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Excuse me? How about excuse you. One of you puts me in a bubble for one hundred years, and you don't think I would come out of there pissed off? No way. F*** every single one of you. I hope your mouths smells like ass for the rest of your lives - which will be short, by the way, because I'm about to take this show on the road.
~ Gorman upon being released from his imprisonment.

Old Gorman, AKA SCP-5004-A and SUSPIRA-PRIME, is a Class II Demonic Entity under the containment of the SCP Foundation. It is a demon summoned to Earth by Supreme Court Justices Charles Hughes and Oliver Holmes in 1916 which is due to resurface just in time for the 2016 US Presidential election.



While passing through the Eleventh Plane of Blasphemy, Gorman was summoned by Charles Hughes and Oliver Holmes in order to use him to attack Theodore Roosevelt, Hughes's rival for the presidency. Upon appearing in Hughes's house Gorman swore loudly and lashed out at Hughes before being subdued when Hughes and his servants beat him with brooms. Upon being subdued Gorman introduced himself and attempted to demonstrate its power by producing a rancid smell of burnt faeces, at which point Hughes and Oliver beat him again until the smell stopped.

Upon realizing that Gorman didn't have enough power to attack Roosevelt and couldn't even stand up for long periods of time, Hughes locked him in a box until the end of the election, which he soundly lost. After being insulted by Gorman one too many times Hughes altered the conditions of the ritual so that Gorman was imprisoned beneath the steps of the US Capitol for one hundred years. What Hughes was unaware of was that Gorman was a demon rather than a devil and fed off chaos and disorder, meaning that being imprisoned beneath the Capitol caused him to grow in power over the course of his hundred year imprisonment. During this period the Metaphysical Club, an ancient order of wizards consisting of Supreme Court justices, became aware of Gorman's existence, but were unable to do anything about this aside from wait for Gorman to emerge in the hope that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most powerful member of the Metaphysical Club, could defeat him. The Unusual Incidents Unit also became aware of Gorman and designated him SUSPIRA-PRIME but did nothing.


In 2016 the SCP Foundation began an investigation into potential occult threats to the Capitol and discovered Charles Hughes's diary, in which he discussed the summoning and imprisonment of Gorman. The Overseer Council designated him SCP-5004-A and began searching for a way to defeat him without having to risk Washington D.C. in a battle between Gorman and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Their research lead to the conclusion that a reality sink (SCP-5004-B) should be elected to the presidential office to negate Gorman's powers and hopefully cause him to dissipate. The only sufficiently powerful reality sink in existence was found to be businessman Donald Trump, who was convinced to run for office.

After Trump was successfully elected, Gorman awoke and began to manifest at Trump's inauguration, but his reality sink powers severely weakened Gorman and forced him to retreat back beneath the Capitol steps, despite Ruth Bader Ginsburg's attempts to channel powerful magic and smite him. Gorman was sealed away and gradually dissipated over the next three years without incident.


In early 2019, Justice Ginsburg detected additional occult magic being used to empower Gorman. Before the Metaphysical Club could work out who was behind this, the same person abducted President Trump and his family and took them to the Capitol building. Justice John Roberts used magic to prevent anybody in Washington from noticing while a Foundation team lead by Dr. Sophia Light raced to the Capitol building to deal with the threat.

Upon arrival the Foundation team discovered that the perpetrator was Trump's daughter Tiffany, who had been manipulated by Gorman and planned to absorb some of his essence so she would become more powerful. Dr. Light informed her that this plan would inevitably fail, as Donald Trump's reality sink powers would cause her to be completely obliterated if she absorbed any part of Gorman's essence, but she refused to believe her and summoned Gorman anyway, using her siblings Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. as sacrifices.

Justice Ginsburg arrived and engaged Tiffany Trump while the Foundation attempted to secure the sacrifices before Gorman could emerge. This failed and Gorman manifested into the mortal world, able to remain despite Donald Trump's reality sink powers due to Tiffany Trump's magic. All three of the sacrifices were temporarily and agonizingly merged with Gorman's body. Tiffany Trump was killed during the emergence, although how is unclear as the Foundation's camera temporarily cut out. Gorman then prepared to kill everyone in the room and destroy the world but was engaged by Justice Ginsburg, who was able to overpower him, save the Trump children and seal him back beneath the Capitol building. With Tiffany Trump dead, Donald's reality sink powers took effect once more and weakened Gorman, who eventually dissipated in early 2021.


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