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SCP-343 is a safe-class SCP under the SCP Foundation's observation. He is believed to be God, and currently resides at Site-17, where SCP-343 is contained voluntarily.

Despite SCP-343's seemingly benevolent nature, he has been shown to have a more malicious side, as he erased a Foundation doctor from existence after the doctor confronted the SCP who caused the doctor's orders to go missing. It is also implied that he may have brainwashed the entire Foundation into serving him.


SCP-343 was discovered by the Foundation in Prague, where a staff member witnessed Him teleport onto a rooftop. He was detained and brought to Site-17. While voluntarily contained in a 20×20 cell, he was interviewed by Site Director Beck, and claimed to be the creator of the universe. When asked to prove it, SCP-343 walked through the wall and returned seconds later with a hamburger.

Due to his apparently harmless nature, all personnel were allowed to speak with SCP-343 at any point. Those with clearance levels lower than Level 3 were initially not allowed to see him, but the guards never bothered stopping them, replying to questioning with "You know he likes the company." The O-5 council later approved a request from Dr. Beck to rotate all Foundation staff through Site-17 to speak to SCP-343, as it approved staff morale.

However, one Foundation doctor was suspicious of SCP-343, suspecting that it intended to brainwash the Foundation for its own unknowable purposes. As such, he ordered for all personnel visiting SCP-343 to be interviewed about their reasons. His orders went missing, and the doctor announced his intention to confront SCP-343 to Dr. Beck. He disappeared afterwards and nobody at the Foundation remembered he existed, implying he was erased from existence by SCP-343.

Other Media

Top 26 Questions To Ask SCP-343

For me, time is something that does not apply. I have always been - I was never created.
~ SCP-343 on his origins.

In this fan-made, non-canon series, SCP-343 is interviewed by a Foundation member. Here, the SCP's physical appearance takes the form of many real-life interpretations of God: an old large man with a white robe, long hair and long facial hair.

SCP-343 is remarkably soft-spoken, friendly and calm in nature. Much like the original SCP mythos, SCP-343 retains his claims of creating the universe and all life within it. When questioned on the two SCP's meant to be Cain and Abel, SCP-343 answers that he "cannot expose the secrets so easily". When questioned about SCP-049, SCP-343 comments that he's a "dark spirit who lost his way" and that "a darkness follows him", even feeling sympathy for SCP-049's existence. When questioned about SCP-682, SCP-343 states that 682 was not created by him, and therefore has no power over it.

At the end of the video, when asked about the mysterious SCP-001, SCP-343 quickly creates an orb of light around himself and disappears.

In a separate video within the same series about SCP-035, both the interviewer and the SCP question the nature of SCP-343. SCP-035 questions why SCP-343 would need to hang around the Foundation when there's a whole universe out there. The interviewer adds that SCP-343 comes off like less of a god and more of a used car salesman, and that he may be "hiding from something".



  • It is unknown if SCP-343 is affiliated with the Old Gods.
  • Despite supposedly being omnipotent, SCP-343 was unable to perceive SCP-682 when placed in a room with it, SCP-682 also seemed to be unable to perceive him as well.

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