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SCP-3199, known by the name Humans, Refuted, were formerly categorized as Euclid, now Keter SCP's contained in the SCP-Foundation.



SCP-3199 was originally founded in Ireland, once various reports came claiming that there's a humanoid, bald, creature crying. Two personnel were sent to investigate the creature, which ended in both getting brutally murdered by the creature. SCP-3199 ended up getting transported to the SCP-Foundation, in which more six-personnel ended up being killed by SCP-3199. It's anonymous what is the SCP-3199's biological origin.


As mentioned, SCP-3199 appears to be species of humanoids, though some tissues samples, SCP-3199 has traces of a chicken and chimpanzee. SCP-3199 is totally hairless and it's about 2.9 meters tall. While it weighs over 780 kilograms. The neck of SCP-3199 appears to be totally dislocated. SCP-3199 are considered to be hunters. Their maximum speed is 25 kilometers-per-hour. When SCP-3199 is in a contact with a human or an animal, SCP-3199 would murder and eat the victim.

People claim that SCP-3199 can produce giant-eggs of white color. The eggs are made in their stomachs, which get extracted from their mouths, with blood coming out with the eggs. SCP-3199 create the eggs to fill their space, in which they don't have a limit.


Various personnel wanted to terminate the SCP-3199 from its existence. But at the moment, it's impossible to do so. Because most of the SCP's consist of having at least one egg inside of their stomachs, so they could continuously spread and never get removed from existence.


  • The original picture of SCP-3199 is named the Man-Chicken, illustrated by the American artist Ryan Van Dongen.


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