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There lived a crooked man, who made a crooked deal.
He kept a crooked cane, and his catch in crooked creel.
He stole a crooked child, who cried a crooked squeal.
And that crooked little man was broken on the wheel.
~ The rhyme on SCP-783.

SCP-783, also known as There Was A Crooked Man or simply The Crooked Man, is an antagonist in the SCP mythos. It is a Keter-class SCP entity designated by the SCP Foundation. The entity is completely unseen, and the only visual element of its presence is the twisted, broken and elongated form of other people and buildings the entity has interacted with.

SCP-783's crimes are done solely in Temby, England. Exploring a mass grave full of elongated bodies has shown that SCP-783 controls or simply resides in another parallel world.


SCP-793 is a completely unseen entity, though due to the aforementioned nursery rhyme and state of the SCP's victims, it is very possible that SCP-793 is a man with a broken and elongated body. It stalks victims in Temby, by making its victims bodies bones break and bend in unrealistic ways, as well as pulling their limbs out leaving them permanently elongated and disfigured while still alive. After the victims are disfigured, their cartilage will quickly heal, locking them in their deformed and twisted states. The agony of this process will usually leave the victim in a comatose or vegetative state if they aren't already killed. The anomalous effects of SCP-783 can extend to even simple reports documented about it, with this being seen as text becoming jagged and misaligned.

A mass grave was discovered full of SCP-783's deformed victims, where an SCP researcher fell in and sank in the bodies. A D-class was later assigned to enter the grave to find the missing researcher, while being tethered so he could be pulled out of the grave. As the D-class climbed further down, he felt a sensation of vertigo, as if gravity shifted vertically, and needed to climb "down" to go "up", which led to a parallel world similar to Temby, but with no occupants. Going too far in a direction would "reset" the D-class to the opposite side of the town.

Some elongated victims in this world were seen, as well as a mutated, tree-like entity which was shown to be the missing researcher but now in this form. The D-class tried to fire his gun at it, but to no effect, and was apparently killed by this creature. When the D-class was being pulled out, a very stretched out version of his arm began to come out of the mass grave.

The true reasoning and method of SCP-783 choosing victims is unknown, as well as the extant of its anomalous properties.


The true origins of the entity is unknown, though it's assumed through a playground nursery rhyme that the entity was once a man who simply "made a bad deal" by kidnapping a child, and then was punished himself by being tortured and broken on a wheel. Through the SCP's actions, it is likely this man is punishing others the way he was punished in the past.

Because the SCP's crimes take place in Temby, England; it can be assumed that that's where he was killed.


SCP-783 is never seen or heard, though its actions show that it is unspeakably cruel, sadistic and possibly even wrathful. The SCP will not simply kill its victims, but will leave them alive in their newly twisted and elongated forms to increase their suffering, showcasing the horrifying nature of SCP-783.

If any truth can be taken from the rhyme associated with the SCP, it can be implied that the "Crooked Man" spoken of is replicating the nature and pain of his death to others out of wrath and/or just sick pleasure.




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