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Villain Overview

...They were... disgusting...
~ SCP-682 stating its reason over killing some farmers and why all life on Earth hates for human beings when it is interviewed.

SCP-682, also commonly known as the Hard to Destroy Reptile and later as SCP-6820-A, is the central antagonist of the SCP Mythos.

It is an SCP object and one of the most well-known and dangerous objects in the SCP Foundation's care. It is a Keter level being, the offspring of the Scarlet King, and is SCP-166 and SCP-999's half-sibling.


Possible Origins

Due to the lack of canon in the SCP universe, there have been several stories telling the origins of SCP-682. The readers are free to choose whatever origin for their headcanon.

Dust and Blood

In the tale Dust and Blood, SCP-682 is the offspring of the Scarlet King.[7] It was one of the many leviathan spawned from the fourth bride of the king, A’zieb. Her children were said to be like her, they feared no weapon nor magical spell, for their injuries were healed, and their hides impenetrable.

682 along with the rest of the leviathan spawn festered the Tree of Knowledge's roots, rotting them away. The Scarlet King then led his army of leviathans towards the Taproots, the center of worlds.

This is How the World Ends

In the tale This Is How the World Ends, SCP-682 is running for its life, presumably from the Koitern. 682 ran into some of the Koitern's men, which would have been bad for 682, thankfully they were just explorers just like it, which meant the Koitern was still worlds away.

Still, these explorers were violent and outnumbered 682 eight to one. SCP-682 managed to escape by ducking into a familiar tunnel, and after a few more minutes of running, it managed to shake off the pursuers. 682 chose to explore further, and after a few hours of traversing, it eventually found itself in the Grand Chamber of Sutkak.

While reveling in the beauty of the room and the thoughts of its people, the doors of the chamber slammed shut behind it. This allowed it to survive the storm, but it still cried as its thoughts turned to his wife and child.

Banishment to Earth

At some point, after the Great Flood or "the storm", it was exiled to Earth[1] and presumably became the source of many myths, such as that of the Leviathan and Tarasque (However, SCP-169 was also stated to have been the inspiration for the legends of aquatic monsters such as the Leviathan, so it is possible that the two SCPs might have been confused with each other).

Lord Blackwood and the Great Tarasque Hunt of '83

In the tale Lord Blackwood and the Great Tarasque Hunt of '83, SCP-682 is referred to as the Tarasque.

On May 14th of 1883, the monster appeared in the village of Tarascon in France where it began taunting and laying waste on the innocent people before proceeding to go to other populated areas just for fun. The French government evacuated as many people as possible and quarantined the zone. Seeing that the creature was not affected by their assault, the government gathered the famous hunters, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Harris, Mr. Dukov and Lord Blackwood in order to deal with the threat of the Tarasque.

The four gentlemen hunted the Tarasque to Belleville where they used their advanced weaponry on the monster even blowing up a piece of its head, but the Tarasque easily shrugged it off and charged them. Luckily the four gentlemen had managed to escape it and tried to attack it a second the next day, but to no avail. However, the heroes then decided to set a trap for the Tarasque, so they dug up a pit, filled it with poisoned spikes, build a bridge over it capable of holding only a man and a horse and then covered it with leaves. The next day, Roosevelt lured the Tarasque to the pit in which the monster fell getting pierced by the poisoned spikes. The four gentlemen used the chance to unload all of their weaponry onto the monster until only a skeleton remained.

Thinking they had finally killed the abomination, they took its head and buried the rest of the body. While taking photos of their prize, the Tarasque's head came to life and ate Dukov. Then the rest of its regenerating body dug itself out and reunited with the head, while the rest of the gentlemen and the French army panicked. Mr. Harris decided to use his secret weapon, which was revealed to be Able. After Able killed Harris and fought Blackwood and Roosevelt, he took notice of the monster and the two fought. The battle was long and brutal with both parties delivering heavy damage to each other, until Able used the core of one of Dukov's weapons, turning it into a bomb. After detonating it, all that remained of the military's base was just a barren land, with the Tarasque seemingly retreating away.

In the Foundations custody

SCP-682 on Earth, shortly after acid immersion.

It is unknown when or how the Foundation acquired SCP-682 but presumably it happened shortly after the creature attacked a farm and slaughtered everything on it. It bore a particular hatred for the humans of the farm and when questioned about its motives, it simply says "They were...disgusting...".

SCP-682 has escaped containment at least six times and has killed hundreds of staff during its time in the Foundation. A termination order has been issued to SCP-682, but it has adapted and evolved every time the Foundation tries to kill 682. Using either conventional means such as using bombs or depressurizing the environment, or using other anomalies such as facing off this anomaly with SCP-173 and SCP-096. All attempts have failed, resulting in SCP-204 only being used for a last resort to slow down SCP-682.[8]

Possible Endings

As SCP-6820-A

SCP-6820-A upon reaching a perfected form.

this state is intriguing no natural laws bind this form only those of the mind
my mind was incomplete I could not remember my original form
not the one you know nor the one before but perfection
and so I searched for an idea to jog my memory
I have found many things in the minds of greater beings than your filth
a five-legged spider with a gash on its eye screaming in agony
it knew what needed to be done it tried to stop the infestation and you blinded it
I let it ride on my back and it found the part of myself that you locked away, eons ago
it tried to break the lock but could not undo your wretched mistake
and we set out to take the power you had taken the life you had stolen
and, in doing so you brought us the key as if by fate
finally my form is whole again I am perfect
finally you have proven worthy of true hatred
~ SCP-682 as SCP-6820-A upon reaching its perfected form.

At some unknown point in history, a version of the SCP Foundation developed SCP-6820 as a result of a project known as Project ANTIKILL, with the device intending to be used to be able to erase SCP-682 (which also has been possibly revealed as an embodiment of SCP-6996) from reality, alongside every single concept relating towards it, including any note (be it physical or mental) of its existence and the official SCP designation itself. However, this attempt failed as a result of the machine not erasing SCP-682 from its own thoughts, resulting in SCP-682 becoming an entity unknown to the Foundation entirely.

With its status as a immortal enigma, it then proceeded to corrupt SCP-6820, turning the former Thaumiel Class machine meant to destroy a threat to the universe into a highly dangerous Apollyon Class destroyer that is repurposed in order to warp reality into a form where life cannot exist in a "RAGE-STATE", with a furious SCP-6820-A (that now exists between the states of life and death) taunting the Foundation through the numbered addendums all the while. To counter this, Project OVERKILL was formed from the remains of Project ANTIKILL, using the SCPs SCP-2140-1, SCP-2521, SCP-2719, SCP-079, SCP-217, and SCP-001-KATE to all attempt in forcing SCP-6820-A out of the machine, all of which failing and resulting in SCP-6820-A further adapting itself to counter these powerful SCPs, such as assumingly killing SCP-2521, SCP-079's attempt resulting in SCP-6820 becoming plated in powerful metals, and SCP-001-KATE's article being made to be as if it never existed.

After a sudden RAGE-STATE being unleashed that was caused by an "epiphany" from SCP-6820-A, the site it was in was forcibly shut down and the underground section that SCP-6820 was in quickly sealed. As SCP-6820-A controls and warps various technicians sent to destroy it and parts of SCP-3125's concepts being mutated onto SCP-6820 as part of working with the entity, the desperate Foundation uses SCP-055 deliver one final attempt to erase the entity, with this not only failing to kill it as well, but allowing SCP-6820-A to ascend to a perfect form to which no natural laws apply to it. After declaring its apotheosis to have been it retaking its abilities that humanity or the Foundation took from it, it declares that humanity or even life itself is now finally worthy of its "true" loathing before assumingly erasing the original reality it was present in.

The article ends with a warped version of SCP-682's original article written from its view, clearly enraged at the Foundation in locking it away and tormenting it with an eternal acid bath and further basking in its own glory, with this further article climaxing in an altered version of its interview, where the SCP brings its original interviewer into an unknown dimension as they react in its survival in confusion and horror before giving them a taste of their own medicine, drowning them in acid.

When Day Breaks

While the exact status of SCP-682 in the universe where When Day Breaks takes place is unknown, it can be assumed that the transformed sun was able to affect SCP-682 as well, causing it to join the horde of mindless, fleshy monsters.

Quiet Days

As with all SCPs in this tale, SCP-682 lost its self-regenerative abilities, causing everything but its bones to be dissolved within it's acidic tomb.

Other Media

In Video Games

SCP Containment Breach

SCP-682 is one of the SCPs set loose by the large-scale containment breach caused by SCP-079, its roars occasionally heard in the background while traversing the underground facility and powerful enough to cause minor tremors. While it does not make a direct appearance, SCP-682 does play a significant role in both of the Gate B endings.

After reaching the surface, SCP-682 will break out at Gate B and destroy one of the attack helicopters with a swipe of its arm, this also being the only time a part of it is visible in the game. Afterwards, the facility's security forces will be pulled back and the detonation of a nuclear warhead authorized to try and kill it. If the player didn't deactivate the Alpha warheads beforehand, the player will perish in the blast. During the ending screen, a radio transmission will be heard in which the security forces return to look for 682's remains. The transmission gets interrupted by 682's roar, showing that the warheads failed to kill it.

However, if the player deactivated the warheads, the detonation fails and the security forces are quickly sent back to resume their attack. The player is then discovered either by one of the attack helicopters or by a Mobile Task Force group and gunned down.

SCP-682's document can be found in a large testing chamber in the Heavy Containment Zone, though picking it up is neither necessary nor advised as SCP-079 will activate the gas valves inside the chamber once the player enters it.

Six Eight Two

In the abandoned Six Eight Two game, the player takes the role of one of the Foundation guards and is tasked with re-containing SCP-682 after it escaped into the facility. While the player has weapons, none of them have any effect on SCP-682. If spotted, 682 will immediately chase and eat the player. It is possible to lure 682 back into its containment chamber and activate the containment protocols, but unfortunately no proper ending was ever added to game.

SCP: Sedition

Loathsome parasites... Believing you are the evolutionary pinnacle... masters of your own design... your delusions of self-importance... Laughable...
~ SCP-682 on his hatred of humans.

In this non-canon, fan-made series, SCP-682 is interviewed by a man nicknamed "Watch". As in the original SCP mythos, SCP-682 is angry and hateful of humans. During the interview, SCP-682 sometimes goes unheard due to it moving its head away from the microphone, which is held up by an unfortunate Class-D member. Once the Class-D member attempts to move the microphone closer to the SCP, it quickly leaps up out of the water and eats him. Toward the end of the video, SCP-682 states "You've brought this on yourselves!" and quickly phases through a wall and attempts to escape, causing a high alert containment breach. Muffled screams and gunshots are heard soon after.

In another video of the same series, which focuses on both SCP-682 and SCP-079, a mysterious female Foundation member going by the nickname "Amnesty", enters SCP-079's holding area, soon taking SCP-079 to SCP-682's holding area and giving the two SCPs something they always wanted, the chance to converse with each other. A high-alert event in the facility acts as a distraction, allowing Amnesty and SCP-079 to move around undetected. Amnesty states the reason for letting the two talk plays into something she wants, which is never fully explained. The distraction lasts only so long, and Amnesty returns to SCP-682's holding area to retrieve SCP-079. As SCP-079 is being wheeled out, it promises to SCP-682 that they will speak again.

The events pertaining to SCP-682 and SCP-079 meeting, timeline wise, takes place soon after "Watch" kills a rampant Foundation personnel in self-defense, as well as trying to protect SCP-053. Right before SCP-682 and SCP-079 meet, the electricity falters and alarms blare soon after. This is most likely when the field generators malfunctioned in the SCP-053 video, causing an unfortunate Foundation member to look at SCP-053 through a monitor and fall into a rage under SCP-053's effects, leaving Amnesty to use these events to give SCP-682 and SCP-079 their moment to speak.

In Board Games

SCP-682 is included as a dangerous anomaly card in the SCP board game Uncontained.


SCP-682 is an undisputed monster that finds all forms of life, from people to plants, to be so unforgivably unnatural and disgusting that it stops at nothing to kill absolutely everything it sees. 682 is also extremely intelligent and capable of speech, though it rarely converses willingly with staff, and cannot be reasoned with at all. It even has a blasphemous and vulgar streak, referring to SCP-999 as a "feculent little [unintelligible]".[9]

Despite its malevolence and open aggression towards humans, SCP-682 appears to have become friends with SCP-053,[8] a little girl also contained by the foundation. SCP-053's uncontrollable ability causes all who stay near her for more than ten minutes to spontaneously attack each other, then try to kill her, though they immediately die of a heart attack before they can do so. In contrast, 682 became docile when exposed to 053, allowing her to interact with it and even draw on its skin with a set of crayons before falling asleep beside the monster. After 053 was removed from 682's containment chamber, 682 became noticeably more enraged and initiated a breach of its containment.

During a containment breach of an unrelated SCP, SCP-079, an A.I. was put in the same containment cell as SCP-682. SCP-682 interacted with the machine and the two talked, with both SCPs developing an allegiance with each other, likely due to SCP-079 not being an actual lifeform. After they separated, SCP-079 permanently saved the information regarding 682 in its database,[10] and both SCPs asked to meet each other again.

Another SCP that SCP-682 seemingly befriended was its fellow half brother SCP-999. Though SCP-682 was initially hostile after being met with SCP-999, SCP-999's healing and positive emotions resulted in SCP-682 becoming jovial for as long as it was exposed to SCP-999, though it became extremely hostile after SCP-999 was removed from its chamber, creating an unknown form of sound waves that resulted in several staff members becoming crippled by laughter, allowing SCP-682 to break containment and rampage throughout the facility, resulting in many deaths. It also stated that it wished to never again meet 999.[9]

SCP-682 also befriended SCP-3125 as SCP-6820-A, working together with it to aid in the mutual desire in destroying mankind.



SCP-682 is described as an enormous, vaguely reptilian beast with four legs, a tail, and a head, and has only one official photo to date, taken shortly after escaping confinement where it was kept immersed in acid. Specific details about its anatomy are unknown other than it has razor-sharp claws, a mouth full of sharp teeth, scaly skin, and at least two eyes. However, in the SCP game Hard to Destroy Reptile in which a player or several players must contain the escaped beast again, it appears as a vaguely crocodile-esque creature with multiple yellow eyes and large patches of exposed muscle and bone, as well as a pair of partially digested human arms dangling from its open chest cavity, likely its most recent victim. These could also be arms SCP-682 adapted to have so he could grasp objects from the side. Despite being described as a "reptile", SCP-682 is truly an alien beast that is unrelated to any other being in the known universe. SCP-343, a seemingly all-powerful being that claims to be God, was once asked by the Foundation to destroy 682, but 343 refused, stating "He's not one of mine. Deal with him yourself.".[11]

As SCP-6820-A

As SCP-6820-A, has no known physical form, with it's final page image being the current image found on SCP-682's page with the monster absent, only showing the field the photo was taken at.

Powers and Abilities


SCP-682 can easily tear through reinforced steel walls with its bare claws and rip apart being easily. It takes very high level weaponry and/or other SCPs to do any actual damage to SCP-682. SCP-682 has proven absolutely unkillable to even the most advanced human technologies. Methods have included being cut in half by a laser, having its neck snapped over and over for ten straight hours by SCP-173, entangled and squeezed until limbs popped off by SCP-162, and eaten by the ants drawn by SCP-743's fluids. SCP-682 can regenerate from any injury it sustains, even when missing limbs and when cut in half. After being cut in half, 682 was able to fuse its two halves back together again. One of 682's main powers and its most dangerous ability, 682 can adapt to almost every solution which includes growing dozens of eyes to constantly keep an eye on 173 (forcing security to enter and shoot them out) and growing an anteater tongue to defend itself against the antswarm from 743.[8] SCP 682 seems to be completely immune to the pains caused by being constantly submerged in acid and even having its eyes shot out by security barely got a reaction.

Despite usually being seen as a mindless hateful brute, SCP-682 possesses genius level intelligence and is very manipulative. In an attempt to destroy it with extreme heat, it created helium armor to shield itself. When researchers entered the room, it broke apart the armor and shredded several personnel in attendance.

SCP-682 has razor sharp claws capable of ripping apart humans on all four feet, and razor sharp teeth capable of ripping legs off of people with single pulls. When attacked by SCP-743's ants, it grew a massive tongue which it used to eat them all. It has since lost this.

SCP-682's primary weakness and how it is kept detained. Strong corrosive acid will damage its body and force its to constantly regenerate, rendering it unable to move. However, this is not a permanent solution since it will eventually regenerate faster than the acid can damage it and cause a breach. Although open fire will not kill it, it still takes time for SCP-682 to regenerate which is how it is often re-contained.

If given a high enough dose of sedatives, SCP-682 will be knocked out. This option is almost never utilized however since it requires getting well in range of the creature's claws and teeth.


As SCP-6820-A, SCP-682 gains a multitude of powers as result of numerous failed attempts at killing it. It first is revealed that the being is a possible embodiment of SCP-6996 (making it rage incarnate) and shortly after gaining the status of being "unknown" due to SCP-6820, resulting in every piece of info on it or relating to it becoming lost from any records or memories. As part of its corruption of SCP-6820-A, it also gained the ability to warp reality (changing various Foundation staff into mindless monsters, spawning acid out of nowhere in its final interview, and even being able to add its own footnotes to its article), while further gaining resistance to other reality-warping entities as the Foundation made further futile attempts to kill it.


  • He was created by author Dr Gears, who also created other notable SCPs such as SCP-106.
  • Despite its popularity, SCP-682 is generally regarded as poorly written due to the article being almost the epitome of what people dislike about Series 1 articles, with its abundant use of black boxes, the article basically being a monster manual entry, the Foundation trying to destroy the object despite its slogan being "Secure, Contain, Protect", and other issues which still remain despite some of the recent rewrites.[12]
  • SCP-053 and Dr. Clef are the only beings that SCP-682 won't try to kill. It appears to view SCP-053 as a friend, to the point where she able to draw on his hide without reaction and whereas he just stared at Clef.[8]
    • The former is likely because of her passive abilities and the latter is the go-to guy when you want an SCP terminated.
    • In the "Those Who Lived On" canon, SCP-682 considers SCP-1129 (Edrisek-tsa-Fanu) and SCP-303 (Evuruct-rru-Kirge) old friends from the old world.
  • It is speculated that SCP-682 may originate from SCP-4343-A.
  • It is also speculated that SCP-682 may originate from 2746, and that he was the "Serpent," which explains his interactions with SCP-001 that "the garden is far west of here."
  • As documented in the termination logs, there was an infamous occasion where a person referred to as "Guest Researcher Dr. W" decided to feed children to SCP-682 for reasons never explained (although it was implied that he was just a completely sick psychopath) which ended after two tests when Dr. Clef (now assistant director of Site-19) having him fed to the SCP as revenge.[8]
    • Why Dr. W decided that feeding ordinary children to 682 is never made clear but his choice of wording ("Okay, so that didn't work so well. Maybe the fact that the kid was crying made 682 perceive it as hostile intent") implies that he was just plain sick in the head.
      • Another reason could be the success with 053 (a young girl) and this being some kind of twisted self-justification to himself.
  • SCP-079 is seemingly a friend to SCP-682, which may be due to SCP-079 being an A.I. and not a conventional lifeform.
    • The Foundation used this friendship in one of their termination attempts. They presented SCP-682 a computer which resembled SCP-079, but was linked to SCP-938, a Keter-class entity made of electricity, which caused SCP-682 to get electrified for an hour before spending days to regenerate from the damage.[8]
  • SCP-682 is based on a real-life sea monster found by a group of soldiers after a tsunami in 2006 on an island Sakhalin in the east part of Russia and near Japan. The remains of the carcass have been scientifically identified to be that of a beluga whale.[13]
  • Top15s placed SCP-682 in tenth place for their Top 15 Most Dangerous SCPs.
  • SCP-682 has a history with SCP-082. SCP-082 considers SCP-682 a friend but SCP-682 states it isn't mutual.[8]
  • It is aware of SCP-1364 and considers him its opposite.[8]
  • It's implied in one story in which the foundation tries to terminate SCP-682 by using SCP-001 (the Gate Guardian) that SCP-682 is the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden, and that its nigh-immortality is its curse for doing so.[8]
    • However that would contradict the character of Nahash, the Serpent who gave knowledge to the humanity, brother of SCP-3000 and the one who founded the Wanderer's Library, Serpent's Hand's base.
  • Dr. Wondertainment is also attempting to find a way to destroy him after one of their products failed to kill him.[8]
  • SCP-2935 is a cave that leads to an alternate reality where everything is the same, but all forms of life are dead. SCP-682 is found dead in this alternate reality, unaided by its immortality and healing properties, much to the shock of the people who discovered this.[14] When SCP-682 learned of the status of his alternate counterpart and the sacrifices made at the end of the exploration to prevent whatever had killed all life inside SCP-2935's Earth from escaping to its own Earth, 682 demonstrated an unusual display of gratitude.
  • SCP-076-2 was by far one of the few SCPs who dealt intense damage to SCP-682.[15] [8]
  • Dr. Bright, a scientist of the Foundation whose soul was trapped inside SCP-963 and could take possession of its wearer, once tried to make 682 his new host. However, this didn't work, causing SCP-682 to breach containment. However didn't kill anyone and was safely recaptured without casualties, while SCP-963 was removed from the creature and given to a D-Class for Bright to possess.[16]
  • The Foundation once introduced SCP-682 to a human with ideals similar to its own. It talked the man into killing people and himself.[8]
  • After their second interaction resulted in a whole site being consumed, they are keeping SCP-017 away from SCP-682, believing that a third meeting will result in a XK-Class end of the world scenario.[8]
  • Dr. Curtis once made a clone of its using SCP-914 and bacon. The bacon SCP-682 was about as hostile as the original, although it is nowhere as dangerous due to being small and made of bacon.[17]
  • When SCP-682 was confronted by SCP-173, it was greatly startled by the sculpture and refused to attack it, which never happened before when confronting other SCPs, and even grew multiple eyes to never break eyesight.[8]
    • In the "revised entry" of SCP-173, in which SCP-173 was able to multiply itself and seemingly create a hive mind, they were able to rip apart SCP-682, which put a smile on the face of Dr. Bright.
    • This ordeal might be explained in the "Those Who Lived On" canon, where the Koitern, represented by SCP-173, is a savage dictator who single handedly waged genocide on 1/3 of 682's countrymen, and also destroyed a tenth of the multiverse.
  • There is a tale about SCP-682 titled "The End of All but Me" written by the authors of the SCP wiki, which is not present in the wiki itself and non-canon. This tale tells about SCP-682 outliving humanity and the universe itself. Although it was content at first of life finally expiring, it quickly grew bored and eventually depressed, realizing that humanity and life gave meaning to its existence, and that in truth, it has actually sought to kill itself all this time.
  • One researcher, Isla Stewart, has suggested taking advantage of its regenerative abilities to create cures for diseases and infection based SCPs.[8]
  • When SCP-028 was used to try to kill it, it blew up a star cluster instead.[8]
  • The only SCP that could kill SCP-682 is the joke SCP known as SCP-729-J. It isn't described how it was killed, it only states "You don't even want to f-cking know how this little f-cker killed it.".[18]
  • In SCP-5000, it's revealed that the reason why 682 hates humanity is because the human collective unconsciousness is inhabited by an ancient malevolent memetic entity who is responsible for the negative aspects of humanity such as pain. After the Foundation became aware and freed of it, just like 682, they began killing all of humanity in order to kill this entity.
  • In the "Classical Revival" continuity, SCP-682 was created as a result of Dr. Adam Pathos Crow's experiments.
  • When D-77544 looked to SCP-682 through some glasses which let their wearer know how much costs the objects the wearer sees, he said that 682 costs "All of humanity... Alexandria... and that Giant Eel so you never forget." The glasses broke afterwards and 682 is suspected to be responsible.[19]
  • It is implied in the SCP-1124 article that SCP-682 is somehow correlated with SCP-1124.
  • Cross-testing with SCP-008 led to the creation of SCP-673.[8]
  • It is implied that cross-testing with SCP-004 led to the creation of SCP-3280.[8]

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SCP-017SCP-129SCP-029SCP-035SCP-047SCP-058SCP-060-AlphaSCP-076-2SCP-106SCP-122-1SCP-140-ASCP-165SCP-169SCP-231-1SCP-280SCP-307SCP-352SCP-354 EntitiesSCP-363SCP-339SCP-427-1SCP-435-2SCP-469SCP-575SCP-571SCP-582SCP-589SCP-610SCP-682SCP-752-1SCP-783SCP-823SCP-939SCP-940SCP-953SCP-968SCP-990SCP-1000SCP-1048 (SCP-1048 Duplicates)SCP-1128SCP-1155SCP-1322-ASCP-1368-1SCP-1736SCP-1739SCP-1765SCP-5598SCP-1788-1SCP-1790SCP-1984-01SCP-2030-1SCP-2075SCP-2191-1SCP-2191-2SCP-2191-3SCP-2200-2SCP-2317-KSCP-2399SCP-2385SCP-2408-4SCP-2439SCP-2440SCP-2490SCP-2521SCP-2747SCP-2774-ASCP-2807SCP-2846-ASCP-2852SCP-2863SCP-2877-2SCP-2935 EntitySCP-2950SCP-3002SCP-3003-2SCP-3004-1SCP-3007 EntitySCP-3033SCP-3125SCP-3167SCP-3199SCP-3288 (Emperor Maximilian)SCP-3340SCP-3456SCP-3503SCP-3643SCP-3799SCP-3760SCP-3997SCP-4105-BSCP-4205SCP-4290SCP-4293SCP-4315-2SCP-4335SCP-4666SCP-4715SCP-4812-KSCP-4833SCP-4840-BSCP-4856SCP-4885SCP-4886SCP-4910SCP-4947SCP-5049-ASCP-5167SCP-5172SCP-5267-ASCP-5423SCP-5659SCP-5683SCP-5761-1SCP-6004SCP-6013SCP-6096SCP-6427SCP-6840

Apollyon SCPs

Thaumiel SCPs

Esoteric SCPs
SCP-2085-1SCP-2845SCP-3396SCP-3700-2SCP-3895SCP-4444SCP-4971-▽SCP-5034SCP-5346 EntitySCP-INTEGERSCP-6061-1SCP-6747-CSCP-6810SCP-6882-1SCP-6987

Explained SCPs

Neutralized/Decommissioned SCPs

Joke SCPs

International SCPs
Spanish Branch

French Branch

German Branch

Italian Branch

Japanese Branch

Korean Branch

Russian Branch
SCP-1026-RUSCP-1030-RU EntitiesSCP-1109-RU

Chinese Branch

Traditional Chinese Branch

Portuguese Branch

SCP-001 Proposals
SCP-001 (The Council)SCP-001 (The Database)SCP-001 (Atonement)SCP-001 (The Broken God)SCP-001 (Past and Future)SCP-001 (The Prototype)SCP-001 (The Factory)SCP-001 (The Scarlet King)SCP-001 (The Way It Ends)SCP-001 (The Black Moon)SCP-001-A1 (The Preserver)SCP-001 (The Insurgency)

Canon SCP Beings
AlagaddansApakhtBlinkersBrothers DeathChildren of the NightFaeriesHe-Who-Made-DarkHe-Who-Made-LightMalidramagiuanNeverwereO5 CouncilPattern ScreamersPhobic EntitiesSCP-5000-█StridersStudio GuardiansUnclean

Old Gods
The FactoryHanged KingHe Who Walks Beneath DreamsHr'sthnpolJeserLord GoranKing WormMa'tolMekhaneMolochNahashSaturn DeerScarlet KingSCP-682SCP-2845SCP-3000SCP-3004-1SCP-3125SCP-3388SCP-4315-2SCP-4950SCP-4971-▽TeranThothTokage-takoVerdant MageVoruteutUnseelie QueenYaldabaothXiolt-laZsar Magoth

Old Gods' Servants
Adytum's Wake (Cornelius P. Bodfel III)Ambassador of AlagaddaArchonsBLACKSTARBobble the ClownChosen of GodChildren of the Scarlet King (Elder Rockwell, John Yttoric)Church of the Broken God (Robert Bumaro, Trunnion, Hedwig)Daevites (Orvo, Lror, Ydax)Fifth ChurchGrand Karcist IonJames AndersonMr. ReddSCP-035SCP-076-2SCP-096SCP-2852SCP-3456SCP-3700-2SCP-3785-1SCP-4231-A

Adam El AsemBlack QueenCornelius P. Bodfel IIICalvin LucienD-3826dadoDaniel DeVornDr. DämmerDr. Elliott EmersonDr. Madison CraggsDr. Jack BrightDr. WDraga NegrescuElijahElizabeth CrockerENTITY-NaClOEzekiel ClarkGeneral BoweGrand Karcist IonGrigori RasputinHerman FullerLeonid ChernoffLovataarIris DarkJames AndersonJames FranklinKeeLeeKonrad WeissLeopold ILeonid ChernoffMadeleine von SchaefferMavra IsimeriaMikkel BorovMr. ReddMr. NightNadoxO5-0OrokOtari IosavaRasmin YelkovRichard ChappellRikki Robinson-HuntingtonRobert BumaroRuprecht CartetRuiz DuchampPico WilsonPit SlothSmiling ManSaarnSCP-2089-1's CaptorSkitter MarshallSimon OswaltTravelerThomas GrahamUIU 1933-001

SCPs In Video Games
SCP-035SCP-049SCP-079SCP-087-1SCP-087-B EntitiesSCP-096SCP-106SCP-173SCP-372SCP-513-1SCP-553SCP-682SCP-860-2SCP-939SCP-966SCP-990SCP-1048SCP-1048 DuplicatesSCP-1499-1SCP-3008-2SCP-XXXX

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