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I sat down and wrote this whole thing then and there. Had to. It felt right. It's currently been about two days since that nightmare, and I'm only just finishing up. This is the ultimate end. This is the restoration of things. I don't know whether I can continue from here. I don't know whether I will.
The Eleven Day Empire melted me, and I submitted. You watched me submit from the moment I joined the Foundation community. SCP-3999 has won, SCP-3999 has lost. I hate myself, I love myself.
~ SCP-3999 speaking directly to the reader, breaking the fourth wall, also its last words.
SCP-3999 is to be allowed access to Researcher Talloran's sister, currently a student at Penn State University. SCP-3999, at the prompting of its armed escort, is to brutally rape Researcher Talloran's sister and then rip out her eyeballs, slice off her legs, and disembowel her.
~ One of SCP-3999's ideas for tormenting Talloran.

SCP-3999 was the designation given to an otherwise obscure, ancient monstrosity that had the abillity to alter and twist reality around it. It is the Arch-Nemisis of Foundation Researcher James Talloran.


Who or what SCP-3999 was is unknown, but it is doubtlessly one of the deadliest of all entities the Foundation has yet encountered, for its page on the Foundation website is nothing but a jumbled mess of words and sentences, but from what can be discerned, SCP-3999 is in the process of destroying all of reality, with nothing being able to stop it. 

Once finished, it begins to reshape the world around it, all of its creations centered in causing Researcher James Talloran to suffer horribly, this torment going on for what Talloran stated to be millions of years.

However, Talloran eventually manages to gain the upper hand, bringing order back to the world and facing his enemy head on. He proclaims that he figured out why SCP-3999 chose him of all people to keep alive, it needs him, for without Talloran it could not exist.

The Researcher nexts states he is fed up with 3999 and the pain it brings, "I am sick of your horror. I am sick of you.". 3999 melts Talloran into goo before stating that it is immortal. 

The perspective then switches to that of 3999, who explains with fourth wall awarness they are the author of the SCP page currently being read. They confess their struggle with coming up with a enjoyable and interesting article, having had many ideas they gave up on, most of them involving Talloran.

They speak of how they had a nightmare, this nightmare of Talloran and every other SCP thus far made appearing before them, Talloran then proceeds to brutally murder them before they awake. 

SCP-3999 states "SCP-3999 has won, SCP-3999 has lost. I love myself, I hate myself.". The article then ends with a report that shows reality has been restored and 3999 is gone, all that remained of it being its empty containment cell and Talloran's body. His cellphone is shown to contain the entire SCP-3999 article just read, Talloran aparently having killed himself to destroy SCP-3999.


SCP-3999 is vile and cold hearted monster, who for apparently no other reason besides it enjoys it deciding to destroy all of reality. It chose James Talloran to keep alive, spending what was said to be millions of years torturing him, its powers allowing it constantly murder and revive the man to suffer. 

It seems to revel in its superiority over others, for it uses its powers to do whatever it pleases, almost all actions made to in some way cause Talloran misery. When Talloran manages to subdue the creature, if only for a moment, he vowed that he would find a way to destroy it. In response, SCP-3999 turns Talloran into a puddle of goo, proclaiming itself to be immortal.

However, it at the same time fears Talloran, shown when it suffers a nightmare in which it is made helpless and unable to defend itself from Taloran, whom it describes in the dream as a demonic horror so terrifying he makes 3999 soil its bed.When faced with what seemed to be its end, SCP-3999 accepts its fate, allowing Talloran to kill it, waking up to only proclaim it both loves and hates itself before ceasing to exsist, its death undoing all the damage it caused.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-3999 is one of the most dangerous creatures within the SCP Universe, with near god-like powers that allow it to warp and twist everything around it. Nigh unstopable, nothing the Foundation threw at it fazed the entity, even materials and devices specifically designed to counteract reality warping SCP's having no effect.

It can manipulate matter at will, using this to create entire universe dedicated soley to bringing James Talloran pain, its powers also letting it kill and revive the man over and over again. Having lived for over three million years and still willing to continue torturing its victim for what seemed to be eternity, Talloran himself calls it "The Primordial Ooze" While this could just be an insult, it may also hint that SCP-3999 predates life itself.

While near unstoppable, SCP-3999 suffers from one major weakness, it seemingly must bond to a being to survive, for when Talloran discovers this, he kills himself, causing all that SCP-3999 had done to disappear, taking the creature with it. Thus by sacrificing himself, Talloran frees reality from its evil forever.


  • SCP-3999 is the second to last article its creator published to the SCP Website. 
  • Although never confirmed, it is strongly hinted and highly possible that SCP-3999 was a Old God.


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