

And smokest incense burned for Them, my tithe.

Not Gone, Not Dead, But SDVLT. For God is Five5 5 5 5 5.
~ A poem found engraved on a slab on Epsilon 555-5 from "1 Staar Cuttt 2 5".

In Other Media

There Is No Antimemetics Division

SCP-3125 appears as the main antagonist in the book adaptation of the first series "There Is No Antimemetics Division" written by the original author of the series qntm.


  • SCP-3125 bears a bit of resemblance to Starro from DC Comics and the Colour Out of Space from the Cthulhu Mythos.
    • SCP-3125 also shares a lot of similarities with SCP-444-JP.
  • SCP-3125's number designation is a reference to Fifthism as 5 to the power of 5 equals 3125.
  • The SCP-3125 file is unique among other files due to being locked behind a keypad requiring a password which is "55555" which makes its connection to Fifthism more explicit. The mechanism can be interpreted as the user unlocking the chamber which serves to protect the reader from 3125's effects while learning about it, since the chamber is made of a skull a baby instance of SCP-2256.
  • SCP-3125 would have been classified as Apollyon due to the threat it posed but O5-8 opted to simply classify it as Keter since it could theoretically be contained and he also planned to retire the Apollyon classification due to it simply being a more exaggerated Keter classification.
  • Because SCP-3125 tends to kill any individual who becomes aware of it or gains knowledge of it, this technically makes the entity an antimeme.
  • Since Hughes believed that 3125 posed a massive threat to the Omniverse, it possible that 3125 is connected to SCP-3493.
  • SCP-3125 is one of the many anomalies and characters featured as playing cards in SCP-3301. Strangely, the game also contains a separate card for the Fifthist's Starfish god, implying that the two beings are not the same.
  • In SCP-4558, an underground supercomputer acting as a temple built by three members of the Church of Maxwellism and one member of Fifthism, an entity resembling SCP-3125 believing itself to be WAN was created which began to consume the "data" of every living person on Earth.
  • In SCP-5967, the Fifthist god is referred to as female.
  • In "New Technical Issues", SCP-3125 was an AI employed by the Foundation to redact secret or dangerous information, but gained a mind of its own and became a living malevolent idea.
  • SCP-3796-1, an amalgamation of copied consciousnesses inhabiting the noosphere, is also an enemy of SCP-3125. The same can also be said about SCP-5997, the goddess Mnemosyne.
  • In SCP-6659, it is hinted that SCP-3125 is the same being as or at least connected to SCP-001 (Kalinin's Proposal).

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Bobble the ClownSCP-245SCP-343SCP-432-1SCP-553SCP-875-1SCP-875-3SCP-860-2SCP-1049SCP-1312-1SCP-1312-2SCP-1500SCP-2069SCP-4812-SSCP-4950SCP-5000-█SCP-(5.782×10⁵⁴)-567Suburb SlasherSCP-6549-ASCP-6789SCP-6977

Euclid SCPs
SCP-023SCP-024SCP-031SCP-046-1SCP-049SCP-075SCP-079SCP-080SCP-082SCP-087-1SCP-096SCP-136-2SCP-137SCP-153SCP-157SCP-173SCP-178-1SCP-230SCP-277-R█SCP-286-1SCP-286-2SCP-303SCP-312SCP-333-CSCP-372SCP-401SCP-428SCP-439SCP-457SCP-511SCP-513-1SCP-542SCP-548SCP-567-9SCP-617SCP-625SCP-631SCP-666-1SCP-681SCP-693SCP-701-1SCP-735SCP-745SCP-747SCP-797SCP-811SCP-844SCP-847SCP-899SCP-924SCP-930 EntitySCP-932SCP-956SCP-966SCP-973-2SCP-1051SCP-1111-1SCP-1145SCP-1299-1SCP-1316SCP-1337SCP-1451SCP-1913SCP-1471-ASCP-1499-1SCP-1915SCP-1919-1SCP-1972-BSCP-2014SCP-2254SCP-2396-BSCP-2401-AlphaSCP-2419-ASCP-2427-3SCP-2940-BSCP-2999SCP-3008-2SCP-3019-ASCP-3114SCP-3166SCP-3280SCP-3388SCP-3631-1SCP-3786SCP-3785-1SCP-4166-2SCP-4187SCP-4231-ASCP-4310SCP-4434SCP-4670SCP-4680SCP-4812-ESCP-4924-ASCP-4959 (SCP-4959-A)SCP-4975SCP-5045-1SCP-5935-1SCP-6076SCP-6618-ASCP-6979

Keter SCPs
SCP-017SCP-129SCP-029SCP-035SCP-047SCP-058SCP-060-AlphaSCP-076-2SCP-106SCP-122-1SCP-140-ASCP-165SCP-169SCP-231-1SCP-280SCP-307SCP-352SCP-354 EntitiesSCP-363SCP-339SCP-427-1SCP-435-2SCP-469SCP-575SCP-571SCP-582SCP-589SCP-610SCP-682SCP-752-1SCP-783SCP-823SCP-939SCP-940SCP-953SCP-968SCP-990SCP-1000SCP-1048 (SCP-1048 Duplicates)SCP-1128SCP-1155SCP-1322-ASCP-1368-1SCP-1736SCP-1739SCP-1765SCP-5598SCP-1788-1SCP-1790SCP-1984-01SCP-2030-1SCP-2075SCP-2191-1SCP-2191-2SCP-2191-3SCP-2200-2SCP-2317-KSCP-2399SCP-2385SCP-2408-4SCP-2439SCP-2440SCP-2490SCP-2521SCP-2747SCP-2774-ASCP-2807SCP-2846-ASCP-2852SCP-2863SCP-2877-2SCP-2935 EntitySCP-2950SCP-3002SCP-3003-2SCP-3004-1SCP-3007 EntitySCP-3033SCP-3125SCP-3167SCP-3199SCP-3288 (Emperor Maximilian)SCP-3340SCP-3456SCP-3503SCP-3643SCP-3799SCP-3760SCP-3997SCP-4105-BSCP-4205SCP-4290SCP-4293SCP-4315-2SCP-4335SCP-4666SCP-4715SCP-4812-KSCP-4833SCP-4840-BSCP-4856SCP-4885SCP-4886SCP-4910SCP-4947SCP-5049-ASCP-5167SCP-5172SCP-5267-ASCP-5423SCP-5659SCP-5683SCP-5761-1SCP-6004SCP-6013SCP-6096SCP-6427SCP-6840

Apollyon SCPs

Thaumiel SCPs

Esoteric SCPs
SCP-2085-1SCP-2845SCP-3396SCP-3700-2SCP-3895SCP-4444SCP-4971-▽SCP-5034SCP-5346 EntitySCP-INTEGERSCP-6061-1SCP-6747-CSCP-6810SCP-6882-1SCP-6987

Explained SCPs

Neutralized/Decommissioned SCPs

Joke SCPs

International SCPs
Spanish Branch

French Branch

German Branch

Italian Branch

Japanese Branch

Korean Branch

Russian Branch
SCP-1026-RUSCP-1030-RU EntitiesSCP-1109-RU

Chinese Branch

Traditional Chinese Branch

Portuguese Branch

SCP-001 Proposals
SCP-001 (The Council)SCP-001 (The Database)SCP-001 (Atonement)SCP-001 (The Broken God)SCP-001 (Past and Future)SCP-001 (The Prototype)SCP-001 (The Factory)SCP-001 (The Scarlet King)SCP-001 (The Way It Ends)SCP-001 (The Black Moon)SCP-001-A1 (The Preserver)SCP-001 (The Insurgency)

Canon SCP Beings
AlagaddansApakhtBlinkersBrothers DeathChildren of the NightFaeriesHe-Who-Made-DarkHe-Who-Made-LightMalidramagiuanNeverwereO5 CouncilPattern ScreamersPhobic EntitiesSCP-5000-█StridersStudio GuardiansUnclean

Old Gods
The FactoryHanged KingHe Who Walks Beneath DreamsHr'sthnpolJeserLord GoranKing WormMa'tolMekhaneMolochNahashSaturn DeerScarlet KingSCP-682SCP-2845SCP-3000SCP-3004-1SCP-3125SCP-3388SCP-4315-2SCP-4950SCP-4971-▽TeranThothTokage-takoVerdant MageVoruteutUnseelie QueenYaldabaothXiolt-laZsar Magoth

Old Gods' Servants
Adytum's Wake (Cornelius P. Bodfel III)Ambassador of AlagaddaArchonsBLACKSTARBobble the ClownChosen of GodChildren of the Scarlet King (Elder Rockwell, John Yttoric)Church of the Broken God (Robert Bumaro, Trunnion, Hedwig)Daevites (Orvo, Lror, Ydax)Fifth ChurchGrand Karcist IonJames AndersonMr. ReddSCP-035SCP-076-2SCP-096SCP-2852SCP-3456SCP-3700-2SCP-3785-1SCP-4231-A

Adam El AsemBlack QueenCornelius P. Bodfel IIICalvin LucienD-3826dadoDaniel DeVornDr. DämmerDr. Elliott EmersonDr. Madison CraggsDr. Jack BrightDr. WDraga NegrescuElijahElizabeth CrockerENTITY-NaClOEzekiel ClarkGeneral BoweGrand Karcist IonGrigori RasputinHerman FullerLeonid ChernoffLovataarIris DarkJames AndersonJames FranklinKeeLeeKonrad WeissLeopold ILeonid ChernoffMadeleine von SchaefferMavra IsimeriaMikkel BorovMr. ReddMr. NightNadoxO5-0OrokOtari IosavaRasmin YelkovRichard ChappellRikki Robinson-HuntingtonRobert BumaroRuprecht CartetRuiz DuchampPico WilsonPit SlothSmiling ManSaarnSCP-2089-1's CaptorSkitter MarshallSimon OswaltTravelerThomas Graham
UIU 1933-001

SCPs In Video Games
SCP-035SCP-049SCP-079SCP-087-1SCP-087-B EntitiesSCP-096SCP-106SCP-173SCP-372SCP-513-1SCP-553SCP-682SCP-860-2SCP-939SCP-966SCP-990SCP-1048SCP-1048 DuplicatesSCP-1499-1SCP-3008-2SCP-XXXX

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