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...They were... disgusting...
~ SCP-682 stating its reason over killing the farmers and its hatred for human beings when it is interviewed.

SCP-682, also commonly known as the Hard to Destroy Reptile, is an SCP object and one of the most well-known and dangerous objects in The SCP Foundation's care. It is a Keter level being and the offspring of the Scarlet King and The 4th Bride and is SCP-999's half-brother.


SCP-682 is an undisputed monster that finds all forms of life, from people to plants, to be so unforgivably unnatural and disgusting that it stops at nothing to kill absolutely everything it sees. 682 is also extremely intelligent and capable of speech, though it rarely converses willingly with staff, and cannot be reasoned with at all. It even has a blasphemous and vulgar streak, referring to SCP-999 as a "feculent little snot wad".

Despite its malevolence, 682 does seem to have a soft spot for SCP-053, a little girl also contained by the foundation. SCP-053 causes all who stay near her for more than ten minutes to spontaneously try and kill her, though they immediately die of a heart attack after their first attempt at harm. On the other hand, SCP-682 becomes docile and calm around 053. So, this allows her to pet him and even draw on his hide with crayons before taking a nap together. 682 immediately goes back to its omnicidal tendencies once 053 was taken away.

As well, in one of its few moments of positive outlook on humanity, SCP-682 was shown footage from MTF Epsilon 13, "Manifest Destiny" Exploring SCP-2935, an alternate timeline where, following a unknown event, every single thing that could be considered alive, ranging from A.I to bacteria had died, even SCP'S considered unkillable.

Although it at first expressed disgust at the sight of Manifest Destiny, it soon grew noticeably anxious, and when the footage revealed that SCP-682 from this timeline was dead, it flew into a horrified panic. Upon asking about Epsilon 13s fate, learning they had sacrificed themselves to ensure the same cataclysm did not befall their timeline, SCP-682  expressed genuine sympathy and gratitude for their sacrifice, and for the next several weeks was abnormally docile and calm.


SCP-682 is described as an enormous, vaguely reptilian beast with four legs, a tail, and a head, and has only one official photo to date, taken shortly after escaping confinement where it was kept immersed in acid. Specific details about its anatomy are unknown other than it has razor-sharp claws, a mouth full of sharp teeth, scaly skin, and at least two eyes. However, in the SCP game Hard to Destroy Reptile in which a player or several players must contain the escaped beast again, it appears as a vaguely crocodile-esque creature with multiple yellow eyes and large patches of exposed muscle and bone, as well as a pair of partially digested human arms dangling from its open chest cavity, likely its most recent victim. 

Despite being described as a "reptile", SCP-682 is truly an alien beast that is unrelated to any other being in the known universe. SCP-343, a seemingly all-powerful being that claims to be God, was once asked by the Foundation to destroy 682, but 343 refused, stating that it "wasn't one of his works", and that the Foundation was on its own.



SCP-682 is the offspring of the Scarlet King. After the Children of the Scarlet King enacted a ritual in which seven young girls became effigies for the Scarlet King's seven brides, allowing them to bear his children, SCP-682 was born as the offspring of the fourth bride.

At some point he came to Earth and presumably became the source of many myths, such as that of the Leviathan and Tarasque.

On Earth

SCP-682 on Earth, shortly after acid immersion

It is unknown when or how the Foundation acquired SCP-682 but presumably it happened shortly after the creature attacked a farm and slaughtered everything on it. It bore a particular hatred for the humans of the farm and when questioned about its motives, it simply says "They were...disgusting...".

SCP-682 has escaped containment at least six times and has killed hundreds of staff during its time in the Foundation.

A termination order has been issued to SCP-682, but it has adapted and evolved every time the Foundation tries to kill this anomaly. Using either conventional means such as using bombs or depressurizing the environment, or using other anomalies such as facing off this anomaly with SCP-173 and SCP-096. All attempts have failed, resulting in SCP-204 only being used for a last resort to slow down the anomaly.

In Video-Games

SCP Containment Breach

In the game, SCP-682 does not appear, but it can be heard roaring in the background. During a breach of containment caused by SCP-079, SCP-682's hand can be seen swiping down a helicopter.

Six-Eight Two

Six Eight Two is the SCP-682 video-game. In-game the player has weapons, which it can shoot SCP-682, but it doesn't affect SCP-682. While SCP-682 is lurking the facility, and if it sees the player, it would instantly chase it until it eats them.

Other Media

SCP: Sedition

Loathsome parasites... Believing you are the evolutionary pinnacle... masters of your own design... your delusions of self-importance... Laughable...
~ SCP-682, on his hatred of humans.

In this non-canon, fan-made series, SCP-682 is interviewed by a man nicknamed "Watch". As in the original SCP mythos, SCP-682 is angry and hateful of humans. During the interview, SCP-682 sometimes goes unheard due to it moving its head away from the microphone, which is held up by an unfortunate Class-D member. Once the Class-D member attempts to move the microphone closer to the SCP, it quickly leaps up out of the water and eats him. Toward the end of the video, SCP-682 states "You've brought this on yourselves!" and quickly phases through a wall and attempts to escape, causing a high alert containment breach. Muffled screams and gunshots are heard soon after.

In another video of the same series, which focuses on both SCP-682 and SCP-079, a mysterious female Foundation member going by the nickname "Amnesty", enters SCP-079's holding area, soon taking SCP-079 to SCP-682's holding area and giving the two SCPs something they always wanted - the chance to converse with each other. A high-alert event in the facility acts as a distraction, allowing Amnesty and SCP-079 to move around undetected. Amnesty states the reason for letting the two talk plays into something she wants, which is never fully explained. The distraction lasts only so long, and Amnesty returns to SCP-682's holding area to retrieve SCP-079. As SCP-079 is being wheeled out, it promises to SCP-682 that they will speak again.

The events pertaining to SCP-682 and SCP-079 meeting, timeline wise, takes place soon after "Watch" kills a rampant Foundation personnel in self-defense, as well as trying to protect SCP-053. Right before SCP-682 and SCP-079 meet, the electricity falters and alarms blare soon after. This is most likely when the field generators malfunctioned in the SCP-053 video, causing an unfortunate Foundation member to look at SCP-053 through a monitor and fall into a rage under SCP-053's effects, leaving Amnesty to use these events to give SCP-682 and SCP-079 their moment to speak.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-682 is extremely strong, resilient and relentless in its pursuit of killing every living thing, though it is not completely unstoppable. Because of this, it has been marked for destruction at all costs by the Foundation. Its title of "Hard-To-Destroy Reptile" is earned by the fact that it can regenerate immediately after being harmed in any way - bullets, bombs, fire and even being bisected with a high-powered laser (the latter causing two instances of SCP-682 to regenerate, one ended up killing the other).

Several other SCPs have been used against it as well with varying results, though none have successfully terminated 682. SCP-682 is not only able to regenerate body parts, but it also has a sort of "adaptation" power, creating new, temporary abilities and new or reconfigured body parts to better counteract whatever dangers it faces - for example, when faced with SCP-173, a statue that kills anyone who is not observing it, SCP-682 grew multiple eyes all over one side of its body, allowing it to continually stare at the statue without having to truly blink. These new abilities often disappear after several days.

Thus far, the only reliable method of containing SCP-682 has been keeping it immersed in strong acid, which eats away at its flesh as fast as it can regenerate.





  • SCP-053 is the only thing that SCP-682 won't try to kill.
  • SCP-079 is seemingly the only thing closest to a friend to SCP-682, which may be due to SCP-079 being an A.I. and not a conventional lifeform.
  • SCP-682 is based on a real-life sea monster found by a group of soldiers after a Tsunami in 2006 on an island Sakhalin in the east part of Russia and near Japan. The remains of the carcass have been scientifically identified to be that of a beluga whale.
  • Top15s placed SCP-682 as number 10 in the top 15 dangerous SCP creatures.
  • In the "revised entry" of SCP-173, in which SCP-173 was able to multiply itself and seemingly create a hive mind, they were able to rip apart 682, which put a smile on the face of a researcher.
  • He has a history with SCP-082. 082 considers 682 a friend but 682 states it isn't mutual.
  • He is aware of SCP-1364 and considers him his opposite.


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