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Not Centipedes, commonly known as SCP-363, is a tentacle Keter-classed monster from the SCP Foundation. SCP-363 appears to be a huge centipede-like creature.


SCP-363's at the begging is just a normal-sized centipede. SCP-363 always searches for dark places. Once SCP-363 gets inside of darkness, SCP-363 would grow rapidly to sizes up to 10 x 2 m. Trough some conditions, SCP-363 doesn not retain the form of a centipede. Reports documented: proboscises, tentacles, highly elongated mandibles, an inconsistent number of eyes and legs, and, in one case and [DATA EXPUNGED].   

After 3 hours, SCP-363 would revert back to its normal size. SCP-363 would attack anything alive, emitting the body heat, and also being able to hunt and detect in darkness. 


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