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Villain Overview

Each shot hammers into their eardrums before the sticky walls suck in all the waves of sound until there are none left. When the creatures shriek and scamper, the walls take that in, too. ███'s hand meets flesh as she stops one of the beings from rushing her, but it claws at her chest and face and in a split second her vision is of blood and tears and meat. As she lays herself down on the wet floor, chest and gut wide open, a tendril slaps her face and wriggles its way down her throat. Her last thought is of another mind overlapping and replacing hers as her pulse fades. When ██████ screams in disgust, the walls decline to absorb the unholy sound, and instead send it screeching down endless tunnels, toward the end.
~ The demise of two Foundation agents at the hands of SCP-610 from "Every Breathing Minute of Every Waking Hour".

SCP-610, also known as The Flesh that Hates, is a highly contagious disease, causing mutations to the human body of the infected, which has overrun several townships in Russia. The object class given by the SCP Foundation is Keter.

It spreads by direct physical contact with an infected individual. The exact origin of this disease is unknown to this day, but the creatures created by the sentient disease seem to be highly religious, implying a link to Grand Karcist Ion and the religion of Sarkicism.


Possible Origins

SCP-610 was formed when the Soviets kidnapped a number of the Solomonari and experimented on them in order to create a powerful biological weapon. However, despite being a major success, the newly created disease began getting out of control which forced the Soviet scientists to abandon the experiments near Lake Baikal where the disease began spreading to other people.

SCP-610 was created by either Grand Karcist Ion or Lucien Dutoit during the slave revolt against the Daevites started by Ab-Leshal. It started to affect close to Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia where it preyed on the ancient daeva, transforming many of them into slaves to the Sarkites, while their empire crumbled.


The SCP Foundation eventually discovered the dangerous disease which they designated as SCP-610, but due to its contagious nature upon the organic beings, observation of life infected by SCP-610 was impossible to achieve. The Foundation could only study the infection by sending drones and remote robots to observe the area. None of the human staff was allowed into the infection sites, which was so vast that the standard containment procedure was improper upon these areas. Therefore, those infection areas were isolated and guarded by military forces in a safe manner, under the permission of the Russian government itself.

Since the virus itself was utterly and openly dangerous and aggressive, coupled with the data from observation, SCP-610 earned a Keter classification. However, as long as no human beings or other organic beings enter into these infection areas which are under isolation, or any of those infected creatures leave the isolated areas, this object would be arguably considered as neutralized.

The Way It Ends

After Ukrainian immigrants Adam Ivanov and his family transferred to a small village in the southwest China mountains, the villagers began to slowly be infected by the disease. As the villagers were unable to find a cure for this strange disease the ones who became infected were forced to relocate to the tip of a mountain in order to keep it from spreading, but it was all in vain as through time more and more villagers became infected. Eventually, the Foundation became aware of this spread and managed to contain it, while deciding to turn the healthy villagers who were not infected, which included Adam, into Class-D personnel in order to have them interact with the infected ones.

After Adam joined the Chaos Insurgency and began helping his teammates Calvin Lucien and Olivia Torres in killing the entirety of the O5 Council, they became forced to flee when O5-6/The American, riding SCP-682, and his army began going after them. While trying to find a way to kill O5-6 the group decided to lure him to Adam's village. After meeting with the village's elder who was able to retain his human form despite his infection, O5-6, SCP-682 and the army caught up to them, only for them to be ambushed by the other infected villagers who had buried themselves underground. As the three Chaos Insurgents fled, the infected villagers were able to completely engulf O5-6 and his forces.


One day, SCP-610-infected subjects suddenly began agitating and tried to breach containment. Their attempt was almost successful forcing the SCP Foundation to ally themselves with the Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative. However, their combined effort were in vain as SCP-610 began overwhelming their forces. Thankfully, the Church of the Broken God intervened and used the newly-claimed SCP-2217 to recontain the disease and its victims, forcing the abominations to retreat back. This incident lead to the four factions to join their forces and form the Triumvirate in order to fight Sarkicism.

Possible Endings

During the destructive attack of the Scarlet King and his army on the universe, SCP-610 was one of the many evil anomalies helping the evil god in destroying the world. It is unknown what happened to the disease following the defeat of the Scarlet King at the hands of Isabel Wondertainment.

As SCP-610 breached containment and began overwhelming the united forces of the Foundation, GOC and HI, the Church of the Broken God arrived with their flying temple to aid the Triumvirate in fighting the disease. While the battle was going on, Robert Bumaro went to the underground tunnels beneath the site that held those infected from SCP-610 and came face to face with Yaldabaoth. Bumaro proceeded to kill the demiurge which resulted in everyone infected from SCP-610 to revert back to their normal human form, while the disease was completely eradicated from their bodies.

In December of 2018, when SCP-610 breached containment and began attacking Russia, the Triumvirate was there to stop them. During the battle Mekhane was rebuilt and descended on Russia where she proceeded to completely destroy SCP-610 leaving no trace behind.

Powers and Abilities

The Infection first appears as a skin irritation. This will eventually start causing scabbing across the victim's body, before leading to victim's death. While the process takes a couple of hours, intense heat can speed up the process. five minutes after death, results in the victim's body are rising, their life functions are returning two or three times, and the skin tissue starts covering the victim's body reforming into what is pictured above the victim.

In this stage, the mutation occurs randomly, like the growing of additional limbs, and the body starts extending the fleshy substance across the area. Under unknown circumstances, the victim's body will cease moving and shall stay in somewhere suitable for it to "root" itself to keep expanding, consuming objects around it with flesh. However, if an infected victim caught sight of uninfected living beings, it would proceed itself towards them. Not only humans shall be infected. Any organic beings shall be infected by the virus as well, such as animals.

In Board Games

SCP-610 is the core theme of the The Flesh Expansion of the SCP board game Uncontained.


  • SCP-610 is based on real-life sculptures filled with torture chambers, cannibalism, morbidity, and horrific creatures named Dream Diorama. Created by the Australian sculptor and painter Mark Powell.
    • That is a reason why the images of the sculptures have been removed from the site in its early days due to copyrights infringement.
  • According to Sarkicism's author, Grand Karcist Ion is the creator of SCP-610 and used it to create slaves who served him and his followers. This was what prompted the Mekhanites to side with other civilizations against him.
  • In the "Empire of Dirt" series set in the "Et Tam Deum Petivi" canon, Moloch once threatened the Foundation to cause a mass breakout of SCP-610 which would result in the end of the world if Naomi Zahiri-Lewitt was not sacrificed to him. Instead of sacrificing her daughter Mary-Ann slew the evil god so she could ensure the safety of both her daughter and the world from SCP-610.
  • In the universe of SCP-5000, in which the SCP Foundation began exterminating the entire human race, the Foundation used samples of SCP-610 to infect innocent people in major cities, but its spread was prevented by combined effort of the Church of the Broken God and the GOC.
  • In "A Lesson in Power" which is set in the "Broken Masquerade" canon, Agent O'Brien and his men cornered Dr. Kowalski and threatened her into telling them where they could find specimens of SCP-610 so they could weaponize it. However, they were then tricked by the doctor into looking at photos of SCP-096's face which resulted in their deaths.

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