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SCP-401, also known as "A Palm Tree", is a Euclid-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment. Though biologically and genetically human, it appears as a "tree" made of various human body parts.


SCP-401 initially appears to resemble a dead, white eucalyptus tree. In reality, the trunk is made of human bone tissue supported by several vertebrae columns, woven together by bone and tendons. At the base of the trunk are human hearts that pump blood throughout the figure, and the roots are esophagi tipped with fully-formed human mouths that include lips, teeth, jaws, and prehensile tongues. These roots lead to a stomach, which in turn has a sphincter to remove waste. The branches are human arms, with myopic hazel eyes growing from every fingertip. During spring, SCP-401 will grow female genitalia from its palms, which will later transform into male genitalia before falling off.


SCP-401 was discovered in France, where one of its mouths was observed licking up blood from the ground. SCP-401 was transferred to a Foundation Site, where it is given nutrients to keep it alive. SCP-401 functions nearly identically to a plant. However, human physiology is substituted for plant biology in the fulfillment of necessary processes. The roots dig down to devour small animals or fungi from the dirt, and blood is pumped throughout the body by multiple human hearts. During spring, SCP-401 will "bloom", growing female genitalia before menstruating, replacing them with male genitalia. During this time, it will attack and rape any human females that approach. After ten days, the genitalia is shed and eaten by the roots. Despite its form, SCP-401 is biologically and genetically a human male.

Tests done involving SCP-401's procreation processes included its impregnation of Female D-class personnel D-2055. After nine months, D-2055 gave birth to a normal human male infant, with its only health issue being severe myopia similar to SCP-401. The child was adopted by Foundation personnel. Another test involved impregnation of SCP-401 during its female phase, leading to it gestating and "planting" a fetus that grew into a structure similar to SCP-401's. However, the organism died of malnutrition a week later.

SCP-401 has also had a heart attack, though the dead heart was discarded, and two more were grown in its place.

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