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Thanks for playing Goat VR!
~ SCP-5045-1's quote once he catches a victim.
You're smarter than I gave you credit for! Hahaha! Boy, most people fall for that hook, line, and sinker! But you on the other hand, haha, you know when people are pulling your leg!
~ SCP-5045-1 admitting that it enjoys what it does.
You're the guys that are trying to shut me down, huh? How did I not realize this sooner? All those posts were disappearing, and I didn't even know why! I couldn't even tell who was deleting them! I could only feel them fading away! Goddamn it! Now then, I request you stop taking down my posts. I love playing with the new visitors, Ivan. Toying with people is my hobby, I would rather not be interrupted while doing so.
~ SCP-5045-1 expressing his anger towards the SCP Foundation for stopping people from playing his game.

SCP-5045-1, also known as the Farmer, is an antagonist in the SCP mythos. He is the gamemaster of SCP-5045, a virtual reality game named Goat VR.


SCP-5045-1 claims to have simply blinked into existence one day and created Goat VR because it wanted to. He began using Goat VR to lure people to his farm, where he would turn them into deformed goats to suffer for all eternity. Those who misbehaved would have their individuality erased. Eventually Goat VR somehow came to the attention of the SCP Foundation, who deleted the online adverts for Goat VR in order to contain SCP-5045.

Short-Term Exploration

Researcher Ivan Cherv, a Foundation doctor, had a D-class (D-1711) play Goat VR in order to glean more information about it. D-1711 came across the goats before turning round and finding SCP-5045-1 standing right behind him. After confirming that SCP-5045-1 could hear and respond to what he said, D-1711 was taken to have a closer look at the goats. All was relatively normal until D-1711 noticed one of the goats dragging its head along the ground. When D-1711 pointed this out, SCP-5045-1 began berating the goat, but D-1711's headset shut down before he could ask what was going on.

Long-Term Exploration

Researcher Cherv sent another D-class, D-6770, into Goat VR. D-6770 immediately came across SCP-5045-1, who attempted to get him to come and look at the goats. On Researcher Cherv's instructions D-6770 complied, then insisted on being allowed to enter the farmhouse, to which SCP-5045-1 agreed.

Upon seeing the relatively normal interior of the farmhouse D-6770 said he expected more. SCP-5045-1 told him he could have more and teleported away, causing a new door to appear. D-6770 initially refused to enter the door but was forced to comply when the farmhouse spontaneously began to break apart. On the other side of the door D-6770 came across a red tower and entered.

At the top of the tower he came across a yellow humanoid identified as SCP-5045-2 (presumed to be a Goat VR player). D-6770 spoke to him and discovered that SCP-5045-1 had imprisoned him in the tower and erased his memories. D-6770 agreed to help SCP-5045-2 escape. However, they were unable to find an exit to the farm.

SCP-5045-2 told D-6770 that he was making him feel hopeful, only to immediately freeze into place. SCP-5045-1 then appeared behind them. D-6770 attempted to block SCP-5045-1 from reaching SCP-5045-2, but he just shoved him out of the way. He then forced D-6770 into a chair, in the process revealing that he was able to hear Researcher Cherv's instructions. SCP-5045-1 mocked SCP-5045-2 over his inability to remember anything before clapping his hands, causing his sprite to flicker and vanish. SCP-5045-1 then vanished.

D-6770 found himself in a new part of the farm. SCP-5045-1 appeared again and was shoved to the ground by D-6770. However, several large purple goats ("Farmer's Helpers", being the brainwashed husks of deviant prisoners who ruthlessly obey SCP-5045-1) appeared in front of him and attacked him while SCP-5045-1 taunted him. Goat VR then shut down, and D-6770 collapsed into a coma. It is assumed that he was turned into a goat.


Researcher Cherv interviewed SCP-5045-1 via use of a large computer screen with a keyboard and mouse. He did not wear a headset during the interview due to safety concerns. SCP-5045-1 changed the surroundings to an interrogation room. He then told Researcher Cherv about his birth. When asked about the goats he admitted that he turned the players into goats.

When Researcher Cherv asked him why, SCP-5045-1 initially claimed that he just wanted friends. However, Researcher Cherv pointed out that he clearly enjoyed torturing people, at which point SCP-5045-1 admitted to doing it all for fun. Researcher Cherv told him that the Foundation wouldn't give him any more test subjects, at which point SCP-5045-1 realized that the Foundation were the ones taking down the Goat VR ads. Researcher Cherv refused to stop taking his ads down, at which point SCP-5045-1 exited his screen and attacked him and all the alarms in Site-301 sounded while the site converted into an area similar to the Goat VR animation.

Final Addendum

If the reader clicks on the final image on the SCP-5045 article, they will find an addendum in which SCP-5045-1 stands over a goat that was once Researcher Cherv. He announces that they're done, before noticing the reader and climbing out of the screen to attack them.


At first, SCP-5045-1 appears to be an extroverted and friendly fellow, if a bit odd. However, he's actually a brutal, dishonest sadist who enjoys turning people into his slaves, generally turning them into goats. There is no clear reason why he does this other than his sadistic entertainment, and possibly need to be worshiped, or at least to assess his superiority to other living beings, implying he's a huge narcissist as well. He also recognizes he's excessively cruel, but doesn't care the slightest about it, as all that matters to him is taking more and more slaves. Farmer expresses a certain fondness for his virtual world and was angered to see how the Foundation attempted to cut off his link with the outside world, preventing him from taking more victims (aside from the D-Class prisoners used to experiment on the game).

Though he ultimately turns anyone who wanders too long in the game into a goat, he likes a good challenge, especially if his victims struggle and attempt to put up a fight (which Farmer always wins). He's excessively overconfident about his ability to always win and get ahead of the Foundation, which is justified by how easily he breached containment and turned Site-301 into another of his playgrounds.


It has to be obvious at this point, right?
~ SCP-5045 hinting his intentions.
Howdy! The name's Farmer!
~ SCP-5045-1 introducing himself to D-1711.
But I haven't even gotten a chance to talk about these incredible things! They're quite the entertainers, aren't they? Look at them go!
~ SCP-5045-1 introducing D-1711 to the goats.
I recall your friends back there saying that you're not allowed to take it off! I just wanna make your stay interesting for them!
~ SCP-5045-1 showing awareness of the SCP Foundation's involvement.
Nothing yet. He's in the drawing board right now. Don't really have an idea for him, he didn't like telling me much. But as for you... you're an open book! Always asking questions, being honest. It's a real shame you have to be so nasty about it, but I guess most people are. I got a great idea for you, friend. You'll be easy!
~ SCP-5045-1 after dealing with SCP-5045-2.
Like I said, you're a clever one! But enough about you. I already have everything I want outta you. Let's get things started, baby! I'm gonna make you love it here!
~ SCP-5045-1 preparing to catch D-6770.
Cause I'm so lonely! You gotta get me out of this place, man! I've been stuck here for months, and this is all I know how to do! Do you know how this feels? It doesn't feel good at all, partner. I hate it... I hate it so much. Could you please put on the headset? It'll help me out a ton... No, not at all! I just want outta here! I want friends!
~ SCP-5045-1 feigning sadness to gain Researcher Cherv's sympathy.
I think we're done here, partner. Oh? What's this now... how's it goin' pal?
~ SCP-5045-1 succeeding in transforming Researcher Cherv, before attacking the reader.


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