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Behold the ARCHON LORD. Life is but as fodder to this wretched brute, whose unending hunger rends the very air with its agony. He hungers. He lusts for nourishment. His wrath is wretched in its gluttony. The Lord is a bottomless pit. Feeding him only hastens his wasting. There is no rest for the Lord, nor will there be rest for his prey - he will feed and feed and feed until all has been consumed, and he shall excrete.
~ The Occultum Liberium about SCP-4950.

SCP-4950, also known as The Archon Lord, is an Old God in the universe of the SCP Foundation. It is the principal deity of the People of the Lie, and is listed in many occult grimoires of repute.


The Archon Lord was a god dwelling outside the known universe. It was eternally starving but was unable to eat, as it could only be summoned into our universe by several hundred million sacrifices dedicated to it. If this was accomplished then the Archon Lord would enter the universe and devour everything before excreting the creatures that would inhabit the next universe.

A cult known as the People of the Lie sprang up around the Archon Lord, believing that its excrement would form a better universe. However, they were unable to do anything due to being a very small cult and not having the resources to carry out enough sacrifices. Nevertheless the cult's leader William Thurson was placed under observation by the SCP Foundation and the Archon Lord was designated SCP-4950.

Event 4950-Alpha

Thurson and another cult member, Theodore Ferguson, figured out a loophole in the ritual. Due to a prior incident where they summoned a demon while playing Warhammer 40,000, they realized that the sacrifices didn't have to be real people and they could just kill people in a video game while shouting "Blood for the Blood God!". To that end they spread a "Blood for the Blood God" meme in Fortnite which players all over the world chanted while killing each other.

A Foundation agent named Robert Howard was dispatched to Thurson's house after a spike in EVE radiation was detected. When he arrived he found a summoning circle with SCP-4950 partially emerged. Upon closer inspection he realized that Thurson and Ferguson had been killed by SCP-4950. Agent Howard worked out that Thurson's computer was linked up to a thaumic converter which caused the Fortnite "sacrifices" to be converted into thaumic energy and channelled into the summoning circle, causing SCP-4950 to emerge.

Agent Howard turned on the lights, causing a power overload and shorting out the summoning circle, thus leaving SCP-4950 stuck partially protruding from the floor. He then set up a containment grid on the floor and activated an automated exorcist. SCP-4950 only had time to say "Where we dropping boys?", which it had picked up from Fortnite, before the exorcist activated, imprisoning it within the containment grid.


  • Although he is called the Archon Lord, SCP-4950 has nothing to do with the Archons of Yaldabaoth.


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