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SCP-939, or With Many Voices, are collectively a species of Keter-class monsters held by the SCP Foundation.

The vocals of SCP-939 in SCP - Containment Breach were provided by TheVolgun, DukeLovesYou, and ItsDuke.


SCP-939 are roughly 2.2 meters tall. Their skin is red colored due to a mixture of chemicals very resembling hemoglobin. They each have four limbs that end in three-fingered claws, with a fourth opposite digit, and are also coated with a seat that aids in climbing. SCP-939 have elongated heads, sensitive eyes, and elongated fangs and teeth.

Behavior and Procedure

SCP-939 are pack-based predators, covered in sensitive organs and spines. They lack many vital organs, yet live without the need for them. They do not possess digestive systems and show no apparent need to feed. Despite lack of these systems, SCP-939 still feed and are able to give birth to live young.  

SCP-939 hunt by mimicking the sound of human voices, usually the voices of prior victims. They can also mimic other consumed creatures as well. SCP-939 use the voices to cry out for help or sound in distress to lure prey to them, then kill the victim with a single bite to the neck or head.

SCP-939 use their respiratory system, not for breathing, but to release a gaseous amnestic and hallucinogen designated AMN-C227, which disorients and causes a brief loss of memory formation in subjects that breathe it in.

Typically, female SCP-939 instances give birth to litters of 12. Newborn instances genotypically resemble human infants inside and out and possess an intelligence level on par with that of a human child. However, upon becoming a juvenile, a young SCP-939 instance will shed and consume its own skin and head, revealing it is fully developed "adult" features. Juveniles, after shedding, resemble smaller versions of adult SCP-939. However, their still retain some intelligence that their adult counterparts lack, and interact with Foundation personnel.

In Video-Games

SCP - Containment Breach

Here, SCP-939's were voiced by Aaron Mckee, better known as TheVolgun, a YouTuber who is best known for his voice acting on the SCP-related material, who also voiced in the game SCP-035, SCP-049, SCP-990 and D-9341.

Three members of SCP-939 can be found in the game in Storage Area 6. They travel in circular patterns until approached by the player. It will attempt to lure the player towards it, mimicking the voice of Foundation personnel. Once seen, the SCP-939 instance will chase and attempt to kill the player. It will chase until it has caught up and killed the player, or lost.  

SCP: Secret Laboratory


SCP - Containment Breach (Unity Remake)






  • According to an unpublished vivisection log on the original author's sandbox page, SCP-939 consume the respiratory tissue of their prey and integrate it into their own, allowing them to mimic the victim's voice. In the same log, it is implied that the entirety of SCP-939's muscular system also doubles as its nervous system, allowing SCP-939 to think and function. Despite this log not being in the final article, the author himself has confirmed that it is fully canon.  

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