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SCP-3700-2 is an antagonist in the SCP Mythos. One of two entities associated with events caused by SCP-3700, an area encompassing a 800 kilometer (approx. 497 mile) area surrounding the Scottish islands of Orkney, Shetland, and Faroe, it is a gargantuan Ray Finned Fish that battles with its more benevolent counterpart SCP-3700-1 on a sporadic basis. Depending on the result of each battle, the weather patterns, biodiversity, and resources of the islands will be immediately impacted for a considerable amount of time. SCP-3700-2 plays a role in the "Orcadia" canon.


SCP-3700-2 is a gargantuan Actinopterygii (ray finned fish) that strongly resembles a Pelican Eel, but with the abnormal presence of 13 appendages located on the middle section of its body that resemble octopus tentacles that tucked into its body when not in use. The entity measures 32 kilometers (almost 20 miles) in length, with its body reaching 1 kilometer (approx. .621 of a mile) in width. It's mouth has a depth of 3 kilometers (approx. 1.86 miles) and each of its 13 tentacles is 60 meters (almost 200 feet) in length. The entity has a black pigmentation, with white, purple, and red markings that resemble of a man's face on each side of its body.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to its size, SCP-3700-2 has a number of anomalous properties:

SCP-3700-2 can position its body so that its torso and tail can resemble a joint, whilst spinning its lower body while keeping its head positioned facing one direction at any given point. This process can generate whirlpools that can pull in vessels within 150 meters (nearly 500 feet) to its origin. It will then use its tentacles to grip the ships and tear them apart, regardless of their composition. SCP-3700-2 is also capable of releasing powerful sound waves and blue flames at its targets, but only at close range.

Outside of its body, SCP-3700-2 is also capable of causing abrupt changes in meteorological patterns, often times generating stormy conditions beyond those seen in a category 5 hurricane (the strongest storm on Earth).

If SCP-3700-2 is unable to locate SCP-3700-1 within a 15 day period following its manifestation, it will demanifest until the next event occurred. The exception being the Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal (Fall) equinoxes, where it will only demanifest after it defeats or is defeated by SCP-3700-1.

SCP-3700-2 is highly durable, as conventional weapons deal little to no damage to it, and anomalous weapons can only do moderate damage at best. It can only be killed or subdued by damage originating from SCP-3700-1.

In recent decades, SCP-3700-2 can also generate instances of SCP-3456 from its mouth.


SCP-3700-2 is known to be very hostile, destructive and malevolent in nature. It will attack and devour any organism that approaches it.

SCP-3700-2 will manifest at a random point within the area comprising SCP-3700 except during the equinoxes where it manifests at its origin with SCP-3700-1, during the former's cause it will actively move around the area while submerged, preying upon unsuspecting organisms and vessels that are unfortunate enough to come across it.


Unlike its benevolent counterpart which was first officially sighted in the 1500s, SCP-3700-2 was not sighted by local fishermen until 1945.

In the event SCP-3700-2 encountered SCP-3700-1, the two entities will interact in the form of a prolonged and often times intense battle. These battles occurred at least twice annually in sporadic intervals ranging between two weeks and six months apart, but would always occur on the Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal (Fall) equinoxes. If SCP-3700-2 was able to defeat, kill, or subdue SCP-3700-1 then: inclement weather patterns would intensify, resulting in storm conditions ranging from that of a category 1 to a category 5 hurricane. Temperatures would also rapidly fluctuate between 0 and 28 degrees Celsius (32 and 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Such conditions were strong enough to cause severe damage and destruction to structures on the islands, as well as considerable loss of life; travel by sea was rendered nearly impossible, requiring the use of aircraft or storm-faring vessels to achieve travel and transport of supplies to the area; ocean food sources and fauna would be driven from the area, whilst others expired due to poor weather conditions and disease. Likewise, crop yields would plummet due to strong winds, over saturation, and lack of sunlight. In addition, SCP-3700-2 would not demanifest and would actively patrol and prey upon civilian vessels, attacking them whenever they made the unfortunate mistake of encountering the entity.

However if SCP-3700-1 were to defeat, kill, or subdue SCP-3700-2 then, inclement weather (including storms) would immediately dispel or dissipate the the area; reproduction rates of oceanic fauna would increase by three times the normal rate, whilst crop yields in the area encompassing SCP-3700 would double; erosion rates on the archipelagos would increase by five times.

If neither SCP-3700-1 or SCP-3700-2 encountered each other during such an event aside from the equinoxes, the weather would revert to that consistent with the climate of the islands.

Historically, the two entities would often times flip cycles in dominance over which one is victorious, with SCP-3700-1 generally being the dominant entity during the Spring and Summer months, and SCP-3700-2 often being dominant during the Autumn and Winter months. Since the SCP Foundation has semi-contained the area and initiated containment protocols however, SCP-3700-1 has become overly victorious over SCP-3700-2 thanks to Foundation aid, with an ongoing dominance cycle of 64 equinoxes as of the present.

SCP-3700-1 has however grown weaker in recent years due to prolonged exposure to SCP-3700-2's attacks, whilst SCP-3700-2 has become more powerful as a result, being able to summon instances of SCP-3456 as a result. Because of this, the Foundation has begun to enforce a military-esque exercise called "Protocol Winter Maelstrom" in the event SCP-3700-1 encounters SCP-3700-2.


  • Although the Foundation generally took a stance of neutrality in most forms of conflict. The site's article about SCP-3700 implies that the Foundation favors supporting SCP-3700-1 over SCP-3700-2, largely due to the former's benevolent nature versus the latter's malevolent one, its "Winter Maelstrom" protocol further emphasizes this theory.
  • SCP-3700-1 and SCP-3700-2 are likely based on Scylla and Charybdis from Greek mythology, as both pairs of entities are large monsters that cause destruction whoever they are encountered.
    • However, unlike SCP-3700-1 and SCP-3700-2, who are generally viewed as enemies with one another, Scylla and Charybdis are more or less allies.


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