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SCP-860-2, also known as The Guardian or The Forest Beast, is a unidentified SCP classed creature, which only appears in the SCP Containment Breach.

The creature does not have a official SCP wikia page, but it is featured in the game.


SCP-860-2 appears to be a creature which would attack the protagonist instantly. Creature has various wooden body parts and yellowish-white glowing eyes. The SCP also appears to be having various of glowing yellow symbols around its neck and forehead.


The protagonist must first take the SCP-860, which is a blue-key that opens the doors in which SCP-680 is inside. Once the doors are opened, the protagonist appears in the woods, in which the protagonist must find the other exist in other to survive. If not, SCP-860-2 would locate the protagonist and murder it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Speed - The creature is very quick and can locate the protagonist easily. Considering the woods is its home.



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